Evidence Taken By
Her Majesty's Commissioners Of Inquiry
Into The Conditions Of The Crofters And Cottars
In The Highlands And Islands Of Scotland
Report With Appendices

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Condition of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands

Otherwise known as 'The Napier Report', it is a valuable piece of documentary evidence from the Highlands and Island in 1883, presenting facts and information on the population, as well as the political, historical and social climate of the time.

Lochaber College UHI Mallaig Electronic Library have made the full report available online at

There are many references to Mull and its inhabitants. The following table highlights the evidence given to the Commission by those connected to Mull.

Page Number within Report PDF Page Number
Volume 3 - Bunessan
Allan McInnes, Crofter, Creich p2183-2188 (488-493)
Donald Beaton, Blacksmith, Creich assisted by Alexander MacFarlane, Crofter, Creich p2189-2191 (494-496)
John McCormick, Crofter, Catchean, assisted by John McKinnon Crofter, Catchean p2191-2199 (496-504)
Duncan McLean, Crofter, Ardtun assisted by Lachlan MacDonald, Crofter, Ardtun p2199-2203 (504-508)
Alexander MacPherson, Crofter, Kinloch assisted by Malcolm McLean, Crofter, Kinloch p2203-2208 (508-513)
James Wyllie, Chamberlain to the Duke of Argyll p2208-2221 (513-526)
Andrew Mitchell, Propietor and Farmer, Drumderfit, Inverness p2221-2222 (526-527)
Alexander MacKechnie, M.B. and C.M. Glasgow University, Bunessan p2223-2224 (528-529)
Neil Matheson, Fisherman, Bunessan p2224-2227 (529-532)
Duncan Campbell, Labourer, Oban p2227-2228 (532)
Alexander McIntyre, Proprietor and Farmer, Ardalanish p2228-2231 (532-536)
Donald Cameron, Schoolmaster, Creich p2231-2233 (536-538)
Donald MacDonald, Crofter, Lee p2233-2234 (538-539)
Volume 3 - Tobermory
John McCallum, Solicitor, Tobermory p2235-2249 (540-554)
John McKinnon, Carpenter, Tobermory p2249-2250 (554-555)
Lachlan Kennedy, Crofter and Carrier, Dervaig p2251-2253 (556-557)
Lachlan McQuarie, Shoemaker, Salen assisted by Alexander Fletcher, Fisherman, Salen p2253-2259 (557-564)
Alexander Allan, Proprietor, Aros and Tobermory p2259-2265 (564-570)
Angus Mcnnes, Mason, Tobermory p2265-2266 (570-571)
James Beaton, Master Mariner, Tobermory p2266-2268 (571-573)
John MacDonald, Master Mariner, Tobermory p2268-2274 (573-579)
John Campbell, Crofter's Son and Soldier, residing in Greenock p2274-2279 (579-584)
Volume 4 - Lanark, Glasgow
Malcolm Ferguson, Crofter, East End, Iona p3036-3054 (493-511)
Correspondence regarding alleged Eviction of Crofters in Mull
Case of Angus McInnes p440-448 (587-595)