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Bannerman, John The Beatons : a Medical Kindred in the Classical Gaelic Tradition Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh
1985 (paperback 1998)  ISBN 0 85976 489 3
Beaton, John Hector & Dr. George Hector (Editors) William Beaton 1774-1834, Catherine McFee 1814 of Mull and their Descendants in North America 1969
Boswell, James The journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson Canongate Classics 1996
Browne, James A History of the Highlands (includes selections from the Stuart papers). Useful for history not genealogy. Fullarton & Co 1849
Ralph and Ian Clark Farm Lanes of Bentinck
(Grey County) 1850-2000
Contains the histories of some of the families of the area as well as transcripts of the local cemetaries.
Bentinck Historical Society 2000
ISBN 0-9687440-0-1
Currie, Jo MacLeans - A Biographical Dictionary of Mull People Mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. Brown and Whittaker, Tobermory 2002
ISBN 1-904353-00-3
Currie, Jo Mull Family Names for ancestor hunters Brown and Whittaker, Tobermory 1998
ISBN 0-9528428-8-2
Currie, Jo Mull - The Island and Its People Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh
Hardback ISBN : 1 84158 105 4,
Paperback ISBN : 1 84158 177 1
Currie, Jo CR Deaths in Kilninian (Torosay, Ulva, Salen, Tobermory and Kinlochspelve) - Private working papers
Currie, Jo Index to Names - Private working papers
Currie, Jo Torloisk - Copy List of Tenants on the Estate of Torloisk to be warned to remove at Whitsunday 1848
Currie, Jo Torloisk - Rentals for Torloisk 1755
Devine, Tom The Great Famine A whole chapter devoted to the Ross of Mull.
Douglas, Meg Lost Townships, Silent Voices
Available from : Eleanor Harris, Argyll and Bute Library Service HQ, Highland Avenue, Sandbank, Dunoon, PA23 8PB tele : +44 (0)1369 703214 (This a switchboard)
Payment by Visa or Mastercard Accepted.Argyll and Bute Council.
ISBN 1-903041-06-6
Johnson, Samuel A journey to the Western Isles of Scotland
Loudon, Joseph Buist Sheriff Robertson's Mull Diaries
Available from : Eleanor Harris, Argyll and Bute Library Service HQ, Highland Avenue, Sandbank, Dunoon, PA23 8PB tele : +44 (0)1369 703214 (This a switchboard)
£14.00 + p&p. Payment by Visa or Mastercard Accepted.Argyll and Bute Council.
Book does not have an ISBN
Maclean, Charles The Isle of Mull place names, meanings and stories Maclean Publications 1997
ISBN 0 9532300 0 7
MacLean, Isabelle McCall The Scottish Covenanter Genealogical Index - 1630-1712
The Scottish Covenanter Genealogical Index has alphabetized thousands of Covenanters’ names, referencing books where their stories are found. Hopefully, this makes research easier for family historians.
ISBN 0-595-42040-0
MacLean, Isabelle McCall The Oath and The Covenant - The "Killing Times" in Scotland - an historical novel
The latter part of the 1600’s in Scotland has become known in the annals of time as the ‘Killing times’. The Oath and The Covenant is a story based on the lives of these brave Scottish Presbyterian Covenanters, their object being to release their beloved Scotland from the strangling grasp of an English king, who claimed he had a ‘Divine Right’ to rule both church and state. The Covenanters never relinquished their determination to gain what they viewed as a God given right to worship freely. They endured inhumane treatment leveled upon them by King Charles II’s armies in his attempt to subjugate them.
ISBN 0-595-39706-9
MacArthur, E Mairi Iona, the living memory of a crofting community (1990) Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748632602
Guide to Coll (Identifies the meaning of place names)
Maclean-Bristol, Nicholas The inhabitants of the Inner Isles Morvern & Arnamurchan 1716 Scottish Record Society 1998
Maclean-Bristol, Nicholas Warriors and priests.The history of the Clan Maclean 1300-1570 Tuckwell Press Ltd (18 May 1995) ISBN : 1898410623
Maclean-Bristol, Nicholas
Hebrides Decade , Mull Coll and Tiree 1761-1771 (pamphlet) Society of West Highland and Island Research 1982
Macleod, Norman Morven Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh Hardback
ISBN : 1 84158 2379
MacNab, Peter Tall Tales from an Island Luath Press Ltd., Barr, Ayrshire 1984
MacQuarrie, Duncan The Placenames of Mull - gives english translations of gaelic and other placenames
McGilvray-Peasnell, Jan Katherine or Catherine of Iona - extracts from newspapers and books about an accident to the sloop Catherine (or Katherine) or Mary of Iona which at the time was carrying 44 passengers from Mull and Iona who were reapers on their way to the low country harvest.
Marsden, Fiona Lachlan Macquarrie from Mull to Australia. Brown and Whittaker, Tobermory 1998
ISBN 0 9532775 7 7
Munro, Jean The founding of Tobermory
Old Maps of Mull (and rest of the UK) - This site has maps from circa 1850-70.
Pigot 1837 1837 Scottish Directory
Pigot 1851 1851 Scottish Directory
Riddle, Carol A township on the Ross of Mull - a study in local history Tireragan pub. by Highland Renewal Fionnphort.
Seneachie Historical and Genealogical account of the Clan Maclean 1838
Vaughan, Debra Lobstermen of Mull go to Tobermory
West Highland Notes and queries A number of small publications of the Socy. of West Highland and Island Historical Research
Tales and Trails (Bruce Township, Bruce County) Contains family histories on the families of Century old farms of Bruce Township. Some families from Mull, some ree and others from Argyllshire Bruce Township Historical Society 1984 ISBN 0-9691740-0-4
Births, Deaths and Marriages orginally printed in the Paisley Advocate, a weekly newspaper in Paisley, Ontario .Bruce County Genealogical Society
Other Resources
Argyll and Bute Council Family History Archives
MacLeans Births and Marriages for Argyllshire held in Access database
Interactive Geological Map of the UK
East India Company - recruites 1772-73
Inch Kenneth - short video on
Napier Report.The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Condition of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands
Transcription of 'A Collection of Fragments of Family History derived from Ancient Records & Authentic Traditions - 1866 by John MacEachern, Rice Point, Lot 65, Prince Edward Island, Canada'.
Resources for those researching European family history
Names of Officers from the Island of Mull who served in the Army or Navy between 1800 and 1815.
This List was made at the dictation of the late Alex. McLean, Esq., of Pennycross, who was personally acquainted with the Officers before they left the Island and watched their careers during the war with intense interest, five of his own brothers being amongst them.k
The National Library of Scotland - Maps of Argyllshire
Ships Lists
Small Isles (Rhum, Eigg, Muck and Canna) Research - A catechist's list compiled around 1770 is available from the University of Edinburgh price £15. Full title is "list of Inhabitants of Eigg, Rum, Muck and Canna" Shelfmark is LA.III.839 Contact, Special Collections, University Library, George Square, Edinburgh ED8 9LJ Email
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