contribution by Jo Currie, Edinburgh

Notes on these Entries

The following Civil Registration deaths have been collected over a number of years, and I have experimented with the idea of making a useful list from them by adding information about the people concerned and their relations stored elsewhere in my records. However, as this is an endless task, and one which would take decades to complete, I have abandoned the project as too time-consuming. I have added anecdotes, census information, scraps from correspondence and diaries I have read, and have tried to elucidate and cross-reference as much as possible for those researching particular names.

NB The ages in the CR deaths have not been corrected in the entries, and most have not been checked against baptisms, although I have records of many of the baptisms. It would simply take too long to check each birth year.

NB All relations of the person deceased have not been cross-referenced. I only began to do this late in the exercise. Sometimes the choice of names to be cross-referenced has been entirely subjective - where I have favourites among my 'characters'. If the parents of the person who has died do not belong to Mull, I haven't made a cross-reference.

e.g. Catherine Sinclair's father and mother, who were from mainland Argyll.

NB It is particularly important to collect Kilninian deaths with their information about parents' names, because there is a GAP in Kilninian OPR records stretching from 1826 or 1827 to 1855. Only baptisms and marriages in the new Quad Sacra parishes which were taken from the old Kilninian parish continue to be registered. Those in the core parish of Kilninian were either not registered or are missing. This is a vastly serious loss. Areas affected by this loss include Dervaig, Penmore, Calgary, Torloisk, Tre shnish, Killiechronan, Kellin, Corkamull, Oskamull, Druimnacroish, Lettermore, Achnadrish, Ardow, Kingharair, Haunn, Crackaig, Croig, Sunapol, Calliach, Lagg, Tostary, Balligown, Fanmore, Kilbrenan, Arin, Killiemore.

This List represents only a very small tip of the iceberg. It would take a lifetime to do this with all Mull deaths from 1855-1900. But it is to be hoped that descendants of Mull people who emigrated may find in the List a sibling who remained in Mull, who will supply the names of parents.

Jo Currie, Edinburgh 1st May 2001

Alphabetical Deaths in Kilninian, Salen, Tobermory, Torosay, Ulva.

Anderson, Robert  c. 1807-1857) Overseer, married [no wife's name] died 12 Oct. 1857 at Lochbuy aged 50. F. Robert Anderson, farmer, dec. M. Jane [surname not supplied] of Dropsy. Buried Laggan. Info.signed Mary Anderson, widow. Kinlochspelve QS CR deaths. [His wife was Mary McLean, formerly a dairymaid at Pennycross.They married 3 March 1849 when RA was overseer at Carsaig. A son Alexander McLean Anderson was born 29 Jan. 1853. RA was born in Banchory.
Band, Jane c. 1855-1883) See McDonald Jane (c.1855-1883) d. Tobermory.
Beaton, Angus married to Mary McFadyen; died at Ardnacross aged 32 in 1862. F. Alexander Beaton, weaver. M. Ann Cameron. [Salen CR]
Beaton, Archibald died Dervaig aged 3 1865.F. Neil Beaton, lab. M. Mary McLean
Beaton, Donald died Dervaig aged 9 months 1865. F. Neil Beaton labourer. M. Mary McLean. [Brother of Archibald 3, above.] 
Beaton, Donald (c.1834-1874), gardener, married to Mary Campbell, died 12 December 1874 aged 40 at Fanmore. F. John Beaton dec. M. Mary McLugash. Typhoid Fever peritonitis, vomiting & perspiration 4 weeks & 3 days. Cert. Hector McColl, Surgeon, Tobermory. Info. John Beaton, brother, present. [Only 2 baptisms in K&K OPR for children of John Beaton. These are for Donald's sisters Janet, 1824 and Christian 1826. In 1871 census, Donald and Mary are at Fanmore with 2 daughters, Helen 6, scholar, and Mary Ann 1.]
Beaton, Helen (d. 1915) see Gravestone for Catherine McDonald, her mother-in-law who died 1886 at Dervaig.
Beaton, James Ranald single, carpenter, died Dervaig 2 May 1861, aged 18. F. John Beaton, Tailor, dec. M. Cirsty McPherson, dec. Supposed consumption. 
Beaton, John [in 1871 census Tomavoulin, Tobermory, JB 68 mason unempl. Born Tobermory, with Sarah wife 69 born Ardnamurchan & Mary McLean grand-dau. b. Edinburgh. see Beaton, Sarah (c.1803-1875)]
Beaton, Malcolm merchant, widower of Janet McDonald, died 26 June 1874 at Dervaig, aged 77. F. Donald Beaton, farmer. M. Margaret Beaton, M/S McCallum. [might be McLachlan] Gravel & enlargement of prostate. Charles Beaton son present. [MB was born Morvern, his wife Janet McDonald in Aintuim. They were married 31 March 1823 when he was in Dervaig, as HLW. Only 2 children in OPR because of Kilninian OPR gap.]
Beaton, Margaret [married to John McDonald, porter in Tobermory] See McDonald Jane (c.1855-1883) her daughter, who died 1883 at Shore Street, married to Thomas Band. 
Beaton, Marion (c.1790-18 ) wife of Alexander Cameron (c.1785-1855) Mingary; she was from Penmollach. See CR death 1855 of her husband. 
Beaton, Marion c. 1835-1855) born Dervaig, died 19 Feb. 1855 at Dervaig aged 20. F. John Beaton, dec. M. Mary Cameron. [No cause of death given] Info. Margaret Beaton, sister. [In 1851 census at Dervaig John Beaton is a crofter, 60, of one and a quarter acres (Mr Forsyth was taking land from the crofters at this time !) born Morvern, with his wife Mary 45,b. Ardnamurchan, dau. Margaret 17 b. Kilmore and Marion 15 b. Kilmore. A clutch of Beatons, all born in Morvern, in next door houses to John in 1851census, are almost certainly close relations, but have not been given cross references, as they are not native Muileachs 
Beaton, Misey (Marjory)single, died 13 Aug. 1874 at Dervaig, aged 71. F. Donald Beaton, crofter, dec. M. Rachel Paterson dec. Infirmities of Old Age, confined to bed 6 weeks. Not cert. John McLean grandson, present. [John McLean lived with her in 1871 census of Dervaig when he was 10, a scholar, b. Glasgow. She was called 'Marjory', was 70 unmarried and a 'breadwoman'].
Beaton, Roderick (c.1777-1857) Widower, woollen weaver, aged 80, at Dervaig, 1857. F. Lachlan Beaton, Tenant. M. Catherine McKinnon. Info. Hugh Beaton, son. [Lachlan Beaton the father lived successively in Balligown, Torloisk, Gometra in 1780s, Druimgigha. His son Roderick was married to Catherine Cameron, lived in Dervaig all his life, had at least 9 children and died in Dervaig.],
Beaton, Sarah c. 1803-1875) married to John Beaton, mason she died 5 Feb.1875 at Tomavoulin, Tobermory, aged 72. F. Archibald Henderson, feuar, dec. M. Janet McDonald dec. Albuminuria. John Beaton X husband, present. Black, Alexander [Informant] see MacQuarrie, Peggy his mother, and McQuarrie, Catherine (c. 1815-1883) his aunt, on whose deaths he gave info. 
Black, Alexandra aged 8, died at Portmore 1875. F. Alexander Black, Merchant, Tobermory M Margaret Herdson. Phthisis. 6 months.
Black, Catherine 1770 ?- 1874), pauper, widow of John Black farmer, died 1 September 1874 at Sound of Ulva, aged 92. F. John McArthur farmer. M. Janet McQuarie. Infirmities of Old Age- confined to bed 4 days not cert. Euphemia McArthur, X niece, present. 
Black, Flora c. 1805-1863) GLASGOW DEATH at 150 Buccleuch St Glasgow Aged 58 Flora Black widow of George Black, merchant, died 8 March 1863. F. Lachlan McLean farmer dec. M. Janet Cameron dec. Apoplexy. 
Black, George General Merchant in Portmore, Tobermory, married to Flora McLean. Died 1860. His testamentary papers are in NAS. SC 51/ 32/ 12, fol.138. His children were Jessie [who married William Sproat, Proc. Fiscal], Jane Alexander, Joanna, George, Lachlan Charles & Kenneth. His CR death 16 Sept. 1860 Merchant, Tobermory aged 61. F. Alexander Black, builder, M. Jane McLachlan. Disease of Liver cert. Dr Hector McColl. Buried Kilmore. Info. Alexander Black, son, present. 
Black, Hector [married to Margaret or Peggy McQuarrie] 
Black, John [shoemaker, married to Mary McLean] See Black Malcolm (c.1855-1884) his son. 
Black, Malcolm c. 1855-1884) gardener, married to Christina Merry died 18 Feb. 1884 at Hazelbank, Torosay, aged 29. F. John Black shoemaker, M. Mary McLean. [No more copied] See under Merry Christina for her family. 
Black, Marion died aged 20 at Tobermory 1869. 
Black, Mary c. 1771-1856) married, died 7 Aug. 1856 at Salen aged 85. F. Neil McPhail Farmer. M. Catherine McPhail. Cancer of stomach. Cert. Duncan McColl. Buried Pennygown. Info. ? Black, son, Salen present.
Black, Maryc. 1832-1867) domestic servant, single, died Craignure 1867. F. Donald Black, shepherd. M. Margaret Currie. Diptheria. Info Hector Black, Lochdonhead. 
Black, Peggy (c.1803-1866) married, [no husband's name] died Shore Street Tobermory, 1866, aged 63. F. Allan MacQuarrie, boat builder, dec. M. Marion McArthur dec. Bronchitis. Alexander Black, son, present. [Peggy Black was in the 1861 census of Tobermory, Breast, as Head of Household aged 55 married to a boatman, with Sandy Black 6 and Marion Black 4, her grandchildren. She was the wife of Hector Black, lobster fisher, who was born in c. 1800. They married 29 Jan.1828 in Gribun, parish of Kilfinichen & Kilvicheoun, where their first child, Alexander was baptised only 2 months later on 25 March 1828. In 1830 Hector was a tenant in Cragaig of Ulva, where Sally was baptised 16 March 1830; Ouna bapt. 16 June 1832;Donald 16 May 1834; Ann 2 Feb. 1836; Mary 25 March 1839. ]
Borrie, David c. 1796-1876) gardener, widower of Catherine McLean, died at Torloisk aged 80. F. William Borrie. M. Mary McCrow [?] Old Age. John Beaton, neighbour, present. [David Borrie was married first to Isabella McLeod, and second to Catherine McLean. He became the overseer on the Torloisk estate, from being simply a gardener, and gave evidence in 1851 to the Board of Supervision [Poor Law, McNeill Report] about that property. He was a native of Dunkeld, made head gardener by Mrs Marianne Maclean Clephane (see MULL, THE ISLAND AND ITS PEOPLE by Jo Currie). A gravestone, barely legible, in Kilninian, says " erected by David Borrie Gardener, Torloisk. Mother Isabella McLeod his spouse, who died 26 July 1831 aged 31" He is in 1841 census at Torloisk as gardener 45, with Catherine 35, Mary 16, Alexander 14, Isabella 10, Flora 4, Margaret 1. In 1851 census Torloisk, DB 55, gardener, Isabella Borrie dau. 22 housekeeper, Flory dau. 13, Margaret dau. 11, Anna Jane 6. His daughter Mary Borrie married Archibald Fletcher, merchant in Tobermory. His marriage to Isobel McLeod took place 5 June 1823 when he was employed at Penmollach (Lairds of Coll). Other Borries in Mull were William (married Catherine McCallum 1826) & Susanna and John Borrie in Druimfin in 1825. David Borrie was also in Druimfin as a gardener in the 1820s, when Hugh Maclean of Coll set up house there ]
Boyd, Thomas died 28 July 1875 aged 49 Kilninian 544 no. 21 [Computer index]
Brown, Christy pauper, single, died 7 Feb. 1875, Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 86. F. John Brown, farmer dec. M. Ann Morison dec. Dropsy. Info. Ann McInnes granddaughter, present servant at Mrs Forsyth's, Corran More House, Oban. 
Brown, Isabella 1 year old; died in Tobermory Union Poor House of bronchitis, 27 April 1872. [ No parents' names].
Buchanan, Flora c. 1788-1863), widow of Duncan McMillan crofter, died at Baliocrach 30 Dec. 1863 [in 1864 fiche] aged 75. F. Duncan Buchanan, crofter, dec. M. Catherine Buchanan M/S MacDonald dec. Inward Complaint. 
Buchanan, Marjory [married to John McColl, farmer] See McColl, John (c. 1802-1883) her son. 
Cameron, Alexander c. 1785-1855) born Mingary, Quinish, 24 yrs in district of Tobermory. Died 7 Aug. 1855 at Tobermory aged 70. F. Hugh Cameron, shoemaker M. Ann McInnes. Married to Marion Beaton. Issue: Angus 35 dec; Kate 33 dec; John 31 living; Ann 29 & Hugh 29 living; Jane 27 living; Mary 20 dec; Lachlan 25 living; Sibby 23 living; Mary 20 dec; Hugh 19 Living; Margaret 17 living; Donald 15 living; Julia 13 living. Died of Consumption buried Kilmore. Marion Cameron X wife. [In 1841 census the family was on the island of Calve with Alexander 50 being a herd, with Marion 50, Angus 25, Mercht. Seaman, Lachlan 15 Hugh 10 Margaret 8, Donald 6, Juliet 4. In 1851 census of Mackenzie Street Tobermory an Alexander Cameron with wife Marion is a PIPER MUSIC [sic] aged 60]. 
Cameron, Alexander c. 1794-1855) Born Torosay- 6 years in this district [ie Aintuim] died 2 March 1855 at Aintuim, aged 61. F. Alexander Cameron, ferryman. M. Ann McLean. Married first Catherine Morrison [Alexander Cameron the father died in the 1790s, for this Alexander was baptised in Torosay 29 April 1798 to Ann McLean RELICT of Alexr. Cameron, late in Gualachaolish. There was an Alexander Cameron 60, ag. lab., in 1851 census of Aintuim with Catherine wife, 60 and Jennet, daughter 20. 
Cameron, Alexander Hotel keeper, widower of Isabella McKinnon, died at Salen 1877 aged 65. F. Allan Cameron, farmer, dec. M. Isabella Cameron, M/S Cameron dec.
Cameron, Ann [married to John McLean] See McLean, John, Sailor died Burg Kilninian 1876, her husband. 
Cameron, Christina [name of mother of brothers Malcolm McKinnon & Angus McKinnon in hamlet of Kilninian in 1851 census, when she was a widow of 75 living with her son Malcolm; her son Angus also in house, unmarried.] 
Cameron, Christina [married to John McKinnon, shepherd] see McKinnon Mary (c.1820-1876) her daughter.] 
Cameron, Christina c. 1845-1884), married to James Cameron shepherd, she died at Garmony 16 February 1884 aged 39. F. Donald McLaine. M. Ann McDonald. Info. Duncan McLaine, brother.
Cameron, Donald c. 1790-1867) married, died November 1867 at Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 77. F. John Cameron, farmer, dec. M. Mary McLachlan dec. [Morvern people] 
Cameron, Flory widow of Lachlan McFayden, cottar, died 1 January 1874 at Ballochroy, aged 82. F. Donald Cameron. M. Janet McLeod. Inf. Old Age; Not cert. Info. Malcolm McFayden son, present. [Lachlan McFayden was alive until after 1861, when he was 80 in the census at Mingary. Lachlan & Flory were married 7 December 1813 or 13 November 1814, Drimnacroish [2 separate entries] Baptisms in OPR were John 1819, Hugh 1821, Hugh 1824 Penmollach, Charles 1826, but the son who lived with them, Malcolm, does not have a baptism, though he must have been born c. 1818-1821. Donald Cameron, Flory's father, and Janet McLeod were married 6 Feb. 1781 and lived at Sorn]. 
Cameron, Hugh crofter, married [no wife's name] died at Strongarve, Tobermory, 30 Nov. 1860 aged 76. F. Lachlan Cameron crofter, dec. M. Flora McIntyre, dec.supposed chronic rheumatism. 
Cameron, Hugh See Cameron, Mary (nee McCallum) (c. 1797-1883) who died at Strongarbh, Tobermory 22 July 1883 aged 86, widow of Hugh Cameron. [Could be the same as above Hugh Cameron ?
Cameron, Isabella widow, died at Kilpatrick, Torosay 1860, aged 85. F.John Fletcher Farmer, dec. M. Mary Colquhoun, dec. Nat. infirmities of old age. Cert. John Ferguson, surgeon. Info. Robert McLachlan, son. [Torosay CR]
Cameron, James See Cameron, Christina (c. 1845-1884) his wife. 
Cameron, Jessie Jamesaged 11 months, died at Ardmore, near Tobermory 13 January 1872 F. Duncan Cameron, shepherd. M. Peggy McIntyre. Reason n.k. Info. Duncan Cameron, father.
Cameron, John c. 1800-1891) pauper, widower of Ann McLean died 2 Oct. 1891 at Crogan aged 91. F. Allan C. crofter. M. Janet Currie both dec. Severe Debility. Archibald Cameron X son, present. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891]
Cameron, Lachlan [Informant] See Cameron, Mary (c. 1797-1883) widow of Hugh Cameron. Lachlan was her son-in-law and gives his address as 1 West Scotland Street Glasgow. Not present. 
Cameron, Mary c. 1797-1883) widow of Hugh Cameron, she died at Strongarbh 22 July 1883 aged 86. F. Donald McCallum, farmer. M. Barbara McArthur. Chronic Bronchitis. Info. Lachlan Cameron, 1 West Scotland Street, Glasgow, Son-in-law, not present. 
Campbell, Alexander [married to Catherine McKinnon] See Campbell, Donald (c. 1785-1876) his son. 
Campbell, Alexander c. 1761-1855) feuar, soldier, pensioner born Aros, married to Ann McMillan, died Tobermory 21 Jan. 1855 aged 94. 40 yrs in district. F. John Campbell, Labourer M. Mary McPhail. Issue: Ann 37 John dec. 38 by first marriage. Cancer of lower lip. Cert. Hector McColl. Buried Tobermory. Info. Ann Campbell X wife. 
Campbell, Alexander (c.1768-1857) Widower [of Effy McKinnon, who died 15 March 1857] Died 5 July 1857 at Achronich, aged 89. F. John Campbell, Tenant, Achronich; M. Janet Stewart. Infirmities of Old Age. Bur. Knock. Info. Duncan Campbell son. [His marriage to Effy McKinnon is not in OPR for Kilninian, but they must have married before 1804 ].
Campbell, Alexander merchant, single died at Cuin, Quinish aged 28 1864. F. Alexander Campbell, Crofter dec. M. Christina Johnston, Pneumonia. 
Campbell, Ann (c. 1779-1870) Gentlewoman, single, died 25 July 1870 at Upper Achnacroish Torosay aged 91. F. Hugh Campbell, farmer. M. Catherine Campbell, M/S Campbell. Bronchitis, as cert. by Duncan McColl Surgeon. 
Campbell, Ann [married to Donald McMaster, crofter] See McMaster John (c. 1815-1883) her son. 
Campbell, Ann widow, died at Tobermory aged 79, 1869. F. Alexander McMillan, farmer, dec. M. Catherine Kennedy. Info. David Campbell, not present. M. Catherine Kennedy, dec. David Campbell, grandson, not present.
Campbell, Ann (c.1788-1874), widow of John Campbell, weaver, 22 Dec. 1874 at Penmore, aged 86. F. Angus Gillies, crofter dec. M. Mary McNeill, dec. Infirmities of Old Age, confined to bed 8 months. Not cert. Archibald McLeod X son-in-law present. [There was a John Campbell, 35, HLW in Penmore in 1841, with Neil, Ann & Flory, but no wife. Likely to be 40 or over, but still too young. However, a marriage of JC & Ann Gillies from Inievay, 22 Feb. 1816 shows he should be 55 in 1841].
Campbell, Ann [In 1871 census of Tobermory Argyll Terrace, mother-in-law, 86, of Ann C. 40. Ann senior b. Kellan] 
Campbell, Catherine [In 1861 census of Strongarbh, widow, 72, housekeeper. Born Torosay Killiemore [sic] Her children, Christina 39 & Mary Campbell 34 are paupers unmarried, her son Archibald unm. 28 crofter, her dau. Isabella unm. 26 dressmaker, are all born Gribun.] 
Campbell, Catherine (c.1791-1866) single, died Tobermory 1866 aged 75. F. Duncan Campbell farmer, dec. M. Mary Campbell, M/S Campbell.
Campbell, Chirsty widow of Lachlan Campbell, feuar & crofter, Tobermory. Died Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 55 in 1869. F. John McVoren or McKinnon, feuar and cottar, dec. M. Mary McDermid, dec. 
Campbell, Donald (1785-1841) From gravestone at Killean, Torosay: " In memory of Donald Campbell who died May 9th 1841 and of his wife Elizabeth Harriet Maclaine who died April 4th1837. Also their son Murdoch who died October 30th 1834, and their daughter Catherine Jarvis who died Jan. 23rd 1826-1857." [Donald Campbell, Achnacraig, married Eliza Maclaine of Lochbuy 1819. Murdoch Maclaine 20th of Lochbuy, her brother, was v. opposed to the marriage. He certainly seemed unstable, and had run up debt. "]
Campbell, Donald [no age] 1861. 549 no.19 Tobermory (Computer) 
Campbell, Donald aged 17. 1863. Mother's name MacArthur. 544 no.18 Kilninian (Computer)
Campbell, Donald c. 1783-1870) Oban Death Residenter formerly a proprietor, married, Died 2 August 1870 at Alexandra Place, Oban aged 87. F. Hugh Campbell Farmer, dec. M. Catherine Campbell, M/S Campbell dec. Inflammation of knee as cert. by Geo. McGillivray MD Oban. Info. J. Fraser Sim, Argyll Street, Oban. 
Campbell, Donald (c.1785-1876) farmer, widower of Janet Campbell, died 1876 at Balligown Kilninian, aged 91. F. Alexander Campbell, farmer. M. Catherine McKinnon. [In 1871 census Donald Campbell is a widower aged 84 b. Kilninian. With John, son, widower 50, Helen, dau. unm. 35, Ann Campbell gr-dau. 20, Jessie McLean gr.-dau. 17. Donald has been consistently at Balligown since 1841, when his children were Neil, 20, Isabella 18, Archibald 15, Catherine 13, Euphemia 12, Helen 8,Mary 5.
Campbell, Donald c. 1833-1876) farmer, married to Jane Morrison, died at Penmore aged 43. F. Dugald Campbell. M. Mary McNeill. Inflammation on side. Info. Archibald Campbell X brother. 
Campbell, Donald Tacksman. See Campbell, Mary (c. 1802-1876) his wife. 
Campbell, Dugald [Informant] Nephew of Miss Jessie McLean, who died at Portmore Tobermory May 19, 1883, aged 82, a dressmaker. Her parents were Charles McLean and Isabella Campbell. Dugald Campbell was a JP for Argyll. [A Justice of the Peace was a prestigious person in those days, and DC seems to be related to Isabella Campbell. Who was she ? ]
Campbell, Dugald [married to Mary McNeill] See Campbell, Donald (c. 1833-1876), his son. 
Campbell, Duncan c. 1797-1869) widower, died at Poor House Tobermory aged 72, 1869. 549 no. 13 (Computer) 
Campbell, Duncan [married to Mary Campbell] see Campbell Catherine (c.1803-1866) his dau.
Campbell, Euphemia [gravestone] erected by Kenneth McLean in memory of his wife Euphemia Campbell who died 25 October 1831 aged 27 years. [Kilninian] 
Campbell, Effy Married, wife of a farmer [Alexander Campbell] Achronich, 15 March 1857, aged about 79 years; F. Hugh McKinnon, farmer. M. Marion McPherson. Infirmities of Old Age. Buried Knock, Head of Lochnagaul [sic]. Duncan Campbell, son, present. 
Campbell, Floraaged 73. 21 March 1882 544 no.4 Kilninian (Computer)
Campbell, Flora aged 88. 19 December 1886. 549 no.21 Tobermory (Computer)
Campbell, Flora aged 25. 4 July 1887. 544 no.7 Kilninian (Computer) Married to Andrew Campbell, maiden name McNeil
Campbell, Flora aged 82. 15 March 1895. 549 no.10 Tobermory (Computer). Married to Rev Peter MacLean
Campbell, Flora aged 77. 22 September 1902. 550 no.3 Torosay (Computer)
Campbell, Flora aged 74. 13 July 1903. 549 no 13 Tobermory (Computer)
Campbell, Hester c. 1827-1883) widow of Charles McColl teacher, she died in Portmore, Tobermory, 17 November 1883 aged 56. F. John Campbell, dec. M. Hester Clark, dec. Bright's Disease. Info. James McColl son-in-law, present.
Campbell, Hugh Married [to Flory McLachlan] farmer, died at Penmore 6 May 1860 aged 70. F. Donald Campbell, farmer, M. Ann McLean. Palsy. 
Campbell, Hugh (c.1809-1875) labourer, widower [no wife's name] died 25 December 1875 at Home Farm, Druimfin, aged 66. F. Archibald Campbell farmer, dec. M. M [sic] McLean, dec. Disease of Liver 6 mo. [signed] John McLean, son-in-law occupant, present.
Campbell, Isabella c. 1783-1857) Married [no husband's name] wife of a Chelsea Pensioner. Died 12 May 1857 at Salen aged 74. F. Donald McKenzie. M. Ann McKenzie M/S McKenzie. Apoplexy 8 hours, cert. Duncan McColl. Bur. Kilnalein. Info. Isabella McArthur, daughter. [In 1851 census of Salen she is 60, married to Donald Campbell Honourable Board of Ordnance Pensioner who is 74, b. Kilninian. Isabella was born in Ardnamurchan. Her daughter Isabella McArthur is next door, aged 30, born Glasgow,married to Archibald McArthur 23, Ag. Lab. b. Salen, and with children Christian2 & Duncan 2 months, b. Salen. ]
Campbell , Jane (c.1784-1872) Kilmore & Kilbride Death also registered as Gregorson aged 88. 1872. 523 no. 32 Kilmore & Kilbride. (Computer) 
Campbell, Janet [Gravestone] erected by Neil Campbell in memory of his mother Janet Campbell who died at Balligown, Kilninian, 28 September 1854 aged 63 .
Campbell, Janet [married to Donald Campbell (c.1785-1876) see his entry] . 
Campbell, Janet (c.1805-1875) pauper, single, aged 70, Union Poor House, Tobermory.
Campbell, John c. 1791-1860) Auctioneer, married [no wife's name] [from other records his wife was Euphemia] died aged 69 at Tobermory . F. Dugald Campbell, farmer & ground officer, dec. M. Jessie McInnes, dec. Consumption 4 yrs. Buried Kilnalein. Info Dugald Campbell Son, present. [illegible description of his profession] Tobermory. 
Campbell, John [Married to Hester Clark] See Campbell, Hester (c. 1827-1883) widow of Charles McColl, Teacher in Tobermory, his daughter. 
Campbell, John See Campbell, Mary (c. 1808-1883, nee McPherson, his wife.
Campbell, Margaret c. 1779-1867) died Tobermory 1867. F. John Campbell Esq. of Mishnish, dec. M. Isabella Campbell, dec. Info. John McLachlan, grand-nephew.
Campbell, Mary [married to Duncan Campbell] see Campbell Catherine (c. 1791-1866) their daughter. 
Campbell, Mary c. 1795-1875), pauper, widow of Donald Campbell, labourer, died 27 January 1875, Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 80. F. Neil McKinnon labourer, dec. M. Sarah Gray, dec. Bronchitis. Info Allan McDonald, occupant, son-in-law, present. 
Campbell, Mary c. 1802-1876) married to Donald Campbell Tacksman, died at Killiemore, Kilninian 1876 aged 74. F. James Salmond merchant. M. Christina Thomson. Bronchitis. Ann Campbell, friend present. 
Campbell, Mary c. 1808-1883) married to John Campbell, she died 2 November 1883 at Shore Street, Tobermory aged 75. F. Hugh McPherson Spirit Merchant, dec. M. Flora Livingston, dec. Unknown ailment. Info. John Campbell X his mark, Husband, present. 
Campbell, Sarah c. 1786-1866) pauper, widow, died 7 April 1866, aged 80, Union Poor House, Tobermory. [No parents' names] Epilepsy. 
Campbell, Sarah widow of Angus Campbell, tailor, Barra. Died aged 60 at Ledag, Tobermory 1869. F. John McLachlan, mason dec. M. Mary McNeill, dec. 
Carmichael, Ann c. 1779-1855) born Savary, Morvern, daughter of Angus McInnes & Mary Livingstone. She died at Achadashenaig aged 76 and was buried at Kilnalein. Married to Michael Carmichael. 1 child, John aged 32 [at time of her death] . 
Carmichael, Catherine c. 1817-1883), widow of John Carmichael died 10 Aug. 1883 at Black's Land, Tobermory, aged 66. F. John McKellaich crofter. M. Christina McLeod. Chronic diarrhoea. Info. John Carmichael son. 
Carmichael, Flora (c.1810-1866) widow [no husband's name] died 12 March 1866 Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 56. F. Angus McLeod, feuar & crofter dec. M. Ann Livingston, dec. Sally McFadyen X sister, occupant, present.
Carmichael, John See Carmichael, Catherine (c. 1817-1883), his wife. 
Carmichael, John [Informant] See Carmichael, Ann (c. 1779-1855) his mother. [John was Baptised 5 November 1823, son of Michael Carmichael & Ann McInnes, Achadashenaig (Kilninian OPR). In 1851 census at Achadashenaig John was 28, married to Catherine ? and with a 2-year-old son Michael. His mother Anne Carmichael Widow, 73, lived with them. ].
Carmichael, Michael [probably born before 1775] See Carmichael, Ann (c. 1779-1855) his wife. [ In the Duke of Argyll's census of 1779, there is a Michael Carmichael at Achadashenaig aged 14, a herd.] 
Carmichael, Ronald c. 1814-1867) married, died Portmore Tobermory 1867 aged 53. [No parents' names] Stone fell on him while quarrying. 
Clark, Donald see Lamont, Euphemia (c. 1790-1860) his widow. 
Clark, Effywidow [ no husband's name given] died Port [onan ?] 1 November 1860. F. Donald Lamont farmer, dec. M. Catherine McKichan. [Torosay CR. For more info. see under Lamont, Euphemia.
Clark, Hester [married to John Campbell] See McColl, Hester (c. 1827-1883) nee Campbell, her daughter, who died Portmore 1883 aged 56. 
Colquhoun, Anne See McPhail, Neil (c. 1798 or 1801-1884), her husband.
Colquhoun, Anne (b. 1837) See entry for McPhail, Neil (c.1798-1884) her father 
Colquhoun, Catherine (b.c. 1835) See entry for McPhail, Neil (c. 1798-1884) her father
Colquhoun, John (b.c. 1839) See entry for McPhail, Neil (c. 1798-1884) his father
Colquhoun, Mary (b.c. 1833) See entry for McPhail, Neil (c. 1798-1884) her father 
Cumstie, Alexander aged 63. 1878. 523 no.11 Kilmore & Kilbride (Computer)
Cumstie, James [no age] 1861. 523 no.10 Kilmore & Kilbride (Computer)
Cumstie, Peter aged 80. 1900. 523 no. 126 Kilmore & Kilbride (Computer)
Cumstie, William [no age] 1859. 523/1 no.1 Oban (Computer) [A William Cumstie married Grace Young 11 July 1824, in Barony, Glasgow 622/16 FR 4154].
Cunningham, John Nephew or nephew-in-law of Mary Lamont (c.1772-1857), who died at Croggan. See her entry. [An earlier John Cunningham in Mull married Janet Rankin at Torloisk in 1773. ]
Currie, Allan labourer, unmarried, died Tobermory 1873 aged 73. F. Alexander Currie, Weaver & crofter. M. Flora McNeill. Info. Margaret Currie X sister. 549 no. 14, Tobermory QS CR. 
Currie, Allan aged 39. 1899. 528 no. 1 Morvern (Computer) 
Currie, Andrew Angus aged 2. 1889. 549 no. 10 Tobermory (Computer) 
Currie, Ann See McDonald, John (1788-1857), possibly her husband. 
Currie, Ann aged 80. 1878. 542 no.10 Kilfinichen & Kilvicheoun (Computer)
Currie, Anne aged 75. 1902. 550 no. 1 Torosay
Currie, Archibald aged 84. 1875. 542 no. 15 Kilfinichen & Kilvicheoun (Computer)
Currie, Catherine aged 84. Mother's name White 1855. 545 no.4 Kinlochspelve (Computer)
Currie, Catherine aged 22. 1880. 545 no. 4 Kinlochspelve (Computer)
Currie, Catherine aged 84. 1894. 550 no. 6 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Donald aged 78. 1873. 545 no. 5 Kinlochspelve (Computer)
Currie, Donald aged 24. 1888. 548 no.9 Salen (Computer) 
Currie, Effy aged 37. 1855. Mother's name MacPhail. 1855. 545 no. 6 Kinlochspelve.
Currie, Euphemia aged 80. 1883. 545 no. 1 Kinlochspelve (Computer) 
Currie, Flora c. 1777-1862), married to John McPhail weaver, died 26 Jan. 1862 at Fishnish aged 85. F. John Currie, farmer, dec. M. Mary Currie, M/S McLean. Nat. decay. Signed Archibald [?] McPhail, son present. [Salen CR] [Note: Recorded baptisms to this couple were in Scallastle 1799 3 Dec. Archibald; 1801 29 Dec. Mary; 1804 22 April Donald; 1809 22 Jan. at Garmony, John; 9 June 1811 at Garmony Donald.]
Currie, Flora aged 76. 1869. 550 no. 1 Torosay (Computer) 
Currie, Georgina Ann aged 4. 1873. 550 no. 4 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Hector aged 81. 1894. 545 no.2 Kinlochspelve (Computer)
Currie, Hector aged 84. 1906. 528 no.2 Morvern (Computer)
Currie, Helen aged 70. 1875. 542 no. 23 Kilfinichen & Kilvicheoun (Computer) 
Currie, Hugh [no age ] 1864. 550 no. 6 Torosay (Computer ) 
Currie, James Allan aged 2. 1901. 550 no.6 Torosay (Computer) 
Currie, Jane aged 11. 1873. 550 no. 7 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Jane Jarvis aged 29. 1882. 545 no. 1 Kinlochspelve (Computer) 
Currie, Jane aged 69. 1896. 550 no. 5 Torosay (Computer) 
Currie, Janet aged 79. 1901. 545 no. 4 Kinlochspelve (Computer ) 
Currie, John (c.1760 - 1828) schoolmaster in Scallastle & Ulva. See Currie Margaret (1797-1883), his daughter. [His wife was Mary McInnes]. 
Currie, John Henryaged 4 months died 14 Jan 1860 at Achnacroish. F. William Currie Gamekeeper. M. Betsy Douse [?] [Torosay CR] 
Currie, John [no age ] 1864. 549 no.6 Tobermory (Computer)
Currie, John aged 77. 1867. 549 no.20 Tobermory (Computer) 
Currie, John aged 26. 1874. 545 no.3 Kinlochspelve (Computer) 
Currie, John aged 50. 1884. 549 no. 1 Tobermory (Computer) 
Currie, Lachlan aged 63. 1878. 539/2 no. 4 Colonsay (Computer )
Currie, Margaret[no age] 1856. Mother's name McLean. 550 no.4 Torosay (Computer) 
Currie, Margaretaged 83. 1881. 545 no. 4 Kinlochspelve (Computer) 
Currie, Margaretaged 86. 1883. 549 no.26 Tobermory (Computer) (1797-1883) widow of Archibald McDonald, she died Portmore, Tobermory, 1883 aged 86. F. John Currie, schoolmaster, M. Mary McInnes, both dec. Unknown ailment. Donald McArthur, son-in-law. [Margaret Currie was baptised 3 Dec. 1797 and is in Torosay OPR, having been born at Scallastle. Her father John Currie was schoolmaster in Ulva by 1806 when his son Charles was baptised there, so must have moved between 1802 when twins were baptised Isabel & Flory, and 1806. John Currie helped Alexander Campbell with his ALBYN'S ANTHOLOGY in 1815, in Ulva. JC died Sept. 1828 from suppression of Urine (Lauchlan Maclaine's diary). Currie family buried Pennygown Another daughter, Ann, married a John McDonald Isabel, one of the twins ('Bell') married Alexander Shaw, a relative of Charles Macquarie and Lachlan Macquarie of NSW. ]. 
Currie, Margaret aged 74. 1896. 549 no. 6 Tobermory (Computer)
Currie, Marion See McInnes, Sally, who died 23 March 1855 at Pennygown. 
Currie, Mary [no age } 1861. 550 no. 11 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Mary [no age] 1862. 545 no. 5 Kinlochspelve (Computer) 
Currie, Mary [no age ] 1862. 550 no. 2 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Mary aged 37. 1879.545 no.3 Kinlochspelve (Computer) 
Currie, Murdoch Hector [no age] 1864. 550 no. 7 Torosay (Computer) 
Currie, Murdoch (c.1800-1884) farmer, married to Sarah Currie, died at Lochbuy 9 Oct. 26, 1884. F. Hector Currie, farmer. M. Ann Cameron. Old Age. Info. James Currie, grandson. [Ann Cameron was still alive in 1851, aged 80, and born in Morvern ]. 
Currie, Murdoch aged 84. 1890. 528 no.5 Morvern (Computer)
Currie, Sally [no age] 1855. Mother's name McLean 548 no.2 Salen (Computer) See McInnes, Sally for details of CR death & speculation about her identity.
Currie, Sarah aged 91. 1883. 550 no. 1 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Sarah aged 70. 1884. 549 no. 7 Tobermory (Computer)
Currie, Sarah aged 82. 1899. 550 no.6 Torosay (Computer)
Currie, Sarah aged 89. 1899. 545 no. 1 Kinlochspelve (Computer)
Cuthbertson, Isabella aged 63. 1863. 685/5 no.152 Newington (Computer)
Cuthbertson, Isabella aged 81. 1877. 561 no. 15 Eaglesham (Computer)
Davidson, Mary See McKinnon, John, (c.1838-1883) sailor, her husband. Drummond, Wm. Henry landed proprietor, widower of Christina Maria Hersey Baird, died Crosshill Strathallan [Blackford registration] 23 January 1886, aged 75. F James Drummond, landed proprietor, dec. M. Amelia Sophia Drummond, M/S Murray, dec. Cirrhosis of Liver. Info. Robert Maxton, forester. 
Ferguson, Ann see Livingstone Ann, died Tobermory 1855. See also Livingston, Peggy (c. 1796-1883) her daughter.
Ferguson, Catherinec. 1783-1859) married died at Garmony 1859 aged 76. F. Duncan Ferguson, crofter, dec. M. Mary Ferguson, M/S Ferguson. Burial place Pennygown. Info Donald Sinclair, husband, present. [Donald Sinclair is the "tyrannical elf" of LMD.]
Fletcher, Alex. r. Angus [no age] 1859. 548 no.12 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Alexander (c.1823-1883) aged 60. 1883. 548 no. 6 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Alexander (c.1821-1895) aged 74. 1895. 548 no. 3 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Angus (c.1832-1900) aged 68. 1900. 548 no. 3 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Ann (c.1781-1863) aged 82. 1863. Mother's name McDougall. 549 no. 16 Tobermory
Fletcher, Anne (c.1792-1867) aged 75. 1867. 544 no. 7 Kilninian (Computer) 
Fletcher, Ann (c.1791-1870) aged 79. 1870. 548 no.2 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Ann (c.1809-1893) aged 84. 1893. 544 no. 1 Kilninian (Computer)
Fletcher, Anne (c.1849-1941) aged 92. 1941. 550 no.2 Torosay (Computer) 
Fletcher, Barbara aged 49. 1916. 549 no. 5 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1785-1855) aged 70. 1855 550 no. 4 Torosay (Computer) 
Fletcher, Catherine [no age] 1859. 548 no. 4 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1809-1863) aged 54. 1863. Mother's name McColl. 548 no. 6 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1810-1893) aged 83. 1893. 548 no.2 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Catherine born about 1822, wife of John McQuarrie Junior, Society Schoolmaster in Ulva. See entry for McQuarie, John (c. 1776-1855) schoolmaster. 
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1825-1903) aged 78. 1903. 548 no.2 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1831-1904) aged 73. 1904. 548 no.1 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1860-1928) aged 68. 1928. 548 no.4 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Catherine (c.1874-1947) aged 73. 1947. 544/2 no.1 Kilninian (Computer) 
Fletcher, Charles (c.1790-1866) aged 76. 1866. 549 no.9 Tobermory (Computer) Married died Portmore 1866 aged 76. F. Neil Fletcher, farmer, dec. M. Chirsty McDougall. Cancer of Lower lip. Donald Fletcher, son, present.
Fletcher, Chirsty (c.1794-1871) aged 77. 1871. 549 no.2 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Christine aged 72. 1890. 549 no.1 Tobermory (Computer) 
Fletcher, Christina aged 61. 1915. 549 no. 8 Tobermory (Computer) 
Fletcher, Christy aged 70. 1885. 549 no.3 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Christina aged 71. 1918. 548 no. 2 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, David [no age] 1860. 549 no. 31 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Donald [crofter, married to Sarah McPhail] Careful ! 2 couples with the same names in Torosay Parish . This Donald F. prob. born before 1775. 
Fletcher, Donald shoemaker, single, died 1 April 1860 at Craignure, aged 60. F. Neil Fletcher, farmer, dec. M. Isabella Fletcher, M/S McLean, dec. Fracture of the [?] and other injuries. [Torosay CR 550 no. 3] [note for me] this is not the DF who left £89.
Fletcher, Donald aged 6. 1876. 548 no.4 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Donalddied at Killiechronan, aged 7, 1862. F. Angus Fletcher, shepherd. M. Catherine McLean. [Salen CR 548 no.4] 
Fletcher, Donald pauper, aged 55 died at Tobermory 1869. No parents' names.
Fletcher, Donald (c.1800-1884) aged 83. 1884. 550 no.5 Torosay (Computer) Widower of Sarah McPhail, he died at Lochdonhead 6 August 1884, aged 83. F. John Fletcher. M. Catherine McFarlane. Morbus Cordis. Info. Alexander F., son present. For details of John Fletcher and his family see McFarlane Catherine. [In 1851 census of Lochdonhead, DF was 45, road contractor with Marion, wife 38, Archibald son 12 Scholar, Mary Ann dau. 10 scholar John son 8, scholar; John A. son 6 Joseph, son 4, Ann dau. 2. In 1861 census of Lochdonhead, DF is 50, Sheriff Officer, b. Tobermory, in 5 rooms, with no wife (but she was alive) Joseph 13, Ann 11, Helen 9, Catherine 7, Alexander 4, Donald 2. All his children were born Torosay. In 1871 DF is Sheriff Officer 67 with Marion 58, Anne dau. unm. 20 Alexander 14, Donald 11, scholar. 
Fletcher, Duncan aged 68. 1857. Mother's name Macdougall. 548 no. 8 Salen (Computer) (c. 1789-1857) Merchant single, died Salen 8 May 1857 aged 68. F. Neil F. farmer, M. Christian McDougall. Mortification of the toes, 2 months as cert. by Duncan McColl, surgeon. Info. Neil Fletcher, brother. [In 1851 census of Salen, Duncan Fletcher unm. 58 is Postmaster, with Ann Fletcher servant 19 as his housekeeper.His brother Neil is prob. theJoiner who trained Dugald McPhail the poet when he was an apprentice.]
Fletcher, Duncan (c.1799-1882) aged 83. 1882. 548 no.1 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Effy [married to Dugald Stewart, schoolmaster] See McDougall Christina 1810-1883) her daughter
Fletcher, Euphemia [married to Dugald Stewart, schoolmaster] See Fletcher Effy 
Fletcher, Euphemia [no age] 1864. 548 no.2 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Euphemia aged 78. 1899. 548 no. 4 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Flora (c.1772-1855) aged 83. 1855. 548 no. 1 Salen (Computer) Born Kilbeg married to Hector Fletcher, farm labourer, deceased. Died 23 Jan 1855 at Salen. Bronchitis 6 days, cert. Duncan McColl surgeon. F. Neil McDonald Blacksmith; M. Isabella McLean; buried Pennygown as cert by Donald McAlpine undertaker. Info from Donald McAlpine, cousin german. [Flora Fletcher was in the 1851 census of Salen as a widow aged 74 and a pauper, b. Salen. With her, Janet McLaine, relation, unm. 48 Pauper, insane, b. Salen. ]
Fletcher, Hector Labourer in Salen. See Fletcher, Flora (c. 1772-1855) his widow. 
Fletcher, Isabel [no age] 1860 550 no. 6 Torosay (Computer) 
Fletcher, Jane Corbett (c.1812-1900) aged 88. 1900. 548 no. 1 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Janet (c.1814-1892) aged 78. 1892. 549 no.17 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Janet (c.1813-1892) aged 79. 1892. 542 no.11 Kilfinichen (Computer)
Fletcher, Janet (c.1794-1868) aged 74. 1868. 549 no. 14 Tobermory (Computer) 
Fletcher, Janet c. 1856-1909) aged 53. 1909. 548 no.5 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, John born about 1875), shoemaker, married to Catherine McFarlane. For details of their family, see McFarlane Catherine (born about 1785). He was the father of Donald Fletcher (c.1800-1884) who died at Lochdonhead, Torosay.
Fletcher, Lachlan (c.1813-1891) aged 78. 1891. 548 no. 3 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Margaret aged 38. 1903. 549 no. 16 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Mgt. Stewart (c.1853-1927) aged 74. 1927. 548 no. 2 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Margaret Ann (c.1859-1941) aged 82. 1941. 549 no. 7 Tobermory (Computer) 
Fletcher, Marion (c.1812-1872) aged 60. 1872. Mother's name McPherson. 550 no.7 Torosay (Computer) married to Donald Fletcher, she died at Lochdonhead aged 60 (c. 1812-1872) married to Donald Fletcher, died at Lochdonhead, Torosay aged 60. F. Archibald McPhail. M. Ann McPherson. 1872. F. Archibald McPhail, farmer. M. Ann McPherson. [She was also known as Sarah McPhail. For details of her family see entry for Donald Fletcher (c. 1800-1884) her husband. 
Fletcher, Marjory (c.1825-1885) aged 60. 1885. 548 no.1 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Marjory c. 1854-1924). aged 70. 1924. 548 no. 8 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Mary (c.1762-1855) aged 93. 1855. 548 no. 8 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Mary (c.1765-1855) aged 90. 1855. 548 no. 9 Salen (Computer) (c. 1765-1855) b. Bradil [shoulder of Glenforsa ] Married to Donald Fletcher. Issue, John dec; Ann 63; Euphemia 60; Duncan 58; Isabella dec.; John dec.; Donald dec. She died 19 April 1855 at Salen, of "climacteric decay". No parents' names given. Buried Pennygown. Info Duncan Fletcher son. [Mary Fletcher was in the 1851 census of Salen aged 95 with her unm. dau. Euphemia aged 55. Next door is her son Duncan F. married, 50, crofter with his wife Catherine 40 born Kilmore, their son Donald 16 b. Salen; dau. Christian 12 b. Salen; son John 10 b. Salen; dau. Mary 8 b. Salen; son Alexander 2 born Salen ] .
Fletcher, Mary died 1860 at Ardow single, aged 32. 
Fletcher, Mary [no age] 1860. 544 no. 3 Kilninian (Computer)
Fletcher, Mary (c.1791-1870) aged 79. 1870. 549 no.35 Tobermory (Computer)
Fletcher, Mary (c.1796-1876) aged 80. 1876. 549 no. 1 Tobermory (Computer) 
Fletcher, Mary aged 71. 1919. 548 no. 3 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Mary (c.1864-1924) aged 60. 1924. 550 no.3 Torosay (Computer)
Fletcher, Mary (c.1848-1928) aged 80. 1928. 549 no.3 Tobermory (Computer) 
Fletcher, Mary (c.1880-1935) aged 55. 1935. 548 no.1 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Neil [married to Chirsty McDougall] see Fletcher Charles (c.1790-1866) his son.
Fletcher, Neil [no age ] 1865. 548 no. 3 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Neil [no age ] 1865. 548 no.10 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Neil (c.1800-1879) aged 79. 1879. 548 no. 5 Salen (Computer) 
Fletcher, Neil aged 48. 1896. 548 no. 1 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Rebecca (c.1780-1858) aged 78. 1858. Mother's name Livingstone. 550 no. 6 Torosay
Fletcher, Sarah c. 1812-1872) married to Donald Fletcher Sheriff Officer, she died at Lochdonhead, 1872 aged 60. F. Archibald McPhail. M. Ann McPherson. 
Fletcher, Sarah (c.1798-1873) aged 75. 1873. 550 no. 5 Torosay (Computer) 
Fletcher, Sarah (c.1806-1884) aged 78. 1884. 550 no. 6 Torosay (Computer) (c. 1806-1884) pauper, single, died aged 78 [somewhere in Torosay] F. Donald Fletcher, crofter. M. Sarah McPhail. 
Fletcher, Sarah (c.1816-1888) aged 72. 1888. 548 no. 6 Salen (Computer)
Fletcher, Sarah (c.1819-1894) aged 75. 1894. 549 no. 8 Tobermory (Computer) 
Forsyth, Cath. Harriet(c.1847-1930) aged 83. 1930. 685/7 no. 529 Morningside, Edinburgh (Computer)
Forsyth, James SC 51/32/12 James Forsyth Esq., of Glengorm who died at Sorn House on 24 Feb. 1862. Allan McDougall's tenant in Bellochroy owes JF £75. List of rents due by tenants & crofters. Appeared James Adam of Clarement Crescent, one of deceased's executors, deponent, along with Mrs Maria Magdalena Muller or Forsyth, widow…. Entered into possession & management of deceased's estate "My dear daughters, whom I regard with much affection, and my dear daughter Amy Isabella is entitled to certain property on her mother's decease under the Will of the late Peter Levesque, Esq. … and my dear wife's jointure secured on my feu property in Edinburgh & my estates of Dunach in Lorn & of Sorn in Quinish & Tenga in Mull, now called Glengorm are mortgaged for debt … my dear sister Isabella Forsyth … Annuity to "my manager William Blair of £20 p.a." I give and bequeath to my 3 daughters Maria Jane, Julia Selina & Caroline Harriet the sum of £2,000 - my estates & property to James Noel Muller Forsyth [his son].
Forsyth, John Serjeant, Coast Brigade, Royal Artillery, North Britain, Drill Instructor, Died 5 Nov. 1872 aged 42. F. John Forsyth, mason dec. [no mother's name] [Tobermory CR deaths]
Fraser, Christian (c. 1773-1855) born Inverness-shire, had lived in Ulva 10 years, died 6 Feb. 1855 at Ulva of Asthma, aged 82. F. John Munro, farmer, dec. M. Janet [name n.k.] Married to John Fraser. Issue: 1. Janet dec. 2. William [living] 3. John dec. 4. Rebecca dec. [She was the mother of the Rev. William Fraser, Minister of Ulva, see below.]
Fraser, William [Gravestone] In memory of Rev. William Fraser AM, Minister of Ulva died 27 June 1874 in his 62nd year & 30th of his Ministry. [Kilninian – see Munro, Christina, his mother, died 1855]. CR Death 1874 27 June at Ulva Manse, aged 65. [No parents' names] Disease Of the heart cert. Dr Hector McColl, Surgeon, Tobermory. Wm Sproat, Procurator Fiscal. [He was born Inverness, 1809, so the gravestone is incorrect. No parents in Fasti].
Gardyne, Charles GreenhillForfar CR Death Lieutenant-Colonel, laird of Finavon & Glenforsa (Mull), widower of Amelia Anne Drummond, died 25 November 1923 at Beech Hill Forfar, aged 92. F. David Greenhill Gardyne. M. Mary Wallace. Heart disease. Info. Alexander Copland, Rector of St John's Episcopal Church, Forfar. 
Gillies, Angus see Gillies, Donald (c.1778-1875) his son. 
Gillies, Angus (d. 1944) see Gravestone for Hugh Gillies who died 1923.
Gillies, Ann widow of John Campbell, weaver, died 22 Dec 1874 at Penmore, aged 86. F. Angus Gillies crofter dec. M. Mary McNeill, dec. Infirmities of Old Age. Confined to bed 8 months. Not cert. Archibald McLeod, son-in-law, X present. [Her son-in-law, A. McLeod, married to her dau. Mary, had been in Penmore since 1841 at least, and may have been son of Neil McLeod Inievay & Janet McLucais . There was a John Campbell, HLW in 1841 census of Dervaig aged 35, should be 55, no wife with Neil,Ann & Flora].
Gillies, Donald (c.1778-1875) Boatman, HM Customs, married [no wife's name] 15 Dec. 1875 Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 97. F. Angus Gillies, feuar dec. M. Isabella McLean, dec. Info. Lachlan McColl, son-in-law, baker, not present residing in Tobermory. 
Gillies, Hugh [Gravestone, Kilmore] In loving memory of our father, Hugh Gillies who Died at Glengorm 15 April 1923 aged 58. Also our dear brothers Malcolm Gillies MA who died 22 Sept. 1937 aged 31, Angus, died on Active Service 14 April 1944 aged 36, also our dear mother Sarah MacPherson, died 14 April 1950 aged 78. 
Gillies, Malcolm, MA d. 22 Sept. 1937 aged 36) see Gravestone for Hugh Gillies who died 1923.
Graham, James (c. 1802-1855) feuar, shopkeeper, merchant, postmaster, born Tobermory died at Tobermory 25 July 1855 aged 53 of atrophy 1 year. F. Alexander Graham, Officer of Customs, Tobermory, [no mother's name given] Married to Eliza I. Paterson. Issue: Alexander 6 living; Robert 5 living
Gray, Angus pauper, single, died 2 July 1872 at Union Poor House, Tobermory, aged 48. [no parents' names] Heart Disease. 
Gray, Archibald (c.1806-1875) feuar & crofter, married [no wife's name] died 29 Aug. 1875 Church Street, Tobermory, aged 69. F. Angus Gray, feuar & crofter, dec. M. Mary McMillan, dec. [In 1871 census of Tobermory at Belochroy Road, Archd. Gray is 63, feuar. b. Tobermory, with Jessie McKellach or Gray, wife, 64, b. Tobermory]. 
Greenhill-Gardyne see Gardyne, Charles Greenhill (c. 1831-1923) died Forfar 1923. 
Hays, Ann widow of James Herdson, Supervisor, Inland Revenue, died 16 December 1872 at Tobermory aged 75. F. Jonathan Hays, farmer, dec. M. Ann Hays dec. Paralysis. Info. Alexander Black, merchant, Tobermory.
Henderson, Angus see Henderson Catherine (c.1824-1866) his wife. [In 1871 census of Tobermory, Argyll Terrace, Angus is 55, widower, blacksmith, born Ardnamurchan with 4 sons Donald 16, Duncan 14, John 9, Malcolm 6, all b. Tobermory. In 1861 census before death of his wife, "Ketty" McKinnon was 33, b. Tobermory. There was a Hugh, son 8, the oldest and Sally Henderson 60 , smith's sister - the smith was only 33 ! – was there]. 
Henderson, AnnMarried, wife of a crofter, died 31 Dec. 1856, Penmore, aged 42. F. Archd Henderson, living, M. Anne Henderson M/S McDougall, dec. Liver disease. Burial place Glacquarie, Calgary. Info: John McKinnon, X husband.
Henderson, Catherine (c.1824-1866) married to Angus Henderson, Smith, Tobermory, died at Argyll Terrace, Tobermory 9 August 1866 aged 42. F. Duncan McKinnon Crofter dec. M. Catherine McPhail, dec. Consumption. 
Henderson, Donald crofter, married, died Dervaig 1860 aged 69. F. Allan Henderson. M. Catherine Carmichael. [Married to Mary - ?-] 
Henderson, Sarah see Beaton, Sarah (c. 1803-1875) died Tobermory 1875. 
Herdson, Ann see Hays, Ann, died Tobermory 16 Dec. 1872. 
Jarvis, Mary c. 1785-1855) born Leicestershire England 28 years in this district; Died 5 Nov. 1855 at Portmore Tobermory aged 70. F. John or James Jelly, smith. M. name n.k. Married to George Jarvis, body servant to Late General McQuarrie Governor of NSW. Issue: Elizabeth Jarvis 32; William Robertson 28 illegitimate. Paralysis 1 year, cert. Hector McColl. Bur. Tobermory Churchyard. Info. John Dewar, son-in-law. [Note: In 1851 census, Portmore, Mary Jarvis 63 was in household of her son-in-law John Dewar 32, tailor, b. Dull, Perthshire & dau. Elizabeth 28 born at seaThe Dewars had a son George 5 born Tobermory.] 
Jelly, Mary see Jarvis, Mary died 1855 at Tobermory.
Johnstone, Joseph c. 1836-1883) dykebuilder, married to Mary Dovie (Davie ?) died 10 Aug.1883 at McLean's Land, Tobermory, aged 47. F. William Johnstone, dyke builder, dec. M. Marion Cowan, dec. Hemiplegia. Info. Mary Johnstone, wife. [The surname Cowan means a dykebuilder ! 
Johnston, Thomas see Thorburn, Susan (c.1787-1866) nee Johnston, his daughter. 
Kelly – see McKellaich 
Kennedy, Donald widower of Catherine McLean. Died at Salen 1862 aged 75. F. John K. Farmer. M. Sally Livingstone. John McCallum, son-in-law. [Salen CR] [Born in Morvern according to 1861 census in Salen Village]
Kennedy, Duncan died aged 8 days 1877 Salen parish. 
Kennedy, Helenc. 1818-1857) Single, died 1857 at Ballochroy, aged 39. F. Hector Kennedy, cottar; M. Ann McFadyen. [Helen was bapt.In Mingary 1816. Her parents were in Torosay between 1826 and 1840 moved to Achnadrish and from there to Ballochroy, where they were in the 1851 census, but without Helen.]
Laidlaw, Margaret died 1861 Kilninian parish; [no more taken down.]
Lamont, Angus See Lamont, Ann (c. 1824-1883) his wife, and his own entry below. 
Lamont, Angus (c.1800-1882), teacher, married to Ann Lamont, died 1882 Upper Town Tobermory, aged 82. F. Neil Lamont, farmer. M. Flora Lamont, M/S Macdonald. Bronchitis. Info. Joseph Lamont, FC Manse, Snizort, Son, present. 
Lamont, Annc. 1824-1883) widow of Angus Lamont, died North High Street, Tobermory, 19 September 1883 aged 59. F. Donald McLennan joiner. M. Isabella McLeod. Info. Joseph Lamont, Free Church Minister, Isle of Skye, stepson.
Lamont, Archibald (1767-c.1820?) see Lamont Robert, his son, who died 1865. 
Lamont, Catherine [married to John McQuarrie] See McQuarrie, Lachlan (c.1791-1883) her son.
Lamont, Catherinec. 1800-1870) pauper, single, died at Craignure aged 70 in 1870. F. Neil Lamont. M. Catherine McPhee. Valvular disease. Info. Ludovick McLean X Croggan. 
Lamont, Charles c. 1791-1859) farmer, widower died 12 April 1859 at Killean, Torosay, aged 68. F. Malcolm Lamont, cooper dec. M. Flora McGilvray. Burying place Killean. Archibald Lamont, son, not present. 
Lamont, Christina[married to Malcolm McLean] see McLean Alexander (c.1794-1866) her son. Also McLean, Angus, tailor (c.1790-1866) her son.
Lamont, Duncan [Gravestone] Erected by Mary McLeod in memory of her beloved husband Duncan Lamont who died at Craigmore Cottage, 28 February 1882 aged 63. And their infant son who died 15 January 1860. Also their daughters Jane Mary McLeod who died Tobermory 23 May 1863 aged 7 years, and Catherine who died at Salen 6 February 1870 aged 19 years. [Kilninian]
Lamont, Euphemia widow, died 1 November 1860 at Port [onan ?] no age given. F. Donald Lamont, farmer, dec. M. Catherine Lamont, M/S McKichan. [Torosay CR] [husband's name was Donald Clark. They married 21 December 1813, he of Laggan, she in Killean. Son John bapt. 24 Aug. 1814 at Laggan. Dau. Mary Bapt. 24 July at Killean. A Donald Clark was in Duke's Census 1779 at Achnacroish aged 11. There were also McKichans in Achnacroish & Achnacraig. Effy was in 1851 census at Portonan, a widow aged 60, with John, son, unmarried 32, ferryman; Mary dau. unm. 30 farm servant. Donald Stewart grandson 4 mo. All born Torosay ]
Lamont, Flora c. 1781-1855) born Ulva, in Tobermory district for 5 years, died 21 March 1855 at Tobermory aged 74. F. Donald Lamont crofter, Ulva; M. Euphemia Black. Married to Archibald Lamont. Issue: Euphemia 35, Alexander 32, Mary dec.; Ann 30; Catherine 28; Buried Balichloich Gometra. Info. Alexander Lamont, son.
Lamont, Joseph [Informant ] Free Church Minister, Isle of Skye. See Lamont or McLennan, Ann (c.1824-1883) his stepmother.
Lamont, Margaret c. 1816-1872) Married to Alexander Lamont joiner. Died at Achnacroish, Torosay, 1872 aged 56. F. Archibald McMillan shepherd. M. Mary McKenzie. Info. Alexander Lamont, husband, present. 
Lamont, Mary See McCallum, Malcolm (1773-1861) her husband. 
Lamont, Mary c. 1772-1857) Widow [no husband's name] died at Croggan 14 Jan. 1857 aged 85. F. Archibald McRae, labourer, dec. M. Effy McPhaden dec. No med. attendant. Buried Killean. Info Duncan McLean X occupier. [Mary Lamont was in the 1851 census Lot no. 3 Sronafedag (
Lamont, Neil [Married to Catherine McPhee] See Lamont, Catherine (c. 1800-1870) his daughter. 
Lamont, Robert (1802-1865) feuar & merchant, married [no wife's name given] died Portmore Tobermory, 1865, aged 63. F. Archibald Lamont farmer, dec. M. Margaret Lamont, M/S Lamont. [The parents, Archibald & Margaret Lamont came from Ulva, where they were married 2 Feb. 1796, having 11 children at Soriby between 1798 & 1815. Archibald Lamont was probably the AL baptised 1 Feb. 1767, son of Donald L in Glacknagallan & Effy Black. Robert L. bapt. 1802, married Mary ? but no children are recorded in Iona where RL was the Innkeeper in 1851. In 1861 RL & Mary were in Tobermory, RL being a merchant. Mairi MacArthur says they went to Canada, but if they did, they returned]. 
Leitch, Janet See McInnes, Janet (c.1784-1867) 
Leitch, Lachlan (fl. 1760s-1800s) Mason. See McInnes, Janet (c. 1784-1867) his daughter. 
Lindsay, Isabella McRae aged 5 weeks died 1891. F. Robert Lindsay, gamekeeper. M. Isabella Kerr. Of croup. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891] 
Livingston [infant] female 2 weeks old. Illegit. M. Janet Livingston, died Treshnish 1857.
Livingston, Angus (c. 1810-1882) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern : " In memory of Angus Livingston who died in June 1882 aged 72 years; his wife Ann McDougall who died in May 1900 aged 82 years; their daughter Margaret wife of John Cameron who died at Appin on 4th Jan. 1917 aged 56 years and interred there. Erected by their daughter Jane. " 
Livingstone, Ann (c. 1762-1855) married to John Livingstone, born Brolass, died Tobermory 9 Feb. 1855 aged 93, in district 13 yrs. F. Alexander Ferguson farmer. M. Alicia McLean. Issue: Alexander dec. 41; Catherine dec. 59; Margaret living 55; Jane living 53; Angus dec. 51; AL died in the house of the Rev. Alexander Grant, Baptist Minister, of influenza, cert. by Hector McColl. Buried Tobermory. Info. David Turnbull, grandson. [see also her daughter Peggy Livingston (c. 1806-1883)
Livingston, Bella c. 1801-1883) widow of Duncan Livingston died 26 Jan. N. High Street, Tobermory, aged 82. F. Neil McDougall farmer dec. M. Christy McEachern, dec. Unknown ailment. Info. Archibald Livingston X son present.
Livingston, Catherine [in 1861 census p.253 in Livingston House she is the widowed mother-in-law b. Kilninian aged 80, of Angus Henderson 51 [or 57 ?] Mariner, b. Ardnamurchan and his wife Margaret 52 b. Tobermory & their daus. Margaret 16, Eliza 14].
Livingstone, Christinadied as an infant of 7 days 26 April 1857 at Dalnaha . F. Allan L. farmer. M. Sarah Colquhoun. Not certified. 
Livingston, David (c. 1841-1929) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern : " Erected by David Livingston in loving memory of his wife Mary Livingston who died at Lochbuie 12 February 1889 aged 49 years. Also his three daughters Jane who died at Croggan 29th January 1872 aged 8 months; Margaret who died at Lochbuie 13th December 1884 aged 6 years; and Catherine who died at Craignure 25th November 1909 aged 26 years. The above David Livingston who died at Craignure 21st January 1929 aged 88 years. At rest."
Livingston, Duncan (1797-1864) shepherd, married to Isabella McLucash, died at Treshnish 1864 aged 68. F. Donald Livingston, crofter, dec. M. Janet Campbell. [In 1861 census at Treshnish, Duncan is 64 with Isabel 68, Archibald, son 24 & Jean [?] dau. 21. DL married Isabella McLucash Einsay 8 Aug. 1826, so their children's baptisms are not available . Before Archibald they had Donald, Neil, Janet, Catherine, and Jean][ Note that in Bella Livingston's Death in 1883, above, she and father have become MCDOUGALL].
Livingston, Elizabeth (c.1809-1874) married to Alexander Livingston, farmer, died 18 December 1874 at Reudle, aged 65. F. Donald McLean, crofter, M. Mary Lamont. Supposed cold, confined to bed 2 months, not certified. Donald Livingston Son, present. [In 1871 census at Reudle, Alexander Livingston was 67, Ag. lab., with Elizabeth 60, who was born in Ulva].
Livingston, Flora [married to Hugh McPherson, Spirit Merchant] See McPherson Mary (c. 1808-1883) her daughter, who died in Tobermory, Shore Street, on 2 November 1883 aged 75, wife of John Campbell.
Livingstone, Flora see McPhail, Flora (c.1790-1875), died Tobermory 1875. 
Livingstone, Janet (c. 1798-1867) See McPherson, Janet (c.1798-1867) 
Livingston, John [married to Ann Ferguson] See Livingston, Peggy (c. 1796-1883) his daughter. 
Livingstone, John farm servant, single died 15 January 1865 at Reudle, aged 19. F. Alexander Livingstone. M. Elizabeth McLean. Informant Donald L. Brother, present. [Kilninian & Kilmore CRs] 
Livingston, Lachlan See Livingston, Peggy (c. 1796-1883) his wife.
Livingston, Margaret (c. 1846-1932) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern: " In Loving Memory of Margaret Livingston who died at Drimnatyne, Croggan, 8 January 1932 aged 86 years; also her son Duncan Livingston who died at Drimnatyne 25 November 1934 aged 52 years."
Livingstone, Margaret single, aged 5 at Lochbuy, from convulsions. F. David L. M. Mary Livingstone M/S Livingstone. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths] 
Livingston, Peggy c. 1796-1883) widow of Lachlan Livingston she died 11 March 1883 in Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 87. F. John Livingston. M. Ann Ferguson. Unknown ailment. Info David Turnbull, nephew.
Livingston, Sarah [married to Donald McKinnon, farmer] See McKinnon Janet (c.1798-1883) her daughter. 
Lumley, John mason, drowned near Tobermory Pier aged 37, 1875.
McAlpine, Donald [Informant] Cousin germane of Flora Fletcher nee McDonald, he was both the undertaker and the informant on her death at Salen in 1855. In 1851 he was next door to FF in Salen census, when he was married, 55 and a shoemaker married to Catherine [Macquarie ?] and with 1 son and 1 daughter, Ann 3 and John 9 months. He also has a sister-in-law Mary McQuarie unm. 42. There were 2 Donald McAlpines, senior & junior, father & son. The father was a blacksmith, married to Ann McDonald. Donald McAlpine Junior [who gave info. on his cousin, Flora Fletcher nee McDonald's death] died at Salen 1st April 1857, shoemaker, aged 65. His F. Donald McAlpine, blacksmith . M. Ann McDonald. Heart disease.
McArthur, Allan single, aged 20, died 3 July 1856 at Killiechronan. F. Dugald McArthur, Farmer, M. Catherine McPhadyen. No Medical Attendant. Buried Kilvickewen, Ulva. Info. Catherine McPhadyen X Mother.
McArthur, Archibald stone quarrier married to Isabella Campbell, Salen. Died 1877 aged 55. F. Ronald McArthur woollen weaver, dec. M. Catherine McInnes, dec. See entry for his mother-in-law, Isabella Campbell (c.1783-1857). [Archibald McArthur was baptised 9 October 1819 at Gualachaoilish, Torosay to Ronald McArthur & Catherine McInnes. Ronald McArthur had 2 marriages & was previously married to Margaret McLean. Archibald was a stone quarrier. His son Duncan died in the same year, 1877, husband of Isabella McNeill. In 1871 census of Salen, Archibald McArthur is 50, b. Torosay in 3 rooms, with Isabella 48 b. Glasgow, Duncan son 20 b. Salen, Margaret 17, Isabella 14, Donaldina 10 scholar, all b. Salen].
McArthur, Barbara [married to Donald McCallum] See Cameron, Mary (c. 1797-1883) her daughter, who died Strongarbh Tobermory 1883. McArthur Catherine married to - McFarlane. Died July 1871 see McArthur, John d. 1870
McArthur, Catherine pauper, widow of John Black, farmer. 1 September 1874 at Sound of Ulva, aged 92. F. John McArthur farmer, dec. M. Janet McQuarie. Infirmities of Old Age – confined to bed 4 days - not certified. Euphemia McArthur, niece, present. 
McArthur, Christina [married to Hector McLean] see McLean Neil (c. 1784-1876) her son. 
McArthur, Cirsty see McLean, Marion (c.1785-1857) died 1857 at Torloisk.
McArthur, Christy pauper, widow of Duncan McArthur pauper, formerly shoemaker. Died 11 Jan. 1882 at Stracoil, Torosay aged 72. F. Lachlan McInnes, farmer, dec. M Cirsty McInnes M/S Livingstone dec. Hernia. Info. Andrew McLean, brother-in-law, Ardura. [Torosay CR Deaths 1882].
McArthur , Donald Patriarch of Burg McArthurs, married Mary McDonald 1785. See deaths of his son John (1791-1870) and Neil (1800-1865)
McArthur, Rev. Donald c. 1783-1864), died 1 April 1864. Estate valued at £1076. 6. 7. CR Death Parish minister, married to Miss Mary Campbell, Frackadale, April 1864 at Frackadale aged 81. F. John McArthur, farmer, dec. M. Christina Douglas dec. Nervous debility 8 years. 
McArthur, Donald [Informant ] See Currie, Margaret (1797-1883) his mother-in-law. [This may be Donald McArthur who was baptised at Fanmore son of John McArthur & Flory McEachern, 21 May 1826 that is if his wife Chirsty was Margaret Currie & Archibald McDonald's daughter. If so, he was a shoemaker (1) in Ulva,(2) in Tobermory Argyll Terrace, then (3) in Tobermory Breast.But this is SPECULATIVE ]
McArthur, Duncan blacksmith , married to Isabella McNicol, died 1877 aged 26, Salen. F. Archibald McArthur quarrier. M. Isabella Campbell.
McArthur, Effy married to Robert McArthur, died 1860 at Ensay, aged 50. F. Archibald Campbell, farmer. M. Effy Campbell, M/S Campbell. See entry for Robert McArthur below. 
MacArthur, Flory (c.1768-1857) Widow [of - McLean] died 23 Sept. 1857 at Oskamull, aged 94 F. Archibald MacArthur, Tenant, dec. M. Mary Lamont, dec., Infirmities of Old Age; buried Kilvickewen, Ulva. Cirsty MacArthur X sister, present. [As these parents, Archibald McArthur & Mary Lamont didn't marry till 1769 it seems unlikely that Flory is as old as this. 87 perhaps ?] 
McArthur, Flory (1802-1860) Crofter's wife [John McIlphadrick] died Balligown, 29 July 1860. F. Archibald McArthur. M. Catherine McLean. Aged 55 [should be 58]. Archibald McIlphadrick, X son, present. 
McArthur, Flora (c.1818-1876) widow of Hugh McArthur, farm servant, she died at Dervaig 1876 aged 58. F. Donald McIntyre. M. Janet McDonald. Supposed insanity Confined to bed 4 months. John McArthur, son, present. 
McArthur, Hugh [married to Flora McIntyre] see McIntyre, Flora (c. 1818-1876)
McArthur, John "In memory of John McArthur, Burg, who departed this life 17 December 1870 aged 79. Also his daughter Catherine who died 6 July 1871 aged 27 years, his wife Mary McKinnon. His sons Archibald & John. His son Donald & F. McDonald his wife. His grandsons Roderick & Neil McArthur. Erected by his son Donald McArthur" [Gravestone, Kilninian Church] [This family was at Burg from 1785 when Donald McArthur married Mary McDonald. They had 8 sons & 3 daughters, including John bapt. 1791, Malcolm bapt.1797, Neil bapt. 1800, Ann 1802. Of John's family Catherine (McFarlane) who died 1871 had twin babies when she died.]
McArthur, Marion[Married to Alexander McQuarrie, farmer] See McQuarrie Allan, (1769-1855) , her son. 
McArthur, Marion [married to Allan MacQuarrie, boat-builder] see Black Peggy (c. 1803-1866) their dau. 
McArthur, Mary single, pauper, died aged 49 [no place taken down, no parents. Names on fiche] Kilninian & Kilmore parish. 
MacArthur, Neil married to Ann McFadyen died 19 April 1862 at Ledmore aged 36. F. Hector McArthur shepherd, dec. M. Euphemia McColl. Mary MacArthur X sister, present. [Salen CR]
McArthur, Neil farmer, single, aged 65, died Kilninian & Kilmore 1865. F. Donald McArthur Mother M. McDonald. [Mother was Mary McDonald. Donald McArthur & Mary had a huge family of boys -8 sons & 3 daughters]
McArthur, Robert Died at Haunn 1880, aged 81. [Tombstone Pennygown, erected by his son Duncan McArthur- also commemorating Robert's mother, Christian McInnes]. See death of Effy McArthur, nee Campbell, Robert's wife, in 1860, above. Robert was the son of Alexander McArthur, Kilmore. 
McAulay, Elizabeth [married to Hector McDonald, distillery man, Tobermory] See McDonald Gilbert (c.1875-1883) her son, died aged 8. 
McCallum, Ann c. 1823-1857) Widow, died at Kellan Mill 12 June 1857 aged 34. F. Archibald McPhadyen, Miller. M. Flora McInnes. Inflammation of Lungs. Cert. by Duncan McColl, surgeon. Buried Knock. Info. John McFadyen, brother, present. [John McFadyen 32 in 1851, the Miller's son at Kellan, was always being the supplier of info. in CR deaths of his relations and neighbours]. 
McCallum, Archibald c. 1780-1855) b. Treshnish. F. Duncan McCallum [no mother's name No wife's name; n.p. of marriage] died 1 Jan. 1855 at Treshnish aged 75. Bur. Kilmaluaig. Info. Lachlan McCallum, nephew. [An Archd. McCallum was bapt. 8 Feb. 1780 to Duncan McCallum & Janet Campbell in T.]
McCallum, Catherine Farmer's wife, widow, [of Neil McCallum ?] died 1860 at Tostary aged 69. F. John McKinnon, farmer. M. Mizy McDonald. [Neil McDonald was 82 in 1851 census at Tostary. Catherine, 64 then, was born in Brolass. ]
McCallum, Christina (c.1827-1882) single, pauper, died 4 Sept. 1882 at Glacnacardich Tobermory, aged 55. F. Dugald McCallum, farmer, dec. M. Isabella McKenzie. Info. Christina Macdonald, occupant, present. [In 1841 census at Reraig Dugald McCallum's wife's name was Marion, and in OPRs at Ardmore she was Marion McKenzie ].
McCallum, Donald [married to Barbara McArthur] See Cameron, Mary (c. 1797-1883) his daughter, who died at Strongarbh, Tobermory 1883. 
McCallum, Duncan (born c. 1749) See McCallum, Archibald (c.1780-1855) his son. [ DM was in Duke's census at Treshnish 1779 as a Grasskeeper aged 30, with Malcolm 5, a wife 2 daughters & a servant maid. He married JC (her name mistakenly ' Mary') in 1773. Malcolm was born 1774, Mary 1779, Donald 1776, Archibald 1780, Catherine 1785, Effie 1788]
McCallum, Euphemia [in 1871 census Breadalbane Street Tob. a widow, aged 82, b. Kilmore.]
McCallum, John c. 1777-1855). Married to Anne McKinnon [marriage 1 May 1820 JM Haunn & AM Kilchrist] Died 1855 at Haunn aged 74. Born at Haunn, F. Duncan McCallum; M. Janet Campbell. Issue: Duncan (c. 1823) Archibald (c.1825) Janet (dec. in 1855) Cath (dec. in 1855) John (c. 1833) Janet (c. 1836) Mary (c.1838). [His father Duncan McCallum is in the Duke's Census, 1779 at Haunn, grasskeeper aged 30] .
McCallum, John farmer, widower, died 19 November 1859 Lochdonhead aged 73. F. Malcolm McCallum, shepherd, dec. M. Janet McDougall dec. Buried Kilpatrick. Donald McCallum, son, present. 
McCallum, John [informant] Writer, Tobermory, See McDougall Margaret (c. 1793-1883)
McCallum, Malcolm(1775-1861), crofter, widower of Mary Lamont, died 6 Dec. 1861 at Haun, aged 86. F. Duncan McCallum shepherd. M. Janet Campbell. Lachlan McCallum X son. {In 1861 census of Haunn, Malcolm is a widower aged 88. His son Duncan, unm. weaver 48, dau. Grace, gen. servant. unm. 32].
McCallum, Mary(c.1773-1864) widow of Lachlan McKinnon Kilbrenan, died a pauper there 1864 aged 91. F. [blank] McCallum M [not filled in] [In 1861 census at Kilbrenan there are about 7 misc. women at the end of the schedule incl. "Mary McCallum, Head Widow 73, pauper with a Sara McColl resident unm.60, Ag. Lab. Lachlan McKinnon died 27 Oct 1855 aged 80 at Lagganulva.]
McCallum, Mary see McDougall Lachlan (c.1807-1875) her son.
McCallum, Mary (1778-1874), widow of Hector Paterson, farmer, died 7 Aug. 1874 at Cragaig, Kilninian & Kilmore, aged 96. F. Malcolm McCallum, Herdman, dec. M. Ann Lamont, dec. Infirmities of Old Age; confined to bed 1 month. Not cert. Info. Neil Paterson, X son, present. [She married Hector Paterson 3rd February 1800, when she was in Cragaig. Baptisms of their 10 children in OPR from 1802 till 1821 were in Treshnish, but as they were 'Cragaig' in 1841 census, Cragaig & Treshnish are probably the same place - or at least as we know, Treshnish covers a widearea ].
McCallum, Mary c. 1797-1883) widow of Hugh Cameron, she died Strongarbh, Tobermory 22 July 1883, aged 86. F. Donald McCallum, farmer dec. M. Barbara McArthur. Chronic Bronchitis. Info. Lachlan Cameron, 1 West Scotland Street, Glasgow. Not present. Son-in-law. 
McCallum, Neil aged 82 in 1851 census at Tostary. See McCallum, Catherine, d. 1860. 
McColl, Allan ploughman, widower of Flora Cameron, died at Ardow, Kilninian & Kilmore 1874, aged 52. F. Hugh McColl, farmer, dec. M. Janet Campbell, dec. Supposed dropsy, confined to bed 5 months. Not cert. Catherine McColl X Her mark, daughter. [Allan was baptised at Frachadil 18 March 1819. He & Flora were living with his parents Hugh McColl & Janet Campbell at Penmore when their daughter Janet was 1 year old in 1851 census.]
McColl, Anne housemaid, married to John McColl, gardener, died 12 July 1861 at Torloisk Aged 23. F. John Fleming weaver, dec. M. Flora McInnes, dec. Sickness. 
McColl, Betty (c.1803-1866) married [no husband's name] died Argyll Terrace Tobermory 1866 aged 63. F. John McColl, farmer, dec. M. Flora McNeill dec. Abscess on liver. Ann McPherson X daughter, present. 
McColl, Catherine c. 1774-1856) Widow, died 10 Aug. 1856 at Jarvisfield aged 82. F. Archibald McMillan, farmer. M. Ann McColl; No med. Attendant; Buried Kilnalein as cert. by John McColl son of deceased. Info. John McColl son. [In 1851 census at Jarvisfield [ie Gruline] John McColl was a widower aged 47, farm labourer with Catherine dau. 16, Christian dau. 14 scholar Mary dau. 11 scholar and with Catherine McMillan Mother, Unm. []
McColl, Catherine Single, died 2 July 1857 at Penmore aged 29. F. Hugh McColl, tenant M. Janet Campbell. [Parents with Allan & wife Flora, Catherine 24 Duncan 20 John 18, & others in 1851 census at Penmore. They had been in Calgary in841. Hugh McColl was from Knock on his marriage 1818 to Janet Campbell]
McColl, Charles Teacher in Tobermory. See McColl, Hester (c.1827-1883) his wife. 
McColl, Hector writer's clerk unmarried, died 26 April 1872 at Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 19 and a half; F. Archibald McColl, auctioneer. M. Margaret Stewart; diarrhoeia 8 weeks, signed Archibald McColl, father, present. 
McColl, Hester widow of Charles McColl, teacher, died at Portmore, Tobermory 17 Nov. 1883, aged 56. Of Bright's Disease. F. John Campbell dec. M. Hester Clark, dec.[ Charles McColl was born, c. 1817, in Tobermory, but Hester was born in Inveraray (census 1851) ].James McColl, son-in-law, present. 
McColl, James [Informant] Son-in-law of Hester McColl (c. 1827-1883), nee Campbell who died 17 Nov. 1883 at Portmore aged 56. 
McColl, Jane died aged 1 Kilninian & Kilmore 1860. [No more copied]
McColl, Janet Pauper in Tobermory in 1883. See McColl, John (c. 1802-1883) her husband.
McColl, Janet or McPhail married, d. 10 April 1891 at Crogan, aged 72. F. Dugald McColl M. Flora McInnes, supposed drowning, body not recovered. Geo. Sproat, Procurator Fiscal. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891]
McColl, Jessie (c. 1780-1855) born Crogan, Lochbuy estate; married to Dugald McColl tailor & feuar, Tobermory; 50 yrs in district; died at Tobermory 23 July 1855 aged 75. F. Dugald McGregor, tenant Crogan. M. Mary McLean. Issue: John 49 living; Dugald 47 living; Mary 45 living; Catherine 41 living; Charles 38 dec.; Hugh 36 living; Died of consumption of 1 year. Info. Hester McColl daughter-in-law. 
McColl, John [married to Marjory Buchanan] See McColl, John (c. 1802-1883) their son. [ John McColl in Scarasdal (not identified) & Marjory Buchanan had Mary baptised in 1794, Dugal in 1796, and Duncan in 1798 in Kilninian OPR., latterly in Ardmore and Reraig. ]
McColl, John [married to Flora McNeill] see McPherson Betty (c. 1803-1866) their dau.
McColl, John c. 1802-1883) pauper, married to Janet McColl, died Church Yard Street, Tobermory 5 April 1883, aged 81. F. John McColl farmer, dec. M. Marjory Buchanan dec. Unknown ailment. Info. John McColl, X son .
McColl, John [Informant] See McColl, John (c. 1802-1883) his father. 
McColl, Mary c. 1840-1856) died 3 July 1856 at Jarvisfield aged 16. F. John McColl farm labourer. M. Christian McLean. Consumption, cert. by Duncan McColl. Bur. Kilnalein. Info John McColl father Jarvisfield. 
McColl, Neil see MacQuarie Marion, died 6 July 1861 at Dervaig, his daughter. 
McDermid, Donald shoemaker, aged 19, died at Strongarve, 1869. F. Hugh McDermid. M. Ann McCallum. [Tobermory CR deaths 1869]
McDermaid, Margaret [married to Neil McDonald] see McKinnon Susan Harriet (c.1833-1866) her daughter. See also her own death: Margaret McDonald widow of Neil McDonald, Land Steward. 15 Jan. 1872 at Duart Lodge, Torosay aged 76. F. Hugh McDermid forester. M. Janet McKay. Old age. Info. Gilbert Brown Son-in-law. 
McDonald, Alexander c. 1791-1875), pauper, Sheriff Officer single, died 21 Feb. 1875, Union Poor House, Tobermory, aged 84. [No parents' names] Involuntary Discharge from bowels; incontinence of urine. Info. John McKinnon, Governor. 
McDonald, Angus died some time between 1841 when he was in the census at Aintuim, and 1851, when his wife Margaret McLachlan (see entry MM,1786-1874) was a widow. He was originally from Aintuim on his marriage, 1812.
McDonald, Anne(c. 1782-1860) Widow ; farmer's wife; died Sound of Ulva 1860 aged 78 yrs. F. Duncan McKinnon, dec. M. Cirsty McKenzie, dec. 
McDonald, Anne c. 1787-1855) b. Achacharn, dau.of Hugh McDonald, farmer [no mother's name given]. Married to Alexander McPhail. She died at Druimnacroish, 8 June 1855 aged 68. Issue: 1. Anne 33; 2. Collin 30; 3. Hugh 28; 4. John dec. 5. Neil dec.; 6. Catherine 20; 7. Anne 18. Info. Alexander McPhail, husband, present. [The missing mother's name was Ann McInnes.Hugh McInnes & Ann McInnes Coilmore (Killiemore) were married 21 December 1784. Children in OPR were Catherine 1785; Mary 1792; Donald 1799; and on 9 December 1804, Hugh son of Hugh McDonald, DECEAST and his WIDOW, Ann McInnes. Young Anne was not in OPR. In the 1851 census of Druimnacroish, where there were 7 houses in 1851, - Alexander McPhail 63, shepherd, born TOROSAY, with Anne Also b. Torosay 55, Catherine Unm. 18, Anne 16, Hugh son 20, shepherd. The children also born in Torosay. But Anne's birthplace in census conflicts with her CR death. Achacharn is between Achronich & Killiemore on N. side of Loch na Keill, not in Torosay.Even more conflicting is Anne McDonald's marriage, 31 Dec. 1817 to "Alexander McPhail from ROSS to Anne M. Achacharn" in the Ulva Mission List. ]
McDonald, Ann c. 1787-1872), widow of late Angus Campbell farmer, pauper, died 3 Feb. 1872 at Tobermory aged 85. F. Duncan McDonald farmer, dec. M. Marion McColl dec. Unknown ailment. No med. Att. Catherine McCallum, daughter, residing at Strongarve, X her mark. 
McDonald, Ann [Gravestone, Kilmore] Erected by John McKinnon in memory of his Mother Ann McDonald who died 4 December 1878 aged 80 yrs; also his brother & sister Hector & Jessie who died in infancy. 
McDonald, Archibald See Currie, Margaret (c. 1797-1883) his wife. 
McDonald, Archibald(c.1785-1867) died 4 January 1867 at Langamull, Kilninian, aged 81 [no wife's name] F. Neil McDonald, farmer, dec. M. Susan McArthur, dec. Suppression of urine, cert by Hector McColl, Surgeon. Info Lachlan McDonald son, present. [His wife's Christian name was Janet, born Ardnamurchan. His parents came from Shiaba. His children were, from 1851 census, Neil 13, Hugh 11, Susan 9 [married Alexander McLachlan MB.CM. Glasg. 1866, son of the prison-keeper at Tobermory], Catherine 7, Bell 5, Lachlan 3, Charles 9 mo. All born Kilmore. He employed 3 labourers, from Ross of Mull.
McDonald, Archibald pauper, unmarried, died 25 July 1872 at Union Poor House, Tobermory, Aged 76 [no parents' names].
McDonald, ArchibaldInfirmities of Old Age, confined to bed 2 weeks, not cert. Info.signed Ann McDonald, dau. present. [Mary Kilpatrick is possibly Mary McIlphadraig ? Archibald McDonald was born in ULVA according to 1861 census. In 1851 Census at Fanmore he had dau. Flory 8, son Allan 5, dau. Ann 2, so must have married late. A John McDonald and fflora McIlphadrig in Baligartan had twins Ann & Archibald baptised 10 Aug. 1794 ].
McDonald, Catherine c. 1788-1860), married to Colin McDonald pensioner, died 21 Oct. 1860 at Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 72. F. Alexander McDonald, farmer, dec. M. Marion McLean dec. 
McDonald, Catherine [Gravestone, grey marble, Kilmore] Erected by Hector McLean, Dervaig In memory of his beloved wife Catherine McDonald who died 4 July 1886 aged 68 [?] years. The said Hector McLean died Glenview, Dervaig, 9 April 1896 aged 83. Also his son John, Merchant at Dervaig, who died 31 December 1909 aged 58 and his wife Helen Beaton who died at Dervaig 29 December 1915 aged 51. Also his son Peter McLean MD, JP, who died at Glenview Dervaig, 22 Sept. 1940 aged 86 years.
McDonald, Charles[married to Mary McFarlane] see McDonald John (c.1826-1866) shepherd his son. 
McDonald, Cirsty [married to George McLean] See McLean, John (c. 1826-1876) died at Burg, Kilninian, 1876, her son. 
Macdonald, Chirstysingle, died at Ledag Tobermory, aged 56. 1869. 
McDonald, Chirsty married, died 24 January 1872, High Street, Tobermory, aged 87. F Murdoch McInnes, farmer, dec. M. Marion McLachlan, dec. Bronchitis. Info. Margaret McDonald X daughter, Torr Beg.
McDonald, Christina married to Norman McDonald, shepherd, died 8 June 1891 at Ardura, aged 56. F. John McLean herd M. Sarah McRae, both deceased. Cancer. Normally resident at Scour. Parish of Kilfinichen. Info. Norman McDonald, husband. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891]
McDonald, Colin single, died 19 May 1872 at Calve Island, aged 10. F. Hugh McDonald, Herd. M. Mary McDonald, M/S McDonald; intestinal worms & Meningitis; signed Hugh McDonald, father present. 
McDonald, Colin c. 1796-1875), labourer, married, died 20 January 1875 Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 79. F. Neil McDonald farmer, dec. M. Sarah McDonald, M/S McDonald, dec. Angina Pectoris. Christina McDonald, daughter, present.
McDonald, Donald Blacksmith, married to Catherine McDonald, these are the parents' names in CR death of Malcolm McDonald d. 5 June 1857 at Salen. [This is likely to be the blacksmith spoken of [complained about !] in letters from Hugh Morison, Kilbeg to Murdoch Maclaine 19th of Lochbuy NAS. GD174/1389/6 & 10.]
McDonald, Donald [married to Ann McKellaich] see McDonald Duncan (c. 1793-1876) his son.
McDonald, Donald single, fisher, died 1865 aged 33. Kilninian & Kilmore. 
McDonald, Donald [married to Margaret McDonald] see McDonald John (c.1790-1866) their son. 
McDonald, Dugald born in 1760s ? died before 1840 ? ) See entries for his wife Effy McKellaich or Kelly, under both her married name and maiden name. 
McDonald, Duncansingle, 24, died Antuim 1857. F. Malcolm McDonald, tenant; M. Isabella McDiarmid. Bur. Kilmore. Isabella McDonald Mother X present. 
McDonald, Duncan c. 1793-1876) gardener, married to Ann McKinnon, died Sorne 1876 aged 83. F. Donald McDonald, farmer. M. Ann McKellach. Old Age. Ann X McDonald, daughter, present. 
McDonald, Effy c. 1769-1855) born Sorn, died 24 Feb. 1855 at Sorn, aged 86. F. John McKellach, Sorn, dec. M. Anne McColl, dec. Married to Dugald McDonald farmer, Lephein, dec. Issue: 1. Catherine 35; 2. Ranald 32. Info. Duncan McDonald Nephew, Sorn. 
McDonald, Elizabeth died as Elizabeth Macquarie at Penmore 15 Sept. 1860 aged 64. F. Donald McDonald, crofter. [Mother's name not known]
McDonald, Flora (c.1772-1855) married to Hector Fletcher, labourer, dec., she died at Salen 23 January 1855 aged 83. F. Neil McDonald, Blacksmith. M. Isabella McLean. Bronchitis 6 days as cert. by Hector McColl, Surgeon. Buried Pennygown as cert. by Donald McAlpine undertaker. Info. Donald McAlpine cousin german. 
McDonald, Flora widow of Hugh McDonald, late tenant in Ulva, died 11 March 1875, Smith's Land, Tobermory aged 74. F. Lachlan McQuarrie, farmer, Dec. M. Cirsty McQuarrie, M/S Black dec. Info. Archibald McDonald, brother-in-law, householder, Tobermory, not present. 
McDonald, Flora Bella died at Tobermory aged 10 months, 1869.
McDonald, Gilbert died aged 8 Breadalbane Street, Tobermory 1883. F. Hector McDonald, Distillery man, M. Elizabeth McAulay. Croup. Info. Hector McDonald, Father, present. 
McDonald, Hugh farmer, married to Ann McInnes . See McDonald or McPhail, Anne (c. 1787-1855) his daughter. 
McDonald, Hugh see McDonald, Flora (c.1801-1875) died Tobermory 1875, his wife. 
McDonald, Jamesc. 1794-1867) dykebuilder, married, died Tobermory 1867 aged 73. F. John McD. Farmer. M. Flora Paterson.
McDonald, Janec. 1855-1883) married to Thomas Band labourer, she died 25 October 1883 at Shore Street, Tobermory aged 28. F. John McDonald, porter. M. Margaret Beaton. Bronchitis. Margaret McDonald mother, present.
McDonald, Hugh born at Tenga, died at Langamull 4 Jan. 1855 aged 17. F. Archibald McD. M. Janet McLachlan. Buried Knock. Info. Archd. McD, father.
McDonald, Janet [married to Donald McIntyre] see McIntyre Flora (c. 1818-1876) her daughter. 
McDonald, Janet See Beaton, Malcolm (c.1800-1874) her husband. She predeceased him.
McDonald, John (1788-1857) Joiner, married [no wife's name] died 18 April 1857 at Salen aged 70. F. Angus McDonald, farmer. M. Ann McKinnon. Strangulated hernia. No Med. Attendant. Bur. Pennygown. Info. Charles McDonald, son. [John McDonald was baptised 20 Nov.1788Son of Angus McD. & Ann McKinnon in Achnasaul (below Druimna Croish & 4 miles S. of Dervaig )He was prob. widowed before 1841, For in the 1841 census of Salen he is 45, a joiner, with no wife, son Ewen 15, John 13, Emmy 13, Charles 11, Ann 9. But in 1851 he is A widower, cartwright, 60 with Charles son, Unm. 19, Ann, dau. 17 and two more children, Ann 7 and Mary 5. His wife (1st ]
McDonald, John Died 1865 Kilninian & Kilmore aged 12. 
McDonald, John (c.1790-1866) Farmer, married [no wife's name] died 26 June 1866 at Greenbank Cottage, Tobermory aged 76. F. Donald McDonald, farmer dec. M. Margaret McDonald,dec. Gravel. Hugh McDonald, son present.
McDonald, John c. 1826-1866) shepherd, married [no wife's name] died 1866 at Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 40. F. Charles McDonald, farmer Dec. M. Mary McFarlane, dec. Typhus. Catherine McDonald X wife, present. 
McDonald, John Pauper, widower, died 9 June 1872 at Torr Beg, Tobermory aged 86. F. Ronald McDonald farmer, dec. M. Peggy McNeill, dec. Bronchitis. Peggy McInnes X her mark, daughter. 
McDonald, John [porter, married to Margaret Beaton] See McDonald Jane (c.1855- 1883) his daughter, who died Shore Street, Tobermory,Oct. 1883.
McDonald, Kenneth (born 1815) See Margaret McLachlan (1786-1874) his mother. See McLachlan Mary (c.1801-1876) his aunt. 
McDonald, Malcolm c. 1761-1857) pauper, married [no wife's name] died 5 June 1857 at Salen, aged 96. F. Donald McDonald, Blacksmith. M. Catherine McDonald. Bronchitis 2 weeks as cert. by Duncan McColl, surgeon. Buried Pennygown. Info. Neil McKinnon, Salen [not clear if it says 'nephew' or 'neighbour'] present.
McDonald, Malcolm c. 1781-1872), widower, pauper, died 19 Oct. 1872 at Tobermory aged 91. F. John McDonald, crofter, dec. M. Flora Campbell dec. Inflammation. Jane McDonald X her mark, daughter.
McDonald, Malcolm c. 1816-1876) farmer, single, died 23 June 1876 at Penmore aged 60. F. Malcolm McDonald farmer. M. Flora McLachlan. Alexander McDonald, nephew, present.
McDonald, Margaretmarried to Donald McDonald, mason or hewer; 25 Ingle Street, Glasgow; died at Portmore Tobermory, aged 22, 1869. F. Donald McInnes, farmer, dec. M. Mary McLean. Phthisis. Donald McDonald Husband, present. 
McDonald, Margaret c. 1796-1872) widow of Neil McDonald, Land Steward, died 15 Jan. 1872, at Duart Lodge, Torosay, aged 76. F. Hugh McDermid, forester M. Janet McKay. Old age; Gilbert Brown, son-in-law. 
McDonald, Margaret(1786-1874) widow of Angus Mcdonald, Aintuim, died at Cuin 23 January 1874, aged 88. F. Samuel McLachlan, farmer, dec. M. Ann McLean. Infirmities of Old Age. Not cert. Info. Kenneth McD. Son, present. [Kenneth was baptised 1815, so was 59 on his mother's death. He was married & widowed between 1851 and 1861, at which time family moved from Aintuim to Cuin.]
McDonald, Margaret c. 1797-1883) widow of Archibald McDonald died at Portmore, 1883 aged 86. F. John Currie, schoolmaster. M. Mary McInnes both deceased. Unknown ailment. Info. Donald McArthur, son-in-law. 
McDonald, Mary Anndied aged 8 at Tobermory, 1869.
McDonald, Mary died a pauper at Tobermory aged 52, 1869 McDonald, Mary Buchanan widow of Malcolm Macdonald pauper. Died 5 July 1872 at Union Poor House, Tobermory aged 81. [
McDonald, Neil Blacksmith. See Fletcher, Flora (c. 1772-1855) his daughter. [Salen CR death]
McDonald, Neil [Married to Sarah McDonald, M/S McDonald] see McDonald Colin (c. 1796-1875) who died Tobermory 1875. 
McDonald, Niel [forester & manager, married to Margaret McDermaid] see McKinnon, Susan Harriet (c. 1833-1866), his daughter. 
McDonald, Neil aged 6, found drowned opposite Brown's shop, Portmore, Tobermory, 6 August 1872. F. Archibald McDonald, fisherman; M. Sarah McDonald M/S McDonald. 
Macdonald, Ranald c. 1803-1861) Mason married to Catherine Mcdonald died 8 Aug. 1861 at Sorne aged 58. F. Dugald Mcdonald, crofter dec. M. Effy McKellich. Supposed palsy. Catherine Macdonald X wife present.
McDonald, Samuel (c.1799-1875), widower, pauper, died 25 May 1875 at Shore Street Tobermory, aged 76. F. Duncan McDonald, farmer, dec. M. Chirsty McDonald, M/S McDonald, dec. Gravel. Info. Donald McDonald, son, Residing at 55 North Street, Whiteinch [Glasgow], not present. [He had been married to Ann Black. In 1827 they were in Balenahaird in Kifinichen parish, in 1831 in Eolasary, Ulva, in 1841 in Ormaig, Ulva with his wife called 'Nancy', he 36 she 35, with Duncan 11, Flora 8, Mary 6, Catharine 4, Nancy 2,Donald 1. His wife died probably c. 1842, as a dau. Janet was 8 in 1851 census Ormaig. They would then be victims of FW Clark's clearances, and went to Tobermory. He was born at Gribun ].
McDonald, Sarah [married to Neil McDonald] see McDonald Colin (c.1796-1875) her son. 
McDonald, Sarahc. 1803-1874) married to John McDonald Staffa Boatman, died 21 Jan. 1874 Island of Gometra, aged 71. F. Donald McLucash, farmer. M. Mary McInnes. Unknown [ailment]. Not cert. Info John McLean, son-in-law, present. See McLucash, Sarah 
McDougall, Agnes illegitimate, died 25 Feb. 1875 Cragnaspure [?] Tobermory, aged 13. F. Donald McDougall, labourer. M. Peggy McDougall, farm servant. Typhoid. Info. Donald McDougall, Uncle-in-law occupant, not present. 
McDougall, Alexander Father of Mary McDougall, who died as Mary McLean 9 Oct. 1860 aged 50. His wife was Margaret Morison. They lived in Arin. 
McDougall, Alexander [married to Christina Stewart who died 1883 in Tobermory. He was a shoemaker] 
McDougall, Alexander c. 1792-1875), weaver, pauper, married [no wife's name] died 11 August 1875 Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 83. F. Malcolm McDougall, weaver, feuar, dec., M. Janet Stewart dec. Old Age. Info. Mary McDougall X her mark, wife. [ This may be the same as Alexander McDougall married to Peggy Leitch in early 1800s, and in 1851 census of Breadalbane Street with Peggy Leitch, as both were born in Torosay].
McDougall, Anne Single, died 11 June 1857 at Dervaig, aged 79. F. John McDougall. M. Mary Campbell. [In 1851 census of Dervaig there is an Anne McDougall Single, 83, pauper, born Kilmore, with her sister Catherine McDougall, single 60, pauper, born Kilmore. She seems to be the daughter of John Roy McDugall so if so her age is much inflated.]
McDougall, Anne widow of Duncan McPherson, crofter, Dervaig, died 1864 aged 55. F. Donald McDougall, crofter dec. M. Flora McLean dec.
McDougall, Archibald c. 1780-186 ) married to Anne McLean [to be picked up at Reg. ho.]
McDougall, Bella See Livingston, Bella (c.1801-1883)
McDougall, Catherinec. 1796-1860) Crofter's wife, married, died at Cragaig, Ulva, 1860, aged 64. F. Malcolm McPhail, crofter. M. Mary McPherson. 
McDougall, Catherine Single, pauper, died 15 Oct. 1860 at Dervaig. Aged 75. F. John McDougall.M. Mary Campbell. [This is the sister of Anne McDougall (d. 1857) above].
McDougall, Catherine Single, died Penmore 1860 see McLucash, Catherine
McDougall, Cath. Harrietsee Forsyth Catherine Harriet, (1847-1930), died 1930, Edinburgh. 
McDougall, Chirsty [married to Neil Fletcher] see Fletcher Charles (c.1790-1866) her son. 
McDougall, Christina c. 1810-1883) married to Alexander McDougall, shoemaker, she died Staffa Cottage, Tobermory 16 March 1883 aged 73. F. Dugald Stewart Schoolmaster, dec. M. Euphemia Fletcher dec. Old Age. Signed Neil McDougall, son, present. [Christina is not in list of OPR baptisms to these parents between 1807 and 1824.
McDougall, Donald (1810-1876) married to Marion McLean, died at Fanmore 1876 aged 66. F. Archibald McDougall . M. Ann McLean . Hugh McDougall X Son. [In 1871 census at Baligown, Donald McDougall is a weaver of worsted, aged 60 with Marion 50 born Tiree, Ewen son unm. 23 b. Kilninian, and Ann, daughter, unm. 17, b. Kilninian In 1861 Donald Macdougall was 50, Wool weaver, with Sara McLean, wife 43 b. Tiree, Hugh son scholar 15, Janet dau. scholar 13, John son scholar 11, Ann dau. scholar 8. There are several MacDougall family units on the Torloisk estate, all related. For instance in 1861 Donald's parents, Archibald 80 and Ann McLean 68, were alive at Balligown with John married son 29 & wife Anne Anderson. Archibald & Ann married 1809, lived in Reudle & Ensay. Donald was first child bapt. 1810 ]. 
McDougall, Dugald [married to Jane McLean] See McDougall, Margaret (c. 1793-1883) his daughter.
McDougall, Duncan unmarried, died 19 November 1872 aged 18, at Breadalbane Street Tobermory. F. Alexander McDougall, shoemaker. M. Chirsty Stewart. Scrofulous affections [sic
McDougall, Duncan c. 1793-1876) widower of Janet McNeil, he died 8 July 1876 at Penmore, aged 83. F. Neil McDougall, farmer. M. Catherine McKechnie. Old Age. Donald McDougall, nephew, present.
McDougall, Floraor Mrs Flora Lamont, Merchant, Tobermory, died there 14 July 1863. Estate valued at £163. Debts on which no value can be put, as parties are Dead, poor or gone away. SRO inventories
McDougall, Isabella See Livingston, Bella (c.1801-1883) 
McDougall, Jamesschoolmaster, married to Catherine McKinnon. Died 30 July 1874 at Killiemore Schoolhouse, aged 34. F. Alexander McDougall shoemaker M. Christina Stewart. Supposed bleeding of the brain, 2 mo. Confined to bed. [Cerebral haemorrhage ?] Not cert. Info Alexander McD. Father, present. [His father was born Torosay, moved to Salen, then Tobermory, where James taught. James was in 1871 census at Tob. married, and must have moved recently to Killiemore]. See Duncan McD., his brother d. 1872.
McDougall, John  
McDougall, Lachlan (c.1807-1875) flesher, married [no wife's name] died 3 December 1875 At Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 68.F. Hugh McDougall, shepherd Dec. M. Mary McCallum, dec. Abscess on Liver. John McDougall, son, present.
McDougall, Malcolm weaver & feuar Tobermory. See McDougall, Alexander, (c.1792-1875), weaver his son, who was born in Torosay and died in Tobermory. 
McDougall, Margaret c. 1793-1883) died, single, 16 Feb. 1883 Tobermory Upper Town, aged 90. F. Dugald McDougall, M Jane McLean. Unknown cause. Info. John McCallum Writer, Tobermory.
McDougall, Marion Married to a crofter. [Alexander McDougall] Died Torloisk 2 May 1857 aged 72 see McLean, Marion (c. 1785-1857)
McDougall, Mary Crofter's wife, died 9 Oct. 1860 at Penmore aged 50. F. Alexander McDougall, weaver, M. Margaret Morison. 
McDougall, Mary [married to Angus McNeill, shoemaker] . See McMaster Mary (c. 1831-1883) who died Tobermory 1883. 
McDougall, Neil [married to Catherine McEachern or McKechnie] see McDougall Duncan (c. 1793-1876) died at Penmore. 
McDougall, Neil [married to Christy McEachern] See McLucash, Neil father of Bella Livingston. 
McDougall, Neil [Informant] See McDougall, Christina (c. 1810-1883) his mother. 
McEachern, Alexander died 1856 aged 5. 542 no. 8, Kilfinichen. (Computer index) 
McEachern, Alexander [No age] , died 1859, 542, no.1 Kilfinichen. (Computer index) 
McEachern, Alexander died aged 24 in 1867 548 no.2 Salen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Allan(c.1774-1858) Died aged 84 Mother's name McKinnon, 549 no.7, Tobermory 1858 (Computer index)
McEachern, Allan died 1864, no age; 549 no.18, Tobermory (Computer index)
McEachern, Allan (c. 1820-1888) died 1888 aged 68 549 no. 36, Tobermory (Computer index) 
McEachern, Angus [no age] died 1862, 538 no.7 Iona. (Computer index)
McEachern, Ann [No age; no M/N] Died 1860, 538, no. 4 Iona (Computer index)
McEachern, Anne [No age; no M/N] Died 1864 538, no. 10, Iona. (Computer index)
McEachern, Archibald aged 88 [husband of Marion Brown ?] died 1860 542 no. 24 Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Archibald c. 1810-1876) died 1876 aged 66. 542 no.1 Kilfinichen (Computer index)
McEachern, Archibald [no age] died 1864; 542 no. 7, Kilfinichen (Computer index). 
McEachern, Bass (c. 1802-1874) died 1874 aged 72; 549, no. 5 Tobermory (Computer index)
McEachern, Catherine [married to Neil McDougall] see McDougall Duncan (c.1793-1876) her son.
McEachern, Catherine [No age; no M/N] died 1860; 538 no. 2, Iona (Computer index) 
McEachern, Catherine [No age; no M/N] died 1864; 542 no. 22, Kilfinichen (Computer index)
McEachern, Catherine (c.1814-1889) died 1889 aged 75; 545 no. 2 (Computer index) 
McEachern, Catherine (c.1802-1869) Died 1869 aged 67; 548 no.9, Salen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Charles (c. 1782-1857) died 1857 aged 75, mother's name McKinnon, 542 no. 29 Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Charlotte F.c. 1849-1855) died 12 Feb. 1855 at Tobermory aged 6. F. Donald McEachern, gardener. M. Marion McKinnon. Signed Donald McEachern, father. [Note: In 1851 census of Tobermory Church Street, South side, Donald McEachern M. 42, gardener with Marion wife 36, Archibald son, 9 John son 7, Chirsty dau. 4, Charlotte dau. 2all born Tobermory
McEachern, Christina (c.1789-1855 ) died 1855 aged 66 M/N McColl 548 no.12, Salen (Computer index) (c. 1789-1855) born Killiemore, Kilfinichen  and died at Salen 24 June 1855 aged 66. Inflammation of lungs. Buried Knock. F. John McEachern farmer. M. Mary McColl. Info. Isabella McDougall X her mark. 
McEachern, Chirsty (c.1781-1857) died 1857 aged 76; M/N McEachern; 542 no.32 Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Christina [No age; no M/N] died 1861; 542, no.9, Kilfinichen (Computer index).
McEachern, Christina (C. 1790-1879) died 1879 aged 89; 542 no. 3, Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Christy [married to Neil McDougall or McLucash] See Livingston Bella, her daughter.
McEachern, Donald (c. 1755-18 ?) Married to Mary McDonald .see McEachern Neil (1781-1860 ), his son. See also McLean Marion (c.1795-1865) his dau. who died at Penmore. [Donald McEachern was probably born about 1755. He lived at Penalbanach in Mishnish. His children in Kilninian OPR are Hugh 1779, Neil 1781, Mary 1784, Donald 1796, but there must have been Others, as for example Marion above. ]
McEachern, Donald (c.1798 – 1887) died 1887 aged 89, 528 no.15 d. Morvern (Computer index)
McEachern, Dugald Died 1861, aged 7, 542 no. 25, Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Effy [No age; no M/N] died 1861 542 no. 5, Kilfinichen. (Computer index)
McEachern, Effy [No age; no M/N] died 1865 542 no. 2; Kilfinichen. (Computer index)
McEachern, Elizabeth [No age; no M/N] died 1865 542 no. 21, Kilfinichen. (Computer index)
McEachern, Euphemia (c. 1816-1884) died 1884 aged 68; 542 no. 8, Kilfinichen (Computer index)
McEachern, Flora [No age; no M/N] died 1861; 538 no. 5, Iona (Computer index) 
McEachern, Flora (c. 1804-1872) died 1872 aged 68; 545 no. 4, Kinlochspelve (Computer index)
McEachern, Flora (c. 1776-1876) died 1876 aged 100; 542 no. 4, Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Hughc. 1778-1855) feuar & crofter, died aged 77 in 1855. Married to Mary McLachlan. F. Donald McEachern, tenant in Baliacrach; M. Catherine McDonald. Issue: John 50, living; Mary 48 living; Peter 46 dec; Archibald 43 dec; Donald 38 living; Catherine 38 living; Allan 33 living; Euphemia 27 living. HM was born Penalbanach and had been 32 years in this district when he died at Tobermory 10 Aug.1855, of consumption. 9 months duration. Cert. by Dr Hector McColl. Bur. Tobermory. Info.signed Donald McEachern, son.
McEachern, Hugh Died 1858, Salen, aged 17 Mother's name Cameron 546 no. 6 (Computer index) 
McEachern, Isabella single, died 5 February 1862 aged 29, Salen. F. Allan McEachern tailor. M. Betsy McKinnon. Chronic bronchitis. Duncan McColl, surgeon. Alexander McGregor, relation of deceased. [Salen CR]
McEachern, Janet (c. 1817-1904) died 1904 aged 87; 542 no.22 Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, John died 1887 aged 101 528 no. 12. Died Morvern; (Computer index) 
McEachern, Marion domestic servant, married to John McLean, crofter; died 1 Feb. 1865 at Penmore, aged 70. F. Donald McEachern, crofter, dec. M. Mary McDonald, dec. Infirmities of old age. Informant John McLean X husband.
McEachern, Marion (c.1774-1858) Died 1858 aged 84 M/N McDonald; 549 no.6; Tobermory (Computer index)
McEachern, Marrion [no age; no M/N] died 1859. 542 no. 5 Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Marion [No age; no M/N] died 1865; 544 no. 4 Kilninian & Kilmore (Computer index)
McEachern, Marion(c. 1774-1866) died 1866, aged 92; 542 no. 1, Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Marion (c.1794-1869) died 1869 aged 75; 538 no. 5, Iona (Computer index)
McEachern, Mary c. 1750-1857) died 1857 aged 107 [no M/N] 548, no.12, Salen (Computer index) Widow, died 29 October 1857 aged 107 [no place taken down; no husband's name] F. Donald Graham farmer dec. M. [no mother's name in CR Death] Bronchitis as cert. by Duncan McColl, surgeon. Buried Keil, Morvern. Info. Ann Cameron, daughter, present. 
McEachern, Mary died 1857 aged 14 M/N Cameron, 548 no. 13, Salen (Computer index) Died at Fishnish 1 December 1857 aged 14. F. James McEachern, farmer, dec. M. Ann McEachern M/S Cameron. Consumption, as cert by Duncan McColl, Surgeon, who saw deceased on 27 November. Buried Keil, Morvern. Info. Ann Cameron, Mother, present . [Note that mother gives her maiden name].
McEachern, Mary(1778-1858) Died 1858 aged 80. M/N McLucas 549 no.19, Tobermory (Computer index)
McEachern, Mary [No age; no M/N] Died 1860, 549 no 6; Tobermory (Computer index)
McEachern, Mary [No age; no M/N] Died 1861; 549 no. 28, Tobermory (Computer index)
McEachern, Mary [No age; no M/N] Died 1864; 542 no. 26, Kilfinichen (Computer index)
McEachern, Neil [no age ] died 1860, 549 no. 5, Tobermory (Computer index) (c. 1781-1860) died 1 Feb. 1860 aged 79 at Tobermory. F. Donald McEachern, Tenant, dec. M. Mary Macdonald .dec. Gravel 1 year 6 months. Info. Allan McEachern nephew, resident in Tobermory, present. [The deceased man's parents had 3 sons in OPR - HUGH 1779, NEIL 1781, DONALD 1796. Allan the nephew, who was a gardener, might therefore be the son of Hugh or Donald, although he could be a son of another unrecorded brother. Allan was in 1871 census of Tobermory aged 48, with his wife Flora McLean 51 born Torosay, but no children. ]
McEachern, Peter [no age] died 1865, 542 no. 20, Kilfinichen (Computer index) 
McEachern, Roderick [seaman, married to Ann McInnes] see McIlphadrick Mary (c.1777-1860) his daughter.
McEachern, Sarah (c.1797-1889) died 1889 aged 92; 549 no. 20, Tobermory (Computer index) 
McFadyen, Ann c. 1781-1856) Married, died 26 July 1856 aged 75. F. Hugh McColl, shepherd. M. [no name] Typhus fever; Cert. Duncan McColl. Buried Knock. Info. John McFadyen, Miller, Kellan Mill. 
McFadyen, Christinamarried to Duncan McFadyen, shepherd, Clachaig, F. Alexander McMaster storekeeper dec. M. Julia McPhee dec. 
McFadyen, Donald Married, Hammerman, died 6 May 1860 aged 32 at Penmore. Usual Address 38 West ? Street, Anderston, Glasgow . F. Allan McFadyen, crofter. M. Marion McNeill. Supposed consumption. Buried Kilmaluaig, Treshnish. Archibald Macquarie, Father-in-law. [Marriage of his parents, Allan McPhaden from Tiree & Marion McNeill, Croig, was 18 March 1817. They were in Penmore in 1818, & 1823. Donald in Kilninian Gap period. Archd. Macquarie was the schoolmaster in Penmore, whose dau.must be Donald's wife ].
McFayden, Florywidow of Lachlan McFayden, cottar, she died 1 January 1874 at Ballochroy aged 82. F. Donald Cameron. M. Janet McLeod. Infirmities of Old Age. Not cert. Info Malcolm McFayden, son, present. See Cameron, Flory.
McFadyen, John Retired tailor, widower, died 30 January 1857 Dervaig, aged 74 yrs. F. Malcolm McFadyen dec. M. Margaret McFadyen M/S McFadyen dec. Supposed severe cold, buried Kilmore. 
McFadyen, Malcolm cottar & salmon fisher, married to Catherine McIntosh, died on night of Thurs 19th or Frid. 20th November on Moor about half a mile from Cameron farm house, aged 50. F. Neil McFadyen. M. Euphemia Cameron. Shock & exposure. George Sproat, Procurator Fiscal. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891] 
MacFadyen, Marion (c.1788-1866) pauper, widow, died 1866 at Ledag aged 78. F. Archibald MacQuarrie, farmer, dec. M. Marion, M/S MacQuarrie, dec. McFadyen, Marion pauper, widow of late Allan McFadyen, seaman, she diedb. 1872 at Portmore Tobermory, aged 80. F. Lachlan McNeill, farmer, dec. M. Mary McGillivray dec. Strangulated hernia. John McFadyen X his mark, son, shoemaker, Portmore present. Hector McColl, witness
McPhadyen, Padyenc. 1780-1856) Miller, married to Mary McKinnon, died 23 July 1856 Salen aged 75. F. Donald McPhadyen, Miller, M. Flora McGilvray. Typhus fever, cert. by Duncan McColl, surgeon. Buried Knock. Info. John McPhadyen, nephew, Kellan Mill. 
McFadyen, Sally see Carmichael Flora (c. 1810-1866) her sister. Maiden name McLeod. 
McFarlane, Andrewdied 14 October 1874 in sea between Little Colonsay & Gometra by capsizing off skiff, aged 21. [No parents' names] Drowning. Wm Sproat, Procurator Fiscal. SeeMcInnes deaths below in common calamity. 
McFarlane, Catherine [married to John Fletcher, shoemaker] See Fletcher Donald (c.1800-1884) her son, who was a postmaster, and died at Lochdonhead 6 August 1884. [ Catherine McFfarlane was married to John Fletcher before 1804, when they lived in Tobermory, and when their son Donald was baptised 15 March 1804. In 1841 they were in Salen John 60,Shoemaker, Catherine 55, Alexander son 30 Sally 25, Effy 20, Malcolm 14, Neil 12, (a second Neil was born in 1828). In 1851 in Salen, JF 75, shoemaker, b. Torosay with Catherine 65, b. England LANCASTER (her father prob. in the army) Sarah, dau. Unm. 30, b. Kilmore Euphemia dau. unm. 27, b. Kilninian, John, son, unm.shoemaker, b. Salen. Duncan grandson, 13, scholar.]
McFarlane, Catherine died 1871, as Catherine McFarlane. She had twin daughters Mary & Marion in the 1871 census aged 8 months. See McArthur, John (1791-1870).
McFarlane, Malcolmc. 1815-1857) Catechist, married [no wife's name] died 24 Feb. 1857 aged 42. F. John McFarlane, farmer. M. Ann Sinclair. Dysentery. Cert. Duncan McColl, surgeon. Info. John McArthur, present. 
McFarlane, Malcolm (c.1816-1882), crofter, married to Sarah McCallum, died 19 January 1882 at Lochdonhead, Torosay aged 66. F. Allan McFarlane, herd, dec. M. Isabella McCallum dec. Unknown ailment. Allan McFarlane, son, present. [Torosay CR Deaths 1882]
McFarlane, Mary[married to Charles McDonald farmer] see McDonald John (c.1826-1866) shepherd, her son.
McGilvray, Alexanderpauper, widower aged 81, died 29 May 1872 at Tobermory. [No parents' names]
McGillivray, Ann(c.1839-1875), married to Donald McKinnon, overseer, Erray Villa Tobermory, died at Erray Villa 25 April 1875 aged 36. F. John McGillivray
McGillivray, Donald(c.1797- ) [in 1861 census of Tobermory aged 64, labourer, born Kilfinichen with Isabella wife 60, Ketty dau. Married 30 Mary Campbell niece all born Kilfinichen & Jessy McLean niece, 2, born Tobermory, Sally McInnes niece 5 months]
McGilvray, Marion(born c. 1754) married to Donald McQuarie - both from Ardealum, Ulva, and later lived in Ferininardry, Ulva. See entry for her husband and for McQuarie, John (c. 1776-1855), her son.
McGilvra, Unasee McKinnon, Una (c.1788-1856)
McGregor, Jessiesee McColl, Jessie died Tobermory 1855.
McIlphadrick, ArchibaldDomestic servant, single, died at Tostary 1860, aged 30. F. Donald McIlphadrick, crofter. M. [?] McLean. Supposed consumption. [Mother's name Catherine McLean. Archd. was 18 in 1851 census].
McIlphadrick, Duncansee McIlphadrick, Mary
McIlphadrick, FloryCrofter's wife, died aged 55, 29 July 1860 at Balligown. F. Archd. McArthur, M. Catherine McLean. Archibald McIlphadrick X son, Present. [ Wife of John McUlphaterick, Grasskeeper in Fanmore in 1851 census, when Flory was 50. This couple lived first in Inievay].
McIlphadrick, Mary(c. 1777-1860) married to Duncan McIlphadrick, feuar, Tobermory;Died 5 February 1860 aged 83. F. Roderick McEachern, seaman, dec.M. Ann McInnes, dec. Hugh McIlphadrick, stepson occupant, present.
McInnes, AlexanderSee McInnes, Mary (c. 1784-1855) his wife, died 1855, Corrinahenachy.
McInnes, Alexander(c. 1789- ) [in 1861 census Tobermory aged 72, mason b. Torosay, with Ann, wife 60 b. Tobermory.] see McInnes, Ann (c. 1797-1872)
McInnes, Allan(c. 1793-1855) born Sorn, died 1855 [at Sorn ?] aged 62. F. Angus McInnes farmer, dec. M. Christina McLeod, dec. Married to (1) Flory McLeod, dec. (2) Anne McKinnon. Issue: [by first wife] 1. Mary 35, 2. Catherine 32. [by second wife] 3. John dec.; 4. Janet 27; 5. Cirsty 25; 6. Catherine 22; 7. Flory 20; 8. Mary 17; 9. Isabella 13; 10. Margaret 8; 11. Anne 15. [Allan McInnes in Sorn married Flory McLeod, Arin 18 March 1817 (Kilninian OPR) . Their first child Mary bapt. at Sorn 14 Aug. 1818; An Angus [not in list at death] baptised in Sorn 9 March 1823. [no Catherine in OPR ] then Flory McLeod must have died c. 1823 Allan then married Anne McKinnon and had 8 more daughters and 1 son.In 1841 census at Sorne AM is 45 with Anne 40, John 15 Janet 14, Christian 10, Anne 5, Flora 2, Mary 3 months. In 1851 census at Sorn, AM is 58, cottar, with Anne 58, Ann 15, Flora 13 scholar, Mary 9 scholar Bell 7 scholar, Peggy 4.]
McInnes, Angus[married to Christina McLeod] See McInnes, Allan (c. 1793-1855), his son. [He married Christian McLeod 11 May 1790 in Sorn.]
McInnes, Angus(c.1779-1875) pauper, married [no wife's name] died 3 December 1875 Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 96. F. Hector McInnes farmer dec M. Ann Black, dec. Mary McInnes, X wife, present.
McInnes, Ann(c. 1779-1855) died as Ann Carmichael married to Michael Carmichael at Achadashenaig 1855, aged 76, buried Kilnalen. Info John Carmichael. She was born at Savary, Morvern. F. Angus McInnes farmer. M. Mary Livingstone. 1 child listed, - John, aged 32.
McInnes, Ann(c. 1797-1872) widow of Alexander McInnes mason, died 30 June 1872 at Argyll Terrace, Tobermory aged 75. F. Hugh McKinnon,, flesher, feuar, crofter, dec. M. Peggy Fletcher, dec. Sclerosis of Liver. Margaret McNicol, present, residing at 97 N. Frederick Street, Glasgow.
McInnes, Archibald(c. 1786-1857) weaver, married [no wife's name] died 11 July 1857 at Cameron, QS parish of Kinlochspelve, aged 71. F. John McInnes. M. Sarah McLean. No medical attendant. Buried Laggan. Info. Sarah McInnes X her mark.
McInnes, Catherine[married to John McPhail] see McKinnon, Flora (c.1793-1866) her daughter.
McInnes, Catherineaged 25, died 1865. Kilninian & Kilmore.
McInnes, Charles(c.1822-1876) farmer, married to Sarah McKinnon, died Kilninian 1876 aged 54. F. John McInnes, farmer, M. Ann McLean. Info. Malcolm McDonald relative.
McInnes, CurstyCottar's wife, widow [of - McLean], died Balligown 1860. F. John McInnes. M. Margaret McLean.
McInnes, Chirstymarried, died 24 January 1872 High Street, Tobermory, aged 87. F. Murdoch McInnes farmer, dec. M. Marion McLachlan, dec. Bronchitis. Info. Margaret McDonald X daughter Torr Beg.
McInnes, Chirstysee McArthur Chirsty, died Stracoil, Torosay, 1882.
McInnes, Donaldfarmer, married to Mary McLean, Kilbrenan aged 40. F. Archibald McInnes, farmer. M. Mary Shaw. Supposed jaundice.
McInnes, Donald(c. 1804-1872), crofter, married to Mary McInnes, died 25 May 1872 at Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 68 yrs. F. Duncan McInnes, farmer.dec. M. Ann Fletcher dec. Asthma 1 and a half yrs. Mary McInnes X her mark, wife.
McInnes, Duncandied 14 October 1874 in sea between Little Colonsay & Gometra by capsizing off skiff, aged 50. [No parents' names] Drowning- capsizing in skiff in gale of wind. Wm. Sproat Procurator Fiscal.
McInnes, Floramarried to Alexander McMillan, died early 1864 at Achnasaul, a pauper, aged 85. F. Donald McInnes cottar, dec. M. Mary Macdonald, dec.
McInnes, Flora(c.1790-1875), Flora McInnes or McKinnon died at Ledag [Tobermory] 18 April 1875 aged about or above 80. [No parents' names].
McInnes, Hannahdied at Croggan 1857 aged 6. F. Duncan McInnes dec. M. Mary Currie. King's Evil. Buried Killean. Signed Donald McInnes. [Duncan McInnes was a crofter in no 2 house at Croggan or Kinlochspelve in 1851 census, aged 49, with Mary 44, Donald 19 fisherman; Lilla 11 scholar; Catherine 9 scholar; Mary 7 scholar; Hannah 7 months.]
McInnes, Hughdied in Kilninian parish 1864, aged 28. [no more copied]
McInnes, Janet(c. 1784-1867), widow of John McInnes catechist, Tobermory, aged 83. F. Lachlan Leitch, mason, dec. M. Marion McInnes, dec. Christy McInnes X Daughter-in-law.[Lachlan Leitch is mentioned in Kilninian OPR as alias Beaton, and in 1805 his wife is Catherine McInnes, but in 1810 his wife is Catherine McMillan]
McInnes, John[married to Ann McLean] see McInnes, Charles (c.1822-1876) his son.
McInnes, JohnSawyer, [married to Ann McPhail] See McQuarie, Isabella (c. 1848-1883) his daughter.
McInnes, Lachlan[Informant] See McInnes, Mary (c. 1784-1855) his mother.
McInnes, Lachlandied 14 October 1874 in sea between Little Colonsay & Gometra by capsizing off skiff, aged 21 [No parents' names] see McInnes, Duncan above.
McInnes, Malcolmcrofter, married, died at Torr Beg, Tobermory, aged 58 years, 1872. F. John McInnes, farmer, dec. M. Marion McKinnon, dec. Pleuritis, cert. by Hector McColl, surgeon. Margaret McInnes, X, wife, present.
McInnes, Mary[married to John Currie, schoolmaster, she was probably born in 1760s] See Currie, Margaret (1797-1883) her daughter.
McInnes, Mary[married to Donald McKinnon, tailor] See McKinnon, Donald (C.1800-1876) her son, who died Sound of Ulva 1876.
McInnes, Mary(c. 1784-1855) born Ardgour, Kilmallie. F. Allan McLean farmer. M. Mary McMillan. Married to AlexanderMcInnes . She died at Corrinahenachy 19 April 1855 aged 71. Heart 2 years. Buried Kiel, Morvern. Signed Lauchlan McInnes son. Issue: John dec; Colin dec.; Allan 45; Donald 43; Charles 39; Marjory 35; Lachlan & Neil (twins), 31; Mary 28. [In 1851 census of Corinahenachy Alexander McInnes M. 64 farmer b. Morvern with Mary wife 61 (!) Myrie daughter 28, Lachlan son 24, Neil son 24. Ages very far out either in census or CR Death . It looks as if family all born Morvern, but Torosay OPRs show John bapt. 1805, Allan bapt. 1806, Mary 1808 Donald 1810, Colin 1812, Charles 1814, Marjory 1816, Twins Lachlan &Neil 1819. Most of these sons are still living with Lachlan at Corrinahenachy in 1871 census].
McInnes, Mary(c. 1774-1855) born Achronich, Morvern, 40 yrs in Tobermory district, died 1 Sept. 1855 at Erray, near Tobermory, aged 84 of consumption, Cert. by Hector McColl. Buried Kilnalin Churchyard. F. Angus McInnes Mason, M. Janet McInnes M/S McInnes. Married to Donald McInnes Mason, dec. Issue: Hugh 60 dec; Robert 58 dec; Margaret 55 living; Donald 52 dec; Janet 46 dec; John 1 dec. Margaret McInnes X dau.
McInnes, Robert(c. 1760-1857) Chelsea Pensioner. Married [no wife's name] Died 16 April 1857 at Salen aged 97. F. Ewen McInnes, mason. M. [no name]. Cancer.Cert. by Duncan McColl, surgeon. Buried Pennygown. Info. Angus McLaine Salen, neighbour. [Robert McInnes was in 1851 census of Salen a Chelsea Pensioner aged 88 born Salen. With Mary his wife aged 88 also born Salen They were married 6 March 1792, his wife's name being Mary Carmichael from Achadashenaig. They had a son Hugh baptised 12 Dec. 1803 at Penmore. A Robert McInnes is one of the tenants in Salen in 'Second Report upon the Jarvisfield estate Drawn Up with a View to Its Improvement' by William Blackadder 1828. NLS.MS.3039. His rent was £28 10/-]
McInnes, Sally(born about 1760 ?) born Fishnish and lived there during life. She died at Salen 1855 [no age given] of "climacteric decay". She had been married to John McInnes farmer, deceased. Their children in CR death were John dec., Donald dec. Catherine dec., Catherine dec., Mary 70 [Informant ?] 23 March at Pennygown. Her F. was Alexander Currie, farmer; M. Mary McLean. [Otherwise known as Marion Currie ? There is a problem here, as there is a McInnes family in Fishnish c. 1829 but not with correct names. In 1851 census at Pennygown, Mary McInnes Head unm. 52 born Torosay with Sally McInnes her mother aged 100, a widow and pauper born SalenParish. Ann McMillan, niece aged 22 unm. *** There is a marriage in Kilninian OPR 30 November 1784 of a John McInnes in Laggan and Mairon McVurich. Only one child's baptism found - Catherine 6 November 1799 at Scallastle [Torosay OPR] In this Torosay baptism the wife/mother is called "Marion Curry". See MULL - THE ISLAND & ITS PEOPLE p. 310, where Marion Currie gives Lauchlan Maclaine a " very fine goose" which he names Elizabeth in honour of her daughter. But according to this CR death Marion or Sally Currie has no daughter Elizabeth.]
McIntyre, Donald[married to Janet McDonald] see McIntyre Flora (c.1818-1876) his daughter.
McIntyre, Flora(c. 1818-1876) widow of Hugh McArthur, farm servant, she died at Dervaig 1876 aged 58. F. Donald McIntyre. M. Janet McDonald. Supposed insanity. Confined to bed 4 months. John McArthur, son present.
McIntyre, Johnaged 5, died Kilninian & Kilmore 1857. [no more taken down]
McIntyre, JohnInventory of the personal estate of JM, merchant in Salen, Island of Mull, who died there on or about 15 November 1860. Household furniture £41 Shop stock £128, good and bad debt lists attached. The deceased advanced to Duncan McIntyre in the Colony of Tasmania £50 and Mrs Sarah McLean Gerringgong NSW £16. The list of good recoverable debts includes some owed by Charles McDougall, Fishnish & Lord Strathallan; doubtful debts Murdoch MacQuarie Ardnacross [this is Charles's son]; desperate debts A Morison Kilbeg, John McDonald, Bunessan, Misses M & A Gregorson, Col. R. Macdonald, Inchkenneth, Major Macdonald Inchkenneth. Compeared the Rev. Donald McIntyre Min of the P. of Kincardine, Ross, who deponed he was intestate and entered into possession & management
McIntyre, Mary Ann(c. 1841-1875), wife of Archibald McIntyre, grocer & flesher Tobermory,Died 19 March 1875, Shore Street, Tobermory, aged 34. F. John Shaw spirit dealer, dec. M. Catherine Beaton. Bronchitis. Info from ArchibaldMcIntyre, husband, present.
McIntyre, Marywidow of Duncan McIntyre, farmer, 28 Oct. 1884 at Glenbyre aged 73.F. Duncan McIntyre farmer, dec. M. Margaret Stewart, dec. Marasmus,  Info. John McIntyre son, present.
McIntyre, Peter[Informant] See McPhail, Angus (1816-1883) his father-in-law.
McKechnie, Johnwidower of Catherine McDonald, died 6 March 1868 aged 97 at BallegownKilninian aged 96 and a third [sic !] F. Malcolm McKechnie, smith dec.M. Esther Campbell, dec.
McKechnie, Mary Sarahborn 6 Sept. 1860 at Balegown, Kilninian F. Alexander McKechnie M. Margaret McPhail
McKellaich, Ann[married to Donald McDonald] See McDonald, Duncan (c. 1793-1876) her son, who died Sorne, 1876.
McKellaich, Catherine(c. 1817-1883) died as Catherine Carmichael widow of John Carmichael,9 July 1883 at Black's Land, Tobermory aged 66. F. John McKellaich crofter. M. Christina McLeod. Chronic diarrhoea . Info. John Carmichaelson.
McKellaich, Effy(c. 1769-1855) born at Sorn, died 24 Feb. 1855 at Sorn aged 86. F. JohnMcKellach, Sorm. M. Anne McColl. Married to Dugald McDonald, farmer,Lephein, dec. Issue: 1. Catherine 35; 2. Ranald 32. Info. Duncan McDonaldNephew, Sorn. [In 1851 census at Sorn there are 2 large families of McKellaichs, headed by Angus & John, 43 & 48. Duncan McDonald, the Informant is a cottar in Sorn aged 59 with a wife Ann and 6 children, (having clearly had many more judging by the spaces in ages ! )There are2 Ranald McDonalds in Lephein in 1851 census, 40 & 47. But no Effy.However, Effy is in 1841 census in Lephein aged 60 with Catherine 25 and a 1-year-old Mary. Probably Effy was widowed before this date. A marriage of Dugald McDonald Lephein & Effy McKeallaich alias Kelly took place 24 July 1799, and Ranald's baptism was 20 June 1802]
McKellaich, John[married to Christiana McLeod] [This couple were in Sorn 1799-1814
McKenzie, Alexandersingle, died Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 73, 1869.
McKenzie, Archibald(c. 1767-1855) feuar & labourer, born Oskamull, in Tobermory district 60 yrs.Died at T. 16 August 1855 in the roadside between Baliscate croft & Donald Kennedy croft, on his way to peat moss, aged 88. Not cert. Buried Kilmore. F. Angus McKenzie, weaver & tenant in Erray. M. Janet McColl. Married 1st to Flora McNeill dec. issue: Angus 50 dec; John 48 living; Mary 44 living, Catherine 42 living; Ann 40 dec; Ann 38 living; By 2nd marriage to Catherine McDonald, widow of [blank] McFarlane dec. Donald 2 months dec. Info. William McKay, pensioner who was present when he died. [Note: In 1779 census at Oskamull, part of Achadashenaig, there is AngusMcKenzie tenant 34, John his son 12, Duncan his son 5, Archibald his son 3, Hugh his son 1. [Archibald McKenzie married Flora McNeill, both from Reraig on 25 Jan. 1803 Kilninian OPR and had following baptisms - 4 May 1806 John; 28 May 1809 Mary, 31 Mar. 1811 Ann all in Reraig, and 19 Dec. 1813 in Tobermory, Catherine. In 1851 census he is in Church St., North side aged 80 crofter, with Catherine 60 & Archibald Lauder, grandson, 11 scholar.]
McKenzie, CirstySee McKinnon, Anne, died Sound of Ulva 1860.
McKenzie, Christian Baillie(c.1840-1866) married to Captain James McKenzie, died 3 April1866 aged 26 at Portmore, Tobermory. F. William Tant, Officer of Excise. M. Emilia Tant, Mrs Yellowlees. Signed William Fraser Tant, Milton House
McKenzie, DonaldSee Campbell, Isabella (c1783-1857) his daughter; but probably Ardnamurchan. His wife was Ann McKenzie, nee McKenzie.
McKenzie, Donald(c.1787-1867) widower, pauper, died aged 80, Tobermory 1867. F. John McKenzie, farmer. M. Mgt. Campbell. Info Alexr. McKenzie, son, Tobermory.
McKenzie, Capt. James[married to Christian Baillie McKenzie, who died 3 April 1866 at Portmore, Tobermory, aged 26] see McKenzie, Christian B. (c.1840-1866)
McKinnon, Alexandersee McKinnon, Una (c.1788-1856) his daughter. He was married to Anne McLean.
McKinnon, Angusfeuar in Tobermory. See McKinnon, Isabella (c. 1788-1875) his wife.
McKinnon, Angus[married to Mary McKinnon] see McKinnon, Mary (c. 1820-1876) [Angus was the son of - McKinnon & Christina Cameron . He was born Ulvalike his brother Malcolm McKinnon. They lived in the hamlet of Kilninian].
McKinnon, AnnMarried - wife of a crofter, died 31 Dec. 1856 at Penmore, aged 42. F. Archd.Henderson, living; M. Anne Henderson M/S McDougall, dec. Supposed liver Disease. Burial place, Glacquarie, Calgary. John McKinnon X husband.
McKinnon, Anne(c. 1782-1860) Widow, farmer's wife; died Sound of Ulva, 1860, aged 78. F. Duncan McKinnon. M. Cirsty McKenzie.
McKinnon, Ann(c. 1797-1872) see McInnes, Ann (1797-1872)
McKinnon, AnneSecond wife of John McQuarie, schoolmaster of Mishnish, and in her time living at Glackugary, near Reudle. In 1851 census there she is 46, and her husband (superannuated teacher) 72. She bore him 7 children see his entry.
McKinnon, Ann(c. 1839-1875), married to Donald McKinnon, overseer, Erray Villa Tobermory, died 25 April 1875 at Erray Villa, aged 36. F. John McGillivray
McKinnon, Ann[married to Duncan McDonald (c. 1793-1876) in Sorne.
McKinnon, Annsee McDonald, Ann died December 1878 aged 80.
McKinnon, Archibaldsee McKinnon, Susan Harriet (c.1833-1866) his wife.
McKinnon, Archibaldshoemaker, Tobermory. See McKinnon, Janet (c. 1798-1883) his wife.
McKinnon, Barbaradied 1878, aged 70. Tobermory 549 no. 21 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Catherine[married to Alexander Campbell] see Campbell Donald (c. 1875-1876) her son.
McKinnon, Catherine(c. 1790-1860) farmer's wife, widow [of Neil McCallum: they married in April 1810] died Tostary aged 69 in 1860. F. John McKinnon, farmer [Brolass] M. Mizy McDonald.
McKinnon, Catherine(c. 1807-1855) born Ulva; was in district of Salen 48 years; died unmarried at Salen 4 October 1855 aged 48. No children. F John McKinnon, farmer.M. maiden surname McLeod. Info Flora McLeod X.
McKinnon, Catherine(c.1824-1866) married to Angus Henderson, Smith, Tobermory, she died 9 August 1866, Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 42. F. Duncan McKinnoncrofter dec. M. Catherine McPhail, dec. Consumption.
McKinnon, Catherine(c. 1803-1875) pauper, widow of Alexander McKinnon, died 4 January 1875Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 72. F. Lachlan McKinnon, farmer,Dec. M. Ann Lamont, dec. Bronchitis. Catherine Campbell, daughter, not present, residing at Bridge of Allan.
McKinnon, Catherine(c.1852-1875) married to Lachlan McKinnon, shoemaker, died 7 Oct.1875 at Portmore, aged 23. F. Neil McKinnon, winch man on SS Clansmanand feuar Tobermory. M. Janet McLean. Puerperal convulsions. Info. Lachlan McLean husband, present.
McKinnon, Catherine(c. 1792-1880), widow of John McLean, miller in Penmore, she died 11 Jan. 1880 aged 88 at Penmore. Inf. Old Age. Cert grandson, Alexander McLean. F. Neil McKinnon, farmer. M. Flora Morison. [John McLean's dates c.1779-175? . He was succeeded by his son John McLean, with whom Catherine lived after her husband's death].
McKinnon, Charlesdied 1867 aged 55 Tobermory 549 no. 13 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Charlesdied 1880, aged 93, Tobermory 549 no. 28 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Charles[letter carrier, 82 in 1871 census, Ledag with Catherine 81.]
McKinnon, Charlesdied 1893, aged 77, Tobermory 549 no. 1 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Charlesdied 1897, aged 85, Tobermory 549 no. 6 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Charlesdied 1866, aged 60. Tobermory 549 no. 27 [Computer index] (c.1806-1866) feuar, married, died Tobermory 1866 aged 60. F. John McKinnon, farmer, dec. M. Catherine Stewart. Diseasd liver. Chirsty McKinnon X wife, present.
McKinnon, Charles A.G.died aged 3 in Bridge End House, Tobermory,1883, aged 3. F Archibald McKinnon, farmer. M. Isabella McDonald, of croup. Signed Archd.McKinnon, father.
McKinnon, Chirstysee Campbell Chirsty, died Tobermory 1869.
McKinnon, Christina(c. 1823-1883) died in Argyll Terrace Tobermory 22 March 1883 as widow aged 60 of James Whitelaw, joiner. F. John McKinnon cooper.M. Mary McLachlan. Unknown cause. Donald McKinnon, occupant.
McKinnon, Donaldsingle, aged 35, died at Penmollach, 1857. F. Archd. McKinnon, ploughman,M. Mary McKinnon M/S McKinnon. Supposed fever; Buried Tiree.
McKinnon, Donalddied 1862 Tobermory 549 no. 33 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Donalddied 1867, aged 63. Tobermory 549 no. 22 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Donalddied 1875, aged 77. Kilninian 544 no. 9 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Donalddied 1876, aged 76 Kilninian 544 no. 22 [Computer index] (c.1800-1876) single, fisher, died Sound of Ulva 1876 aged 76. F. Donald McKinnon, tailor. M. Mary McInnes. Info. Hector Black, nephew, present.
McKinnon, Donalddied 1867, aged 78. Tobermory 549 no. 3 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Donald[married to Penelope McKinnon] See McKinnon, John (c.1855-1883
McKinnon, Donald[married to Sarah Livingston] See McKinnon, Janet (c. 1798-1883) his daughter.
McKinnon, Donalddied 1887, aged 53. Tobermory no. 5 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Donalddied 1895, aged 60. Tobermory 549 no. 24 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Dugaldpensioner, 78th Regiment of Foot, married; died 27 April 1872 at Portmore, Tobermory aged 51. F. Neil McKinnon, cottar, dec. M. Mary McKinnon, M/S McInnes, dec. Chronic rheumatism, signed Ann McKinnon, wife, present.
McKinnon, Duncan(c. 1816-1861) farmer, single died 21 Oct. 1861 at Haunn aged 45.F. Hugh McKinnon, dec. M. Betsy Cameron, dec. [In 1861 census at Haunn,Duncan is 42 and the brother of one of the heads of house, John McKinnon, 60, who has a son John 19 & a dau. Betsy 21. Duncan is classified "joint farmer". ]
McKinnon, Duncansee Henderson Catherine (c.1824-1866) his daughter.
McKinnon, Duncan[Gravestone] In loving memory of Duncan McKinnon Fanmore/Torloisk1846-1926. His wife Morag 1860-1946. Their family, Katie 1892-1967; Christina 1895-1969; Margaret 1894-1973; Donald 1902-1988; Sarah 1900-1972; Hugh 1897-1975.
McKinnon, Effy(1776-1857) M/S Married, wife of a farmer [Alexander Campbell] died 15 March 1857 at Achronich, aged about 79. F. Hugh McKinnon, farmer. M. MarionMcPherson . Infirmities of Old Age. Bur. Knock, Head of Lochnagaul. Duncan Campbell, son, present. [Her husband Alexander Campbell died the same year, on 5 July 1857 aged 89 at Achronich. Most of the other children of Hugh McKinnon and Marion McPherson had gone to America in the early 1800s. Effy's baptism was in 1776 at Oskamull in Kilninian OPR].
McKinnon, Farquhar(c. 1783-1855) mason, born isle of Calve married to Mary McGregor, died Tobermory 9 Nov. 1855 F. Archibald McKinnon M. Ann Campbell. No issue.
McKinnon, Flora(c. 1773-1859), farmer's widow [husband's surname McNeill] died at Burg,Torosay Parish [Loch Scridain] 17 July 1859 aged 86. F. John McKinnon, Farmer, dec. M. Enid [?] McEachern dec. Buried Kilfinichen. Info. John McNeill. Son, present.
McKinnon, Flory(c.1803-1861) domestic servant, single, aged 58, died 1861 Oskamull. F. Hector McKinnon, M. Mary McLachlan.
McKinnon, Flora(c.1793-1866) widow [no husband's name] died Glacknacardach Tobermory1866 aged 73. F. John McPhail, fisherman, dec. M. Catherine McInnes dec.Cancer around windpipe. Catherine McKinnon X daughter. Not present.
McKinnon, Flora(c. 1790-1875). Flora McInnes or McKinnon died 18 April 1875 at Ledag [Tobermory] aged above or about 80. [No parents' names].
McKinnon, Flora(c. 1808-1883) died 19 Jan. 1883 at Penalbanach as Flora McLeod (c. 1808-1883). See McLeod, Duncan (c. 1790-1861) her husband.
McKinnon, Flora(c. 1830-1884) married to Donald McPhail shoemaker, she died at Craignure in Torosay Parish 21 May 1884 aged 54. F. Neil McKinnon,Tailor, dec. M. Janet McLean, dec. [In 1871 census of Craignure, Donald McPhail, 60 shoemaker b. Torosay, with Flora b. Torosay Jessie, dau. Unm. 18, John son 15 (born Morvern) Neil son 13, scholar b. Torosay, Sarah, dau. 7 b. Torosay, Alexander son 4 b. Torosay, Flora dau. 1 b. Torosay.]
McKinnon, Hugh(born c. 1743, said to have died in Masonville, Delaware County, New York in 1813. ) See McKinnon, Effy (1776-1857) [Hugh McKinnon seems to have been a factor to Colin Macdonald of Boisdale. In 1792 he was severely rebuked by Murdoch Maclaine 19th of Lochbuy for his treatment of the former Chief of the MacQuarries Lachlan of that Ilk. Hugh, as Tacksman of Ulva, was likely to have tried to evict MacQuarrie from Little Colonsay. "You'll take the consequence" Murdoch told him in the letter of 1792.]
McKinnon, Isabella(c.1788-1875), widow of late Angus McKinnon, feuar, Tobermory, died Argyll Terrace, Tobermory 13 April 1875 aged 87. F. John McKinnon, feuar
McKinnon, Jessieillegitimate, died 19 Jan. 1872 aged 20 days. M. Mary McKinnon, dom. Servt.
McKinnon, Janet(c. 1798-1883) widow of Archibald McKinnon died 1 February 1883 Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 85. F Donald McKinnon, farmer, dec.M. Sarah Livingston, dec. Chronic bronchitis. Info.signed Donald McPhail, Tobermory.
McKinnon, John[married to Enid [?] McEachern] See McNeill Flora (c. 1773-1859) his daughter.
McKinnon, John(c. 1767-1855) Chelsea Pensioner, born Fanmore, Torloisk estate; 3 yrs & 6 months in district of Tobermory where he died 30 Dec. 1855 aged 88. F. John McKinnon tenant in Kilmory dec. M. Flory McDonald dec. Married to Mary McLean. Issue: 1. Flory 47; 2 Charles 44; 3. Margaret 41; 4. Mary 39. 5. William 2 deceased; 6. Ann 2 dec.; 7. Lachlan 1 dec.; 8. Marion 31dec; 9 Ann 29; 10. Christian 21 dec. Buried Claoghvory Churchyard Calgary.Info. Charles McKinnon son.
McKinnon, JohnCooper. Married to Mary McLachlan] See McKinnon, Christina (c. 1823-1883) who died as Christina Whitelaw, widow of James W., joiner. His dau.
McKinnon, Johnfeuar, crofter unmarried, died 22 June 1872 at Shore Street or Breast, Tobermory aged 77. F. John McKinnon, feuar & crofter. M. Mary McDermid.Dec. Anasarca. Duncan McKinnon, Brother, occupant X his mark.
McKinnon, John(c. 1838-1883), sailor, married to Mary Davidson, died 17 Oct. 1883 at ErrayRoad, Tobermory, aged 45. F. Donald McKinnon, labourer dec. M. PenelopeMcKinnon, M/S McKinnon. Nat. causes. Malcolm McKinnon [illegible word].
McKinnon, John(c. 1801-1890) carpenter, married to Catherine McNeill, died North High Street Tobermory aged 89 13 Dec. 1890. F. Dugald McKinnon, farmer, dec. M. Flora McPhail, dec.
McKinnon, Lachlandied 27 Oct. 1855 at Lagganulva aged 80, married to Mary McCallum, buried Kilninian. Info. Donald McInnes, Kilbrenan. [No birthplace or parents' names given] Lachlan McKinnon married Mary McCallum 25 Jan 1813,he being from Tostary she from Balligown. They had a Catherine, two Marys and two Annes 1814-1826.] See death of Mary McCallum (c. 1773-1864).
McKinnon, Lachlan[married to Mary McKinnon] See McKinnon, Sarah (c. 1787-1859) his daughter.
McKinnon, Lachlan(c. 1843-1867) single, aged 24 at Tobermory. F Charles McKinnon, feuar, dec. M. Chirsty Fletcher. Abscess on liver. Info. Neil McKinnon, brother.
McKinnon, Malcolm(c. 1787-1873) late post & feuar Tobermory, married to Margaret Paterson, died 26 Aug. 1873, Ledag, aged 86. F. John McKinnon, feuar & post dec. M. Janet McKinnon M/S McFadyen, dec. Bronchitis 7 days. Cert. Hector McColl.Margaret Smith, grand-daughter present. [Known as 'Calum Post'.]
McKinnon, Margaret(c. 1785-1883) widow of Malcolm McKinnon letter carrier, died at Ledaig, Tobermory 2 Jan. 1883 aged 98. F. Hugh Paterson, shepherd. M. Margaret .Maxwell. Unknown cause. Info Margaret Smith granddaughter, present.See death of her husband, Malcolm McKinnon (c.1787-1873) above.
McKinnon, MarionM/S. (1796-1857) Married, wife of a woollen weaver [William Robertson or Robieson] died 8 March 1857 at Oskamull, aged 64. F. Donald McKinnon Cottar. M. Jane Sutherland. Supposed cancer, not cert. Buried Killenalen. Info. Mary Robertson X her mark, daughter, present.
McKinnon, Mariondied 1858, aged 84. Mother's name McDonald. Tobermory. 549 no. 6 [ Computer index]
McKinnon, Mariondied 1860, no age. Tobermory 549 no. 20 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Mariondied 1877, aged 95. Salen 548 no. 10 [Computer index] (c. 1782-1877) single, aged 95 at Glenforsa. F. Allan McKinnon, weaver, dec. M. Catherine Lamont, dec.
McKinnon, Marysee McCallum, Mary (c.1773-1864)
McKinnon, Marysee Campbell, Mary (c.1795-1875) died Tobermory 1875.
McKinnon, Mary(c. 1820-1876) married to Angus McKinnon, farmer she died at Balligown 1876 aged 56. F. John McKinnon, shepherd, M. Christina Cameron. Info. Angus McKinnon, husband, present. Gravestone,Kilninian : " Erected by Angus McKinnon in memory of his wife Mary McKinnon who died 2 May 1876 aged 56." [Angus McKinnon was living with his brother Malcolm McKinnon in 1851 at the hamlet of Kilninian, when A. was unm. 45 and Malcolm 55, married to Flora Darroch. Malcolm's mother Christina Cameron was a widow of 75. This suggests Angus McKinnon and his wife Mary McKinnon both had a mother called ChristinaCameron !!]
McKinnon, Neil[tailor, married to Janet McLean] See McKinnon, Flora (c. 1830-1884) his daughter. She died at Craignure, Torosay Parish 21 May 1884 aged 54. [Neil McKinnon, tailor lived at Corrinachenachy, between Fishnish & Salen,In the LIST OF SOULS prepared by Lauchlan Maclaine the diarist (for his history see MULL - THE ISLAND And ITS PEOPLE, by Jo Currie, Edinburgh 2000, chapter 21) Neil is at C. aged 32, with un-named wife 31, Donald 8, Mary 6, Neil 4 and Flory 2, In the Diary of Lauchlan Maclaine, (GRO ) Neil McKinnon has a prominent part, as LMD gets his clothes made by him. " Neil McKinnon the tailor from Corrinahenachy whom I sent for yesterday, made his appearance this morning in good time, and finished a blue cloth hunting cap for me, say £1, lining my straw hat 8 pence."(1 April 1831), and on 20 March 1832 " Neil McKinnon the tailor came in the morning to make the boy Hugh Buchanan's clothes, but being obliged likewise to attend on Lochbuy (ie Murdoch Maclaine of Loch buy) did very little. It appears he has incurred the Chief's displeasure and must quit Corrinachenachy at Whitsunday." However, Neil must have weathered the storm, for he is in Corrinahenachy in the census of 1841 with Jessie, Mary 15, Flory13, Hugh 11, John 9, and Alexander 4 months. Neil wasAlso in 1851 census at C. aged 56 tailor, born KILFINICHEN, with a wife called MARY, not Jessie, 46, b. Torosay . His son Alexander 10, scholar, Flory McLean, visitor, tailor's sister-in-law, widow, 57; Mary McLean visitor 15, and MARY McLEAN, WIDOW, 96 wife's mother, a Pauper. In 1861, still at C. aged 63 born TAPUL (Tavool) Kilfinichen. With Mary, wife, b. GARMONY 46 (no advance on 1851 !) Janet, dau.8 scholar, b. Fishnish. Still in 1871 in C. aged 76 with Mary 65 and a grandson 9 scholar, b. Torosay.]
McKinnon, NeilSeaman, single, 27, died 1860 Kilninian & Kilmore. F. John McKinnon.M. Mary McNiven.
McKinnon, Neildied 1873, aged 81. Kilninian 544 no. 20 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Neildied 1875, aged 92. Salen 548 no. 3 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Neildied 1877, aged 65. Tobermory 549 no. 19 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Neildied 1879, aged 88. Tobermory 549 no. 31 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Neildied 1860 age not given. Kilninian. 544 no. 7 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Neildied 1870, aged 66. Tobermory. 549 no. 23 [Computer index]
McKinnon, Penelope[married to Donald McKinnon] See McKinnon, John (c.1838-1883), a sailor, her son, who died at Erray Road, Tobermory, 17 Oct. 1883, aged 45.
McKinnon, Sarah(c. 1787-1859) farmer's [Norman McLeod] wife she died 12 March 1859 at Ardachaoil, Torosay aged 72. F. Lachlan McKinnon farmer, dec. M. Mary McKinnon, M/S McKinnon dec. Info. Norman McLeod husband, present.
McKinnon, Sarah[Married to Donald McPhail] See his entry (he died Arla 1855 aged65 ).
McKinnon, Susan Harriet(c. 1833-1866) married died 6 March 1866 at Portmore, Tobermory.Aged 33. F. Neil McDonald, forester & manager, dec. M. Margaret McDiarmid. Consumption. Archibald McKinnon, husband, present.
McKinnon, Una(c. 1788-1856) [no husband named, but indexed under McGilvray on computer ] died 21 September 1856 aged 68, at Lephein Kilninian parish.F. Alexander McKinnon, farmer. M. Anne McKinnon M/S McLean. Buried Kilmore. Info. Mary Sutherland X her mark [who lived at Lephein].
McKinnon, Walteraged 15, died at Tobermory 13 March 1872. F. John McKinnon joiner, feuar, dec. M. Ann Brown. Of injuries to hip joint ending in abscesses; signed Jessie McKinnon, sister occupant, present.
McLachlan, Colin(c.1796-1876) farmer, single, died at Torr Cottage, Kilninian, 1876 aged 80.F. Hugh McLachlan, landed proprietor. M. Mary Campbell. Old age. Robina McPherson X relative.
McLachlan, Dugald(c. 1804-1882)shoemaker, single, died 2 Oct. 1882 at Lochdonhead aged 78. F. Alexander McLachlan crofter, dec., M. Isabella McLachlan, M/S McLachlan.
McLachlan, Duncanaged 19 died Kilmore at Dervaig 1865. F. Dugald McLachlan, M. Janet McLean.
McLachlan, Flora[married to Malcolm McDonald Sen.] see McDonald, Malcolm (junior) (c.1816-1876) her son.
McLachlan, Hugh(born before 1775) landed proprietor see McLachlan, Colin (c.1796-1876).
McLachlan, Isabellasee Cameron Isabella, died Kilpatrick Torosay 1860.
McLachlan, John(c.1791-1864) pauper, married to Mary McPherson, died Nov 24, 1864 Treshnish, aged 73. F. Peter McLachlan, crofter, dec. [no mother's name ]
McLachlan, Margaretwidow of Angus McDonald [Aintuim] she died at Cuin 23 Jan. 1874 aged 88.F. Samuel McLachlan farmer. M. Ann McLean. Infirmities of Old Age.Not cert. Info Kenneth McDonald, son, present. [Margaret was baptised at Drimnacroish 19 April 1786. She married Angus McDonald Aintuim on9 Jan. 1812. Their children were Hugh 1812, Lachlan 1814, Kenneth 1815, Alexander 1818, Anne 1820, Catherine 1822 Hugh 1823. Moved fromAintuim to Cuin between 1851 -1861].
McLachlan, Mary[married to Hugh McEachern] See his entry - died 1855, Tobermory.
McLachlan, Marywidow of John McLachlan; died 18 March 1872 at Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 81. [Parents' names not given] Bronchitis. Neil Morrison Inspector of Poor Tobermory.
McLachlan, Mary(c. 1801-1876) married to Alexander McLean farmer, died 12 May 1876At Achnadrish, Kilninian aged 75. F. Samuel McLachlan, farmer. M. AnnMcLean. Old age. Info. Kenneth McDonald, nephew.
McLachlan, SamuelSee McLachlan, Margaret (1786-1874) his daughter. See McLachlan, Mary (c. 1801-1876) his daughter.
McLachlan, Sarahsee Campbell, Sarah died 1869 at Ledag.
McLaine, AngusDeath in Glasgow formerly minister of Ardnamurchan, single, d. Dec 20 1877, Queens Hotel, George Street,Glasgow aged 77 Usual residence Fascadale, Argyllshire. F. Allan McLaine, farmer, dec. M. Marjory Gregorson, dec. Paraplegia of About 20 yrs. Info. W. Maclaine cousin, Thornbury, Gloucestershire
McLean, Alexanderdied 23 December 1860 at Kilbrenan, aged 50. F. John McLean school-master . M. Margaret McCallum. Info Archibald McLean, brother, present. [This is the Alexander McLean commented on by Alexander Shiells in a letter to Mrs Clephane, quoted in MULL, p.183 for being the worst for fighting at funerals. He was 40 & unmarried in the 1851 Census at Kilbrenan, but the ages of all of this family are utterly contorted in every census. He was baptised in Nov. 1802, so was 58].
McLean, Alexander(c.1794-1866) pauper, widower [no wife's name] died Union Poor House
McLean, Alexandersee McLachlan, Mary (c.1801-1876) his wife who d. Achnadrish 1876.
McLean, Alexr. Blacklabourer, unmarried, died 18 Aug. 1872 at Tobermory aged 18. F. John McLean, shoemaker. M. Mary McLean M/S McLean. Pleurisy.
McLean, Alexanderaged 2 days died Kilninian & Kilmore 1865.
McLean, Allan(c. 1750-1838) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern: "In memory of Allan McLean, late tenant of Kilmory, Mull, who died at Blaich, Ardgour February 4th 1838 aged 88 years, and of Mary McMillan his wife who died July 18th 1841 aged 80 years. And of their son Charles, for many years of the Inland Revenue, who died at Cuil, Duror, Appin, August 1st1863 aged 78 years. Also of Hannah their daughter who died at Cuil,Duror November 17 1871 aged 75 years."
McLean, AllanSee McInnes, Mary (c. 1784-1855) his daughter who died Corrinahenachy.
McLean, Allan(c.1798-1874) farmer, married to Euphemia McLean; died 1 Jan. 1874 at Fanmore aged 85. F. Angus McLean farmer dec. M. Flora McLean M/S McLean. Infirmities of Old Age. [ill for] 3 weeks. Not cert. John McLean, son, X present. [No sign of the father Angus in OPRs. No Baptisms of Allan's children, but in 1851 census he has Angus 17, Mary 15 John 13, Flory 10, Allan 8, Donald 3, and in 1861 Flora 19, Allan 17 and Donald 14 letter carrier].
McLean, Allan(c. 1798-1855) died at Croig Inn 13 December 1855 aged 57. Had beenMarried to (1) Mary McLean dec. (2) Margaret McNeill. F. Lachlan McLean dec. M. Mary McFadyen. Info. Margaret McLean, 2nd wife Present. [Allan McLean when first married to Mary McLean 8 March 1824, was from Inivea and Mary was from Arin. They had Mary 1825 and Anne 1826 baptised at Inivea. The next children are in the Kilninian Gap [missing OPRs after 1825] In 1841census at Penmore Allan McLean is 40, Mary 34, Ann 14, Cate 12, Marry 10, Jessie 8, Flora 6, Lauchlan 4, and Ellen 6 months. Mary must have died shortly afterwards, as Peggy is the 46-year-old wife in 1851 census at Penmore, with her stepson Allan 9 [and others] and her own child Flora aged 1.]
McLean, Andrew(c. 1807-1891) tailor, married to Sarah McInnes, formerly to Isabella McKinnon, died 26 November 1891 at Ardura aged 84. F. Neil McLean labourer dec. M. C. McInnes. Senile debility. Dugald McPhail, neighbour, present. [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891]
McLean, Andrewsingle, died 19 May 1891 at Glenaros aged 77. F. Donald McLean, doctor.M. Mary McNicol. Dropsy 4 months. Info. D. McLucas, inmate, present.Cert. by Duncan McCallum MB.CM.
McLean, Angus[married to Catherine McPherson] See McLean, Neil (c. 1809-1883) his son, a fisherman in Tobermory.
McLean, Angus(c. 1790-1866) tailor, widower, died 2 March [day following his brother Alexander, see above] Portmore, Tobermory, aged 76. F. Malcolm McLeanHouseholder, dec. M. Christina Lamont, dec.
McLean, Ann[married to Samuel McLachlan] see McLachlan Mary (c.1801-1876) her daughter, who died at Achnadrish as Mary McLean.
McLean, Annsingle, aged 50 died at Reudle 1861. F. Donald McLean. M. Mary Lamont.
McLean, Ann(c.1826-1876) married to Alexander McLean, labourer, died Fanmore Kilninian, 1876 aged 50. F. Neil McLean. M. [?] Campbell. Info. rchd.McLaine relative, present.
McLean, ArchibaldSingle, farmer, died aged 33 at Penmore, 1860. F. Charles McLean. M. Mary McLucash. [see his mother's death also in 1860]
McLean, Archibaldaged 7 months, died Kilninian & Kilmore 1865.
McLean, Archibaldfeuar, contractor joiner, unmarried died 12 November 1872 at PortmoreTobermory, aged 67. F. John McLean, farmer, dec. M. Margaret McLeanM/S McCallum, dec. Gastronomic difficulties. Flora McKinnon, sister, present, grocer, Portmore.
McLean, Bellaged 5, illegitimate died Penmore 1857.
McLean, Catherine18 months old, died at Penmore 23 May 1861. F. John McLean, Miller, M. Catherine McMaster. Drowned, by recognition accidental.
McLean, CatherineSee McLean Neil (c. 1809-1883), fisherman in Tobermory, her husband.
McLean, Catherine(c.1792-1880), widow of John McLean, miller at Penmore, died 11 Jan. 1880 aged 88 at Penmore of Old Age, cert. grandson Alexander McLean. Her F. Neil McKinnon, farmer. M. Flora Morison. [She was grandmother of 18-month -old Catherine McLean, died 1861, above].
McLean, Catherinesee McLean Catherine died 4 July 1886 aged 68 [?]
McLean, Charlesmarried to Mary Livingston; see McLean, John, died 1855 aged 19, his son.
McLean, Charles[married to Isabella Campbell] See McLean, Jessie (c.1801-1883
McLean, Charlessee Mary McLean died at Ledirkle, 1860 aged 50.
McLean, Charlessee his son Archibald McLean, died aged 33 at Penmore, 1860. [Charles was married to Mary McLucash and lived in Penmore.]
McLean, Charlesaged 1, died 1865 Kilninian & Kilmore.
McLean, Charles(c.1808-1866) married [no wife's name] died Shore Street Tobermory1866 aged 58. F. Hector McLean, feuar, dec. M. Flora McNiven, dec. Bronchitis. Ann McLean X wife present.
McLean, Christinachild, died 7 July 1857 aged 3 at Tostary. F. Coll McLean, mason. M. AnneMcLean, M/S McLean. [Coll not found in 1851 census]
McLean, CirstyCottar's wife, Widow, died Balligown 1860 aged 84. F. John McInnes. M. Margaret McLean. [In 1851 census at Balligown, Cursty McLean Head. Marr. Pauper, b. Kilninian, with dau. Mary unm. 34 & Flory McFarlane gr-dau. 5 scholar, b. Kilninian]
McLean, ChristinaSee McPhail, Angus, (c 1816-1883), shoemaker, Tobermory, her husband.
McLaine, Christina(c. 1845-1884) married to James Cameron shepherd, she died at Garmony16 February 1884 aged 39. F. Donald McLaine. M. Ann McDonald. Info. Duncan McLaine, her brother. Torosay CR deaths.
McLean, Colldied 16 Nov. 1857 at Tostary aged 2. F. Coll McLean. M. Ann McLean.Scarlet fever.
McLean, Collsee Christina McLean who died aged 3 in 1857 at Tostary.
McLean, DonaldShoemaker. See McLean, Jane (c.1815-1874) died at Oskamull.
McLean, Donald(c. 1787-1867) Merchant, married, died 8 November 1867 aged 80 in Tobermory. F. Donald McLean, farmer, dec. M. Peggy McLean, M/S McLean. Info. Alexander McLean, Son.
McLean, Donaldgardener, married to Mary McLean, 7 October 1874 at Dervaig, aged 80.F. Hector McLean, crofter, dec. M. Jane Campbell, dec. Infirmities of Old Age; confined to bed 1 day; not cert. Helen Campbell, relative, present. Mason being 55, b. Kilmore, Mary McLean wife 30 Sarah dau. 6; Janet dau.4, Anne dau. 1 and a half.]
McLean, Donaldmiller, married to Mary McLean, died at Kellan aged 68, 1877. F. Hugh McLean, miller, dec. M. Flora Morrison. [Hugh Miller was the millerAt Penmore in the early 1800s].
McLaine, Donald[married to Ann McDonald] See McLaine, Christina (c. 1845-1884) his daughter. Torosay CR deaths.
McLaine, Duncan[Informant] See McLaine, Christina (c. 1845-1884) his sister.
McLean, Duncandied aged 1, 1860 at Dervaig of scarlet fever. F. Donald m., M. Bell McDonald [another child Hugh died of scarlet fever, aged 3, in 1860]
McLean, Duncan"late Ardmore" in CR death of his wife Pegy [sic] McLean (c.1785-1860) in Tobermory.
McLean, Duncan(c. 1817-1867) pauper, widower, died at Tobermory 20 December 1867 aged50. F. Neil McLean, f. dec. M. Chirsty McLean dec.
McLean, Elizabeth(c. 1809-1874) married to Alexander Livingston, farmer, died 18 Dec. 1874 at Reudle, aged 65. F. Donald McLean crofter. M. Mary Lamont. Supposed cold, confined to bed 2 months, not certified. Donald Livingston, son, present.
McLaine, ElizabethSingle; no age given; died 18 Jan. 1856 [prob a child] F. Angus McLaine, Farm labourer M. Catherine McPhail, M/S McPherson. Signed Angus McLaine, Father.
McLean, Euphemia(c.1815-1875), cook, widow, pauper, died Union Poor House, Tobermory 6April 1875 aged 60. [No parents' names].
McLean, FloryWidow aged 94 died 23 Sept. 1857 at Oskamull. F. Archd. McArthur Tenant dec. M. Mary Lamont, dec. Infirmities of Old Age. Buried Kilvickewen Ulva. Cirsty MacArthur, X Sister, present.
McLean, Flory(c. 1778-1861) crofter's wife, widow of Lachlan McLean, died 1 June 1861 at Penmore aged 83. F. Hugh Rankin, Miller dec. M. Mary Rankin, M/S Rankin, dec. Infirmities of Old Age. Mary McLean daughter, present. [ In 1861 census of Penmore Flory is a widow, 83, crofter, born Morvern with a dau. Cirsty 36 gr-dau Christina 6, Grandson Lachlan 3, grandson John 1.] See death of Lachlan McLean (c.1774-1860) below.
McLean, FloraGLASGOW DEATH. (c. 1805-1863) at 150 Buchleuch Street, Glasgow aged 58, Flora Black, widow of George Black, merchant, 8 March 1863.F. Lachlan McLean farmer dec. M. Janet Cameron dec. Apoplexy. InfoJohn M. Jones [?] 34 West Claremont Street.
McLean, George[married to Cirsty McDonald] See McLean, John, sailor, who died 1876 at Burg Kilninian aged 50.
McLean, Hector(b. 1745 ? - probably in Kilfinichen & Kilvicheoun) married to Christian McArthur. See McLean, Neil (c. 1784-1876) his son, died Fanmore 1876.
McLean, Hector[married to Flora McNiven] see McLean Charles (c.1808-1866) their son.
McLean, Hectordied aged 16 at Dervaig 1861. F. Lachlan McLean, crofter. M. Marion Macdonald. {In 1861 census at Dervaig Lachlan McLean is a feuar, 52 born Kilbeg with Marion wife 54 born Anabost, Donald son 18 born Dervaig, and this Hector 15 born Dervaig.]
McLean, Hector(c. 1789-1869) sailor, single, aged 80; died Tobermory 1869. F. Alexander McLean, feuar dec. M. Christina Fletcher, dec.
McLean, Hector(c. 1813-1896). see Gravestone for Catherine McDonald his wife who died 4 July 1886.
McLean, HughMiller & crofter in Penmore, married Mary Campbell. See CR Death of their daughter Peggy McLean (c.1785-1860)
McLean, Hughdied aged 3, 20 Sept. 1860 at Dervaig. F. Donald McLean subtenant; M. Bell McDonald. Scarlet fever. [These parents also had a Duncan aged 1 die 1860 of scarlet fever.]
McLean, Hugh(c. 1782-1860) weaver, pauper, widower, died 13 April 1860 Tobermory aged 78. F. Charles McLean farmer dec. M. Marion Currie, dec.
McLean, Jane[married to Dugald McDougall] See McDougall, Margaret (c. 1793-1883) her daughter.
McLean, Jane[married to John Willies, watchmaker Tobermory] see Willies, Sally (c.1778-1866), her daughter.
McLean, Janewidow of Donald McLean, shoemaker, died 22 March 1874 at Oskamull, aged 60. F. Charles McLean, crofter, dec. M. Christina Cameron dec. Supposed swelling on her feet. Confined to bed. Not cert. Info. Lachlan McLachlan X his mark, nephew present. John Campbell, Registrar, Witness. [Jane McLean & Donald both born in Torosay. Her first child Margaret was baptised 6 Apr. 1830 to Donald & Jane at Corrachy, Salen QS OPR. About 8 children, Charles & Jane born at Corkamull].
McLean, Janet[married to Donald MacQuarrie] see MacQuarrie, Mary (1784-1866) her dau.
McLean, Jessie(c. 1801-1883) single, dressmaker, died 19 May 1883 Portmore, Tobermory aged 82. F. Charles McLean. M. Isabella Campbell. Old Age. Info. Dugald Campbell JP for Argyllshire, nephew.
McLean, Johntailor, widower, died 1859 at Portonan, Torosay, aged 78. F. John McLean, Post. Dec. M. Chirsty McLean, M/S McLean. [In 1851 census at Portonan (Grasspoint), John McLean is 73, pauper, "Old Postman" with his son Alexander 17 shoemaker.]
McLean, John(c.1802-1875) Labourer, single, died Portmore, Tobermory 1875 aged 65. F. John McLean, farmer, dec. M. Peggy McCallum dec. Erysipelas of right arm. Info. signed Jane McLean, sister, present.
McLean, JohnLabourer, married, died 1860, Penmore, aged 35; F. John McLean crofter.M. Cirsty McLean, M/S McLean.
McLean, Johndied at Tobermory aged 9, 1869.
McLean, John(c. 1826-1876) Sailor, married to Ann Cameron. Died at Burg, Kilninian 1876. F. George McLean, farmer. M. Cirsty McDonald. Info. George McLean, nephew, present.
McLean, Johndied aged 19 Kilninian parish 1855; born Reudle, son of Charles McLeantailor and Mary Livingston.
McLean, John(d. 1909) Merchant at Dervaig. See Gravestone for Catherine McDonald his mother, who died Dervaig 1886.
McLean, Kennethsee Campbell Euphemia, died 1831, his wife.
McLean, Lachlan(c. 1774-1860) Crofter, married, died 19 April 1860 at Penmore aged 86.F. Hugh McLean, farmer. M. Anne Brown. Infirmities of Old Age. Buried Calgary. Flory McLean X wife, present. [According to 1851 census of Penmore, Lachlan was born in Ardnamurchan, and his wife Flory McLeanwas a Rankin, born in Morvern. They had been in Mull since before 1818. They had Morison grandchildren - hence the Rankin-Morison connection.]
McLean, Lachlan[married to Janet Cameron] See McLean, Flora (c. 1805-1863) his dau.
McLean, LachlanDied aged 14 Kilninian & Kilmore parish 1860.
McLean, Malcolm[married to Christina Lamont] see McLean Alexander (c. 1794-1866) his son.Also McLean, Angus (c.1790-1866) his son.
McLean, Margaret(c. 1785-1860) died Tobermory 1860 see McLean, Peggy (c.1785-1860). McLean, Margaret [Gravestone, Kilmore] Margaret McLean late spouse to Alexander McLean Tacksman of Mingary, who departed this life on the ? Aug. 1783 aged 74.
McLean, Margaretmarried to Archibald McNiven, Fanmore, died 13 Feb. 1864 aged 63. F.Allan McLean crofter dec. M. Anne McLean dec.
McLean, Marion[married to Duncan McNiven, Army Serjeant] See McNiven, William (c. 1806 -1883) her son.
McLean, Marion(c.1785-1857) M/S . Married to a crofter [Alexander McDougall] died 2 May 1857 at Torloisk, aged 72. F. Hector McLeanservant . M. Cirsty McArthur.
McLean, Marion(c.1782-1861) widow of Alexander McLean, shepherd. Died Torosay Quinish aged 79, 1861. F. Donald McLean, crofter dec. M. Margaret McLean, M/S McLean. Infirmities of Old Age.
McLean, Mariondomestic servant, married to John McLean, crofter, died 1 Feb. 1865 at Penmore, aged 70. F. Donald McEachern, crofter, dec. M. Mary McDonald, dec. Infirmities of old age. Informant John McLean, X, husband.
McLean, MaryWidow, farmer's wife, died Penmore,1860 aged 72. F. Archibald McLucas.Crofter; M. Marion McDonald.
McLean, Marymarried, died 31 October 1860 at Ledirkle aged 50. F. John McPhail farmer. M. Marion McDougall. Ascitis, certified by John Ferguson, surgeon, buried Pennygown. Signed Charles McLean husband present. [Torosay CR] [In 1851 census at Garmony, following Ledirkle, there is a Charles McLeanaged 55, cotton weaver b. Gribun, with Mary, wife 39 born Torosay, Ann,dau. 3 & Marion McLean, relation, widow, 83 born Gribun. In the 1861 census Charles McLaine [sic] is a widower of 65, wool weaver, with his daughter Anne 13]
McLean, MaryCrofter's wife, Widow, died at Penmore 26 Aug. 1860 aged 71. F. John McLean, crofter. M. Mary McDonald. Infirmities of Old Age.
McLean, Mary(1772-1860) Crofter's widow, died aged 98 at Balligown in 1860. F. Neil McLean, crofter, M. Marion McLucash. Infirmities of Old Age. Buried Kilninian. John McLean X son, present. [She was baptised to these Parents, her mother being called McDougall in this one baptism, in Balligown 29 Nov. 1772].
McLean, MaryCrofter's wife died 9 October 1860 at Penmore aged 50. F. Alexander McDougall, weaver. M. Margaret Morison.
McLean, Mary(c. 1784-1866) widow, pauper, died 16 Sept. 1866 at Tobermory aged 82.F. Donald McQuarrie, farmer, dec. M. Janet McLean dec. Cancer in armpit.Isabella McKay, X dau. occupant present.
McLean, Mary(c. 1785-1855) born Fishnish and had lived 70 years in district of Salen. Died 1 April 1855 at Fishnish aged 70. [Fishnish was formerly in TorosayParish, but had been under Salen since 1828] F. Donald McPhail farmer;M. Mary McDonald. Married to John McPhail, post messenger. No issue.Buried Pennygown. Info. Archibald McPhail nephew. [A couple with these parents' names were at Ledmore in 1785 and 1787 when their sons Duncan and Malcolm McPhail were baptised. A Donald McPhail was in the Duke's census 1779 at Aros (which could have included Ledmore and Tenga) aged 15, and was the son of Malcolm McPhail aged 50.]
McLean, Mary(c.1789-1875) widow of Donald McLean, late merchant Tobermory, died 17 November 1875, Shore Street, Tobermory, aged 86. F. Donald McPheefarmer, dec. M. Mary McLean, dec.
McLean, Mary(c.1801-1876) married to Alexander McLean, farmer, she died at Achnadrish12 May 1876 aged 75. F. Samuel McLachlan farmer, M. Ann McLean. Old age. Informant Kenneth McDonald, nephew.
McLean, Marywidow of Allan McLean farmer, died 27 March 1882 at 9am. At Rockcliff Tobermory, aged 100. F. Lachlan McLean, Tacksman. M. Mary McLean,M/S McGillivray, both deceased. Unknown ailment. No medical attendant.Info. John MacCallum, solicitor, nephew, present. [note: This was the daughter of Lachlan Ban McLean, Bunessan & Mary McLean M/S. McLean not McGillivray. Her grandmother was a McGillivray.]
McLaine, Mary[no age given] died 19 Feb. 1856 at Torlochan. F. Lachlan McLaine, shepherd. M. Sarah McGillivray. No Med. Att. Buried Knock. Info. Charles McLaine, brother, Rohill, Glenforsa. [Her brother Charles MacLean (note different spellings ) was 40 and a shepherd in 1851 census of Rohill, with Margaret 43 born Kilbrandon; Margaret dau. 14 scholar; John son 11 scholar; Dugal 9 scholar; Ann 7 scholar, Mary dau. 5 scholar; Catherine dau. 3 - all born Salen parish.
McLean, NeilFather of Mary McLean (1772-1860) Husband of Marion McLucaish or McDougall.
McLean, Neil(c. 1784-1876) farmer, widower of Catherine Campbell, died at Fanmore, Kilninian, 1876 aged 92. F. Hector McLean, farmer. M. Christina McArthur.Old Age. John McLean X brother, present. [The parents, Hector McLean &Christian McArthur, were married 6 Jan. 1778 Hector being from Kilvicheoun. They may be the same as H. McLean 34, & wife in Knockna-Fenaig in Duke's census, 1779, as their first 4 children John, Archibald, Marion and Flora were recorded in Kilninian OPR as being baptised in Kilvicheoun. But no Neil ! By 1795 they were in Reudle.]
McLean, Neil(c. 1809-1883) fisherman, married to Catherine McLean, died 19 April 1883Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 74. F. Angus McLean labourer, M. Catherine McPherson. Cardiac. Info. Donald McLean son.
McLean, Murdoch(c. 1798-1882) pauper, formerly farm servant widower of Mary Colquhoun, died 17 Aug. 1882, Balimeanach, Torosay, aged 84. F. Charles McLean, tailor, dec. M. Christina Black, dec. Climacteric decay. Alexander McDougall, Inspector of Poor. [Torosay CR Deaths 1882].
McLean, Peggy(c. 1785-1860) widow, married to Duncan McLean, late of Ardmore, 5 Sept. 1860 at Crag-na-spiure, Tobermory, aged 75. F. Hugh McLean, Miller & crofter, Penmore, dec. M. Mary Campbell, dec. ['Cragnaspure' in 1871 census follows Penalbanach (1 house) and Ardmore (1 house) and is lived in by a McLean family - John McLean, carpenter 40, b. Kilninian and his wife Margaret, b. Kilchoan, 30 & 3 children. Malcolm McLean brother unm.weaver aged 56, b. Kilninian. The second of the 3 houses at Cragnaspure has another McLean family, Hugh, Head, Unm. 50, farmer & crofter b. Kilninian with 2 sisters and a brother + McKinnon nephews &nieces ].
McLean, Peter, MD, JP(d. 1940) see Gravestone for Catherine McDonald, his mother who died 1886.
McLennan, Ann(c. 1824-1883) widow of Angus Lamont, she died 19 September 1883 at N.High Street, Tobermory, aged 59. F. Donald McLennan, joiner dec. M. Isabella McLeod, dec. Info. Joseph Lamont, F.C. Minister, Skye, stepson.
McLennan, DonaldJoiner, married to Isabella McLeod. See McLennan, Ann (c.1824-1883) his daughter.
McLeod, Angus[married to Ann Livingston] see Carmichael Flora (c.1810-1866) his daughter.
McLeod, Archibalddied Arin 1855 aged 77, married to Flory McDougall. F. Allan McLeod. M. Catherine McKinnon. Issue in order of birth: Anne died 1826; Allan [aged]29; Anne 25; Mary 23; Charles 21. [His marriage shows him marrying Flory McLucash Treshnish, 11 Feb. 1822 when he was in Ensay. His sonAllan was baptised 3 Dec. 1822 at Burg]. Archd. was buried at Calgary. His widow Flory gave info. on his death.
McLeod, Christina[married to Angus McInnes] See McInnes, Allan (c. 1793-1855) her son.
McLeod, Duncan(c. 1790-1861) shepherd, married to Flory McKinnon, at Baliacrach aged 71.F. Angus McLeod, shepherd, dec. M. Flory McLeod M/S [blank]. Inward Complaint. [His wife's maiden name was Flora McKinnon]. See McLeod, Flora (c. 1808-1883) his wife.
McLeod, Flora(c. 1810-1866) died as Flora Carmichael widow, 12 March 1866 at Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 56. F. Angus McLeod, feuar & crofter, dec. M. Ann Livingston, dec. Sally McFadyen X sister occupant, present.
McLeod, Flora(c.1808-1883) widow of Duncan McLeod, she died 19 Jan. 1883 at Penalbanach aged 75 . F. John McKinnon, dec. [No Mother's name given]Cardiac disease. Info. Angus McLeod, X, son. See McLeod, Duncan, (c.1790-1861) her husband.
McLeod, Isabella[Married to Donald McLennan, joiner] See McLennan, Ann (c.1824-1883
McLeod, Isabellasingle, died 7 Jan 1861, Little Colonsay aged 1. F. John McLeod, lobsterfisherM. Anne Macdonald. Supposed croup. John M. X his mark, father, present.
McLeod, Margaret(c. 1767-1855) born Kengharair, and had lived there for lifetime; died 8 Dec.1855 at Dervaig aged 88; married to Donald McLeod . Issue Flory McLeod 60, [Margaret's] F. Hector Rankin, farmer. M. Betsy McLachlan. Info. Hector McLaine, grandson. [Margaret Rankin and Donald McLeod were married at Sorn 19 April 1790. Only one baptism found in OPR - Flora 6 March 1791. Lachlan and Peggy are in 1851 census at Sorn, L. a cottar aged 95, P. aged 80. Hector Rankin & Elizabeth or Betty McLachlan were in Kingharuar in March 1768 when Margaret was baptised. Their son Neil was baptised in K. 30 August 1770.]
McLeod, Norman[married to Sarah McKinnon] See McKinnon, Sarah (c.1787-1859), or McLeod, his wife, who died at Ardachaoil, Torosay.
McLeod, Sarah(c.1787-1859) Farmer's wife, married, died 12 March 1859 at ArdachaoilTorosay, aged 72. F. Lachlan McKinnon farmer. M. Mary McKinnon
McLucash, Catherine(c. 1790-1860) Single, pauper, died at Penmore aged 70, 20 Nov. 1860. F. Archibald McLucash . M. [Christian name illegible] M/S McLucash.
McLucash, Catherine4 yrs died at Cragaig 15 May 1861 [same parents as Donald her brother below]
McLucash, Donaldsingle, 4 yrs. Died 11 May 1861 at Cragaig. F. Angus McLucash, crofter.M. Mary McLean, supposed croup.
McLucash, Catherinemarried to Archibald McPhail, weaver, died 31 December 1873 at Reudle, aged 78. [In 1774 CR Deaths] F. John McLucash, farmer. M. Flora Livingston. Supposed paralysis, 2 months. Not cert. Info. Archibald McPhail, husband, present. [Married 14 June 1825, AM in Lettermore & CM in Einsay.See McPhail, Catherine (c.1795-1873), for children].
McLucash, IsabellaSee Livingston, Bella (c. 1801-1883)
McLucas, MaryM/S Widow of [Charles] McLean, farmer's wife; died at Penmore, 1860 aged 72. F. Archibald McLucas, crofter; M. Marion McDonald. [Malcolm Archibald & Donald McLucas were all heads of families in Penmore in 1851]
McLucash, Neil[married to Chirsty McEachern] See Livingston, Bella (c. 1801-1883) his daughter.
McLucash, Sarahmarried to John McDonald, Staffa Boatman, died 21 January 1874, aged 71,Island of Gometra. F. Donald McLucash, farmer, dec. M. Mary McInnes dec.Unknown [ailment] Not cert. Info. John McLean, son-in-law, present. [John described in censuses as a lobster fisher. They had been in Gometra at least 20 years].
McLullich, Neil
McMaster, Catherine(c. 1805-1855) born Carsaig. F. Donald McMaster, Turner, M. Sally McPhaden. Not married; no children; died 4 June 1855 at Killiechronan. Buried Knock. Info. John McFadyen, nephew. [John McFadyen, who gave info. as her nephew was 32 and the Miller's (ArchibaldMcFadyen's ) son at Kellan. There were 2 McFadyen millers at Kellan, and the other was Padyen McF., 73, with his wife Anne and 3 grand-daughters in 1851 census at Kellan. Also at Kellan Mill, but in a separate house was Catherine McMaster unm.50 with her nephew John MacQuarie unm. 28 "idiot".]
McMaster, Christinamarried to Duncan McFadyen, shepherd, died at Clachaig aged 40 in 1877.F. Alexander McMaster storekeeper, dec. M. Julia McPhee, dec.
McMaster, Donald[crofter, married to Ann Campbell] See McMaster, John (c. 1815-1883) his son.
McMaster, DonaldSee McMaster, Mary (c. 1831-1883) his wife.
McMaster, Donalddied at Kilchrist 1865 aged 10. F. Archibald McMaster. M. Flora McLucas.
McMaster, John(c. 1815-1883) Pauper, married to Sophia McMaster, died 1883 at N. High Street Tobermory aged 68. F. Donald McMaster crofter dec. M. Ann Campbell, dec. Unknown ailment. Info, Sophia McMaster wife [she died 1900, Tobermory aged 73 (computer)].
McMaster, MaryDomestic servant, single, 25, died 1860 [np taken down] F. Archibald McMaster. M. Flory McLucash.
McMaster, Mary(c. 1831-1883) married to Donald McMaster died 10 Jan. 1883, Tobermory aged 52. F. Angus McNeill, shoemaker, dec. M. Mary McDougall, dec. Chronic bronchitis. Info Donald McMaster X husband.
McMaster, Sophia(d. 1900) See McMaster, John (c. 1815-1883) her husband.
McMillan, Alexander(c. 1786-1866) pauper, widower [no wife's name] died 14 April 1866 Union Poor House, Tobermory aged 85. [No parents' names]
McMillan, Anndied at Tobermory widow of - Campbell, aged 79 in 1869. F. Alexander McMillan farmer, dec. M. Catherine Kennedy dec. David Campbell, grandson, not present.
McMillan, Archibald[married to Ann McColl] See McMillan or McColl, Catherine, his daughter, (c. 1774-1856)
McMillan, Catherine(c. 1774-1856) died as a widow, Catherine McColl 10 Aug. 1856 at Jarvisfield [ Gruline], aged 82. F. Archibald McMillan farmer. M. Ann McColl. No med att. Buried Kilnalein. Info. John McColl, son. See McColl, Catherine (c. 1774-1856)
McMillan, Catherinewidow of Angus McMillan, late feuar Tobermory; died at Tobermory aged 74, 1869. F. Donald McMillan, brewer, dec. M. Mary Fletcher, dec.
McMillan, Flora(c. 1788-1864) Widow of Duncan McMillan, crofter died Baliochrach aged 75 on 30 December 1863 [in 1864 fiche] aged 75. F. Duncan Buchanan, crofter dec. M. Catherine Buchanan M/S Macdonald. Dec. Inward complaint.
McMillan, Flora(c. 1778-1864) married to Alexander McMillan, pauper, died aged 85 at Achnasaul 1864 [nd taken down] F. Donald McInnes cottar dec. M. Mary McDonald, dec.
McMillan, John(c.1783-1875) widower, pauper, died 11 October 1875, Union Poor House Tobermory, aged 92 [No parents' names]
McMillan, Margaret(c. 1816-1872) married to Alexander Lamont joiner, she died at Achnacroish, Torosay 1872 aged 56, dau.of Archibald McMillan & Mary McKenzie. [Mgt McMillan married AL 19 Feb. 1854 (date of Banns). She came from Appin, but resided in Torosay in 1854. They seem to have had no children.]
McMillan, Marydied aged 12 in Kilninian parish 1864. [no more copied]
McMillan, Neil(c. 1778-1857) Widower, crofter, died 21 Apr. 1857 at Haunn, aged 79. F. John McMillan, Tenant, dec., M. Cirsty McNeill.
McMillan, Thomas[p.229 of 1861 census, Tobermory aged 37]
McNab, Archibaldlanded proprietor widower of Janet McKechnie, died 23 Aug 1882 at Lochgilphead Seaside House, Ardrishaig, aged 77. F. James McNab Land steward, dec. M. Catherine McNab, M/S McNab. [Possibly the father of Robert McNab of Penmore who was born or bapt. 1841 in Glasgow to parents with these names. Supposed to have been responsible for evictions c.1856-1860 from Penmore. "Father of present proprietor" according to John Campbell's evidence in REPORTS 1894, p. 896.]
McNair, Johnaged 5; died at Balligown 1857. F. Peter McNair. M. Isabella Campbell.
McNeilage, Dugald[married to Helen McNeill] see McNeilage Neil (c.1800-1866) their son.
McNeilage, James(c. 1808-1875), labourer & porter married [no wife's name] died 13 Oct.1875 at Argyll Terrace, Tobermory aged 67. F. Neil McNeilage, tailor & crofter dec. M. Kate McCallum, dec. Disease of Liver, 4 weeks. Info.Duncan McNeilage, X son, not present. [James was in 1861 census of Tobermory in 'McPhails House' aged 50, b. Morvern, with Betty 43 born Morvern, dau. Kate 16, Duncan son 13 scholar, Donald son 9 scholar, James son 6 and Mary 3.]
McNeill, Angus[married to Mary McDougall] see McMaster Mary (c. 1831-1883) his daughter.
McNeill, Catherinesee McKinnon, John (c.1801-1890) died Tobermory 1890, her husband.
McNeill, ChristinaMarried, aged 23, died Little Colonsay 1857. F. Hector McDonald fisher M. Mary Black. Consumption. Burial place, Gometra. Info. Malcolm McNeill, husband.
McNeill, Duncandied 1883, Union Poor House, Tobermory, aged 21. No parents' names.
McNeill, Flora(c. 1773-1859) farmer's widow died at Burg [Torosay Parish/ Loch Scridain] 17 July 1859 aged 86. F. John McKinnon farmer. M. Enid [?] McKinnon M/S McEachern. Buried Kilfinichen church. Info John McNeill, son, present. [Her husband was Lachlan McNeill, Tenant in Bailenahaine between 1807and 1817. Her son John died 1870 aged 55 married to Mary McLean.In 1851 census of Burg Flora was a widow, 76, b. Gribun with 5 middle-aged children, Mary 50, Archd. 42, Cath. 39, John 36, Donald, 32. Only John was married. John's children, all born Ardmeanach, were Lachlan 6, Sally 4, Flora 2.]
McNeill, Flora[married to John McColl] see McPherson, Betty (c.1803-1866) their dau.
McNeill, Flora[in 1861 census Tobermory Livingston House, she is living alone born Kilninian, a widow of 80]
McNeill, Helen[married to Dugald McNeilage] see McNeilage Neil (c.1800-1866) their son.
McNeill, Johnsingle, 24 died at Burg, Torloisk, 1857. F. Archibald McNeill; M.Mary McLean
McNeill, Johnaged 14, cowherd Torloisk, died 1865. F. Archibald McNeill. M. Catherine McPhail. Fever. Catherine McNeill, X, mother. [K & K. CR deaths 1865]
McNeill, MargaretM/S (c. 1793-1874) widow of Neil McQuarrie, carpenter, died 26 Nov. 1874at Sound of Ulva, aged 77. F. John McNeill, farmer dec. M. [no mother's name] Supposed palsy, confined to bed 4 days- not cert. John McQuarrie, son present. [Peggy McNeill 's husband Neil McQ. was a boat builder, and his sons all fishermen, which is probably why they were all allowed to stay on Ulva. Neil died between 1861 and 1871, when Peggy lived with her sonDonald, unm. 32].
McNeill, Marionsee McFadyen Marion, died 16 Feb. 1872 at Portmore, Tobermory.
McNeill, Mary(c.1794-1874) pauper, widow of Archibald McNeill, farmer, 18 Oct.1874 at Burg . Kilninian, aged 93. F. Duncan McLean farmer M. Ann McInnes . Infirmities of Old Age confined to bed 1 year, not cert. Janet McNeill X daughter present. [Archibald McNeill & Mary McLean were married 2 Feb. 1808, AM in Fanmore. Children Hugh 1809, Mary 1810, Duncan 1812, Angus 1815, Janet 1817, Anne 1820, Neil 1822,Isabel 1823, John 1825 [died 1857]. Archibald died after 1861]
McNeill, Mary(c. 1831-1883) married to Donald McMaster she died 10 Jan. 1883 Tobermory, aged 52. F. Angus McNeill, shoemaker, dec. M. Mary McDougall, dec. Chronic bronchitis. Info. Donald McMaster, X husband.
McNeilage, Neil(c.1800-1866) pauper, died Breadalbane Street, Tobermory, aged 66. F. Dugald McNeilage,dec. M. Helen McNeill, dec. Typhoid.
McNiven, Duncan[informant] See McNiven, William, tailor (c. 1806-1883) his father.
McNiven, Elizabethdied at Tobermory aged 16, 1869.
McNiven, Flora[married to Hector McLean, feuar, Tobermory] see McLean, Charles (c.1808-1866) their son.
McNiven, Margaretmarried to Archibald McNiven, shepherd, died at Fanmore 13 Feb. 1864 aged 63. F. Allan McLean crofter, dec., M. Anne McLean dec.
McNiven, William(c. 1806-1883) tailor, widower of Harriet McNevin [sic] died 30 Jan. 1883, South High Street, Tobermory, aged 77. F. Duncan McNiven, Army Serjeant, dec. M. Marion McLean, dec. Paralysis of throat 1 month. Cert.James Maxwell. MB, CM. Info. Duncan McNiven, X son.
McPhail, Alexander(c. 1785-1855) shoemaker, born Lochbuy, 24 yrs in this district, died Erray near Tobermory 29 November 1855 aged 70. F. Donald McPhail weaver. M. Marion Campbell. Married to Una McPhail. Issue: Donald 27 Dec; Archibald 2 dec; Angus 33 living; Hector 31 living; Janet 7 dec; Marion 12 Dec.; Malcolm 26 dec; Isabella 24 living; Archibald 22 living; Hugh 1 dec.Phthisis, cert. Hector mcColl. Buried Kilnalen Churchyard. Info. Angus McPhail son. [Alexander McPhail, Knock and Una McPhail Ardmore were remarried 23 Feb. 1813. Their first child, Donald was baptised in Tobermory 19 Dec. 1813. Second son Archibald bapt. June 1815 but died aged 2. Angus baptised Tobermory 25 May 1817. Una, also called Hannah, died Dec. 1852. [gravestone, Kilanalen] The 1841 census shows the family at Strongarve See also entry for his son Angus (1816 -1883), also a shoemaker.
McPhail, Angus(c. 1818-1882) crofter, married to Catherine McLachlan, died 14 May 1882, Lochdonhead, aged 64. F. Angus McPhail weaver dec. M. Catherine Campbell dec. Paralysis. Info, Catherine McPhail daughter present. [Torosay CR Deaths 1882]
McPhail, Angus(c.1816-1883), shoemaker, married to Christina McLean, he died 11 December 1883 at Erray Road, Tobermory, aged 67. F. Alexander McPhail shoemaker, dec. M. Hannah McPhail, M/S McPhail, dec. Unknown ailment. Info. Peter McIntyre, son-in-law. [For invaluable information on his parents and siblings See entry for his father, Alexander McPhail
McPhail, Ann[married to John McInnes, sawyer] See McQuarie, Isabella (c. 1848-1883) her daughter.
McPhail, Anne(c. 1787-1855) b. Achacharn, died 8 June 1855 at Druimnacroish aged 68. F. Hugh McDonald farmer [no mother's name] Anne was married to Alexander McPhail. Issue: 1. Anne 33; 2. Collin 30; 3. Hugh 28; 4. John dec. ; 5. Neil dec.; 6, Catherine 20; 7. Anne 18; Info. Alexander McPhail,X, husband. For more information see McDonald, Anne (c. 1787-1855)
McPhail, Archibald[married to Ann McPherson] See Sarah/Marion McPhail/Fletcher who died at Lochdonhead 1872, his daughter.
McPhail, Archibaldgeneral labourer, married to Flora Campbell, died at Salen 11 Sept. 1862 aged 72. F. John McPhail ploughman. M. Ann McPhail, M/S. McPhail. Chronic Rheumatism. Info. Malcolm McPhail, son. [Salen CR]
McPhail, Catherine(c. 1796-1860), crofter's wife [of ? McDougall] married, aged 64, died Cragaig 1860. F. Malcolm McPhail, crofter. M. Mary McPherson. [A Malcolm McPhail 63 Army Pensioner, with Mary 68 are in 1841 census of Ulva at 'Oldmoss', near Sound of Ulva. However, death may have been at the other Cragaig, near Haunn. There were McDougalls at Glacnagary].
McPhail, Catherine[wife of Duncan McKinnon] see Henderson Catherine (c.1824-1866) her daughter.
McPhail, Catherine(c. 1795-1873), married to Archibald McPhail weaver, died 31 December 1873, aged 78, at Rheudle, Kilninian. F. John McLucash, farmer. M. Flora Livingston. Supposed paralysis 2 months; not certified. Archibald McPhail, husband, present. [Married 14 June 1825 AM in Lettermore & CM Einsay.Children Donald 1826; John 1827; Margaret c.1830; Catherine c.1832; Alexander c.1834; Mary c. 1837; Andrew 1840]
McPhail, Donald[Probably born 1750s or 1760s. Married to Mary McDonald] See McLean Mary (c. 1785-1855) his daughter.
McPhail, Donald(c. 1790-1855) born Ardnacross. F. Alexander McPhail. M. Mary McLachlan. Married to Sarah McKinnon; [no children] died 21 Sept. 1855 at Arla. Buried Kilnalein. Info. Sarah McPhail, his wife X.
McPhail, Donald(c.1791-1855) married to Sarah McKinnon. No children. Buried Kilnalen Died at Arla 21 Sept. 1855 aged 65. Born at Ardnacross. F. Alexander McPhail. M. Mary McLachlan. Info. Sarah McPhail X wife. Salen QS CR Death. [According to baptism at Ardnacross 9 Oct. 1791, he was their natural son.]
McPhail, Donald(c. 1782-1857) married [no wife's name] died 10 July 1857 at Glenlibidale, Kinlochspelve, aged 75. F. Duncan McPhail dec. M. Effy McLean dec. Supposed palsy. Buried Pennygown. Info. John McPhail son. [Donald McPhail was in 1851 census at Glenlibidle House aged 68 shepherd, b. Salen, with Mary his wife 55 b. Salen; John son 18 shepherd Margaret dau. unm. 27, b. Salen.]
McPhail, Donaldpauper, single, died at Tobermory Poor House, 1869 aged 40. No parents' names.
McPhail, Donald[Informant] See McKinnon, Janet (c. 1798-1883)
McPhail, Donald(b. c. 1811) See McPhail, Flora (c.1830-1884) his wife. Torosay CR deaths. For a list of his children in 1871 census see McKinnon, Flora (c. 1830-1884)
McPhail, Floramarried to John McPhail weaver, died 26 Jan. 1862 at Fishnish, aged 85. F. John Currie, farmer dec. M. Mary Currie M/S McLean. Nat. decay Signed Archd [?] McPhail, son, present. [Salen CR]
McPhail, Florasingle, died Aug.27 1862 at Leiter aged 35. F. Ewen McPhail, shepherd M. Mary MacDougall. Info. John McPhail, nephew. [Salen CR]
McPhail, Flora(c.1793-1866) died as Flora McKinnon, widow, at Glacknacardach, [near Tobermory] aged 73. F. John McPhail, fisherman, dec. M. Catherine McInnes
McPhail, Flora(c. 1790-1875), widow of late John McPhail Miller, Tobermory 13 March 1875 at Church Street Tobermory aged 85. F. Duncan Livingstome, feuar, dec. M. Kate Livingstone, M/S Livingstone, dec. Disease of the Liver. Alexander McDougall X brother-in-law, occupier, present.
McPhail, Flora(c. 1804-1883) died in Union Poorhouse Tobermory 1883 aged 79. [No parents' names given] Old Age. [signed in shaky hand] John McKinnon, son.
McPhail, Flora(c. 1830-1884) married to Donald McPhail shoemaker, died at Craignure 21 May 1884, aged 54. F. Neil McKinnon, tailor dec. M. Janet McLean, dec. [ no more copied].
McPhail, Hannah[married to Alexander McPhail (1785-1855) shoemaker in Tobermory, she was also known as Una.] See entries for her husband Alexander and for her son Angus McPhail (1816-1883).
McPhail, Hectorjoiner and turner widower, died at Ledag, Tobermory 1857 aged 98. F. Neil McPhail, turner. M. Catherine McColl. Cert. Hector McColl, surgeon Info. John McInnes son-in-law.
McPhail, Hugh[no age given] died Leiter 30 March 1855 [Salen Parish] . F. John McPhail Shepherd. M. Sally McLachlan. He had been born at Leiter. [No children or marriage mentioned, so he must have been a minor] Info. John McPhail, father.
McPhail, James(c. 1856-1884) gardener, single, died at Stracoil 6 November 1884 aged 28.F. John McPhail, ploughman. M. Maggie Campbell. Torosay CR deaths.
McPhail, Janetsee McColl, Janet drowned 1891 [Kinlochsp. CR Deaths 1891].
McPhail, John(c. 1794-1872) farmer, widower of Catherine Carmichael, died Scallastle 26 April 1872 aged 78. F. Donald McPhail farmer. M. Sarah Fletcher. Info Maggie McPhail, daughter. [This was one of the two McPhail brothers who took Scallastle after it was freed from the long lease entered into by Gillean Maclaine in mid-18thC. The other brother Duncan, was a bachelor. John married Catherine Carmichael at Grasspoint in 1831. Her father was a postmaster and merchant at Glennan. She died 30 Sept. 1864 aged 50. Branches of this family rented many prosperous farms in Mull in times of economic hardship. There are references to John & Catherine in the diaries of Lauchlan Maclaine, & letters from John to Murdoch Maclaine of LB in the NAS. John was extremely shy, worried about money, and attempted to get out of his lease of Scallastle. Most of his descendants are now in NZ.]
McPhail, John[ploughman in Torosay, married to Maggie Campbell] See McPhail, James (c. 1856-1884) his son, died Stracoil, Torosay 1884.
McPhail, Johnploughman, married to Janet McLean, died 1877 at Fishnish aged 55. F. Archibald McPhail woollen weaver, dec. M. Euphemia Campbell dec.
McPhail, MalcolmArmy Pensioner. See death of Catherine McPhail, 1860 at Cragaig.
McPhail, Malcolmtenant farmer, widower of Catherine Black died 21 June 1879, Oskamull Aged 89. F. Donald McPhail tenant, dec. M. Marion McPhail M/S McPhail dec. John McPhail, grandson present.
McPhail, Marion(c. 1812-1872) married to Donald Fletcher Sheriff Officer, she died at Lochdonhead 1872 aged 60. F. Archibald McPhail farmer. M. Ann McPherson.
McPhail, Mary(c. 1771-1856) Died 7 Aug. 1856 at Salen aged 85 as Mary Black. F. Neil McPhail. M. Catherine McLean. Info ? Black, son.
McPhail, MarySee McLean, Mary (c.1785-1855) who died at Fishnish 1 April 1855.
McPhail, Marysee McLean, Mary died Ledirkle 1860, aged 50.
McPhail, Neil(c. 1795-1863) Argyll Inn, Tobermory, married to Janet McPherson, died at Ledaig 7 Oct 1863 aged 68. F. John McPhail farmer, dec. M. Chirsty Fletcher dec. Epilepsy, 2 yrs. Margaret McPhail, dau.present.
McPhail, Neil(c. 1798-1884) married to Ann Colquhoun, died 2 Jan. 1884, aged 86 at Lochdonhead. F. John McPhail. M. Mary McDonald. [ [ A Neil McPhail was baptised in 1801 to John McPhail and Catherine McDonald in Glenbyre. In the 1871 census of Lochdonhead, Neil McPhail74, born Torosay is with his wife Anne 69, dau. Catherine unm. 35 and John NM McPhail grandson 10 months. The marriage of Neil McPhaill [sic] and Anne Colquhoun is in Torosay OPR 11 August 1830 " servants in Gualachaolish". Only one baptism follows in OPR of Anne at Glennan born 19 July 1837, BUT in 1841 census they are in Garmony: Neil McPhaile ploughman
McPhail, Sarah[married to Donald Fletcher, crofter] Careful ! There is a later couple with the same names in Torosay OPR. !
McPhail, Sarah[married to Donald Fletcher, she predeceased him] See Fletcher, Donald (c. 1800-1884) who died at Lochdonhead, Torosay, 6 August 1884.
McPhail, UnaSee McPhail, Hannah.
McPhail, William Johndied aged 18 months Tobermory 1869.
McPhee, Donaldsee McPhee, Mary (c.1789-1875) his daughter
McPhee, Marysee McLean, Mary (c.1789-1875)
McPherson, Ann[married to Archibald McPhail, farmer.] See Sarah or Marion McPhail or Fletcher, who died 1872, wife of Donald Fletcher Sheriff Officer.
McPherson, Catherine[married to Angus McLean, farmer] See McLean, Neil (c. 1809-1883) Fisherman in Tobermory, her son.
McPherson, Donald(c. 1782-1857) Widower, died 10 March 1857 Penmore, aged 75. F. Hugh McPherson, weaver, dec.; M. Janet McMillan dec. Infirmities of Old Age; Buried Claogmaluag, Treshnish. Hugh McPherson X his mark, son, present.
McPherson, Donald(c. 1797-1860) Shepherd, Married. Died Mingary 22 Dec. 1860 aged 63.F. John McPherson, shepherd. M. Ann Rankin. [DM was born in Morvern.There is an inventory of his personal estate in SRO SC 51/32/11 folio 315.Household furniture, beds & bedding valued at £15. One old cow valued at £6. 6. Sum on deposit in Clydesdale Bank, £
McPherson, FloraSee Lachlan McQuarrie (c.1791-1883) her husband.
McPherson, Hugh[Spirit Merchant, married to Flora Livingstone] See Campbell, Mary (c. 1808-1883) his daughter.
McPherson, Janet(c. 1798-1867) married, died 1 Oct. 1867 at Tobermory aged 69.F. Donald Livingstone, farmer, dec. M. Catherine McInnes, dec.
McPherson, Marion[Married to Hugh McKinnon] See McKinnon, Effy (1776-1857) her daughter.
McPherson, MaryM/S (c. 1808-1883) married to John Campbell, died 2 November 1883 at Shore Street, Tobermory aged 75. F. Hugh McPherson, Spirit Merchant, dec. M. Flora Livingston, dec. Unknown ailment. Info. John Campbell X his mark, husband present.
McPherson, Sarah(d.1950 aged 78) see Gravestone for Hugh Gillies, her husband who died 1923.
McQuarrie, Alexander[farmer, married to Marion McArthur] See McQuarrie, Allan (c. 1769-1855), his son.
McQuarrie, Allan(c. 1769-1855) born in Cragaig, Ulva, died in Ulva 8 May 1855 aged 86. F. Alexander McQuarrie farmer, dec. M. Marion McArthur dec. buried Kilvickewen [Ulva] . Info. Mary McQuarrie, X, daughter. Married to Marion McArthur [same name as hismother !!] Issue: 1. Margaret 50, 2. Lachlan dec. 3. Mary 44, 4. Anne 42, 5. John 40, 6. Catherine 38. [In 1851 census Allan McQ. is in Ormaig, Ulva, aged 80, widower, cottar, with his dau. Ann unm. 30, housekeeper, b. Kilfinichen, Sarah 13,grand-daughter b. Ulva, & Catherine gr-dau. 8 b. Lanark. In the CR deaths of his daughters Catherine (d. 1883, single, Tobermory) and Ann (d. 1890 single Tobermory), he is described as a carpenter.Gravestone at Kilvickewen,Ulva : "To the memory of Allan McQuarrie [his son Allan] who died 16 May 1836 aged 27 years, this stone is laid by his father Allan McQuarrie, boat builder, Cragaig and his spouse Marion McArthur who died 28 September 1828 aged 55 years."
McQuarrie, Allan[boat-builder, married to Marion McArthur] see Black, Peggy (c.1803-1866) their daughter. See also Catherine McQuarrie (c. 1815-1883) their daughter.
McQuarrie, Angus(c. 1827-1883) labourer, married to Sarah McQuarrie, died at Shore Street Tobermory [Breast ?] 1883 aged 56 [There seems to have been considerable doubt about his age, and it has been altered several times]. F. Murdoch McQuarrie, tailor. [No mother's name] Haemoplegia. Info. Christina McQuarrie, daughter.
MacQuarrie, Archibald[married to Marion MacQuarrie] see McFadyen Marion (c.1788-1866) his daughter.
MacQuarie, ArchibaldCrofter, married, died 1860 at Sound of Ulva aged 64. F. John MacQ. Crofter. M. Margaret McArthur. Info. Neil MacQuarie, son, present.
McQuarie, ArchibaldSee McQuarie, Isabella (c. 1848-1883) his wife.
McQuarrie, Catherine(c.1815-1883) single, pauper, died Argyll Terrace, Tobermory 1883 aged 68. F. Allan McQuarrie, carpenter dec. M. Sarah McArthur dec. Debility. Alexander Black, nephew, present.
McQuarie, Donald(born c.1750) father of John McQuarie schoolmaster of Mishnish. An Ulva man, he married in Ardealum 10 May 1774 Marion McGilvray. 5 children in OPR [NOT including John !] : Mary 1777, Catherine Ferininardry 1780, Archibald in F. 1782, Flora in F. 1785, Hector in F. 1789. See McQuarie,John (c.1776-1855), his son.
McQuarie, DonaldMiller, Kilchoan, Ormaigmore, Ardnamurchan; single, in sea off Tobermory aged 25 1860, F. John McQ. teacher, Glacknagary, dec. [no mother's name] Drowned falling off fishing skiff. Body not found. William Sproat Procurator Fiscal.
MacQuarie, ElizabethCrofter's wife, widow, died Penmore 15 Sept. 1860 aged 64. F. Donald McDonald, crofter. M. [not known]
MacQuarrie, Euphemiaunmarried, aged 21, died 14 March 1872 at Portmore, Tobermory. F. Angus MacQuarrie, seaman. M. Marion McFarlane. Smallpox. Informant Archibald MacQuarrie, uncle, householder Tobermory.
MacQuarrie, Florawidow of Hugh McDonald, late tenant in Ulva, died 11 March 1875 at Smiths Land, Tobermory aged 74. F. Lachlan MacQuarrie, farmer, dec. M. Chirsty MacQuarrie, M/S Black, dec. Info. Archibald McDonald, brother-in-law, householder, Tobermory. Not present.
McQuarie, Isabella(c. 1848-1883) married to Archibald McQuarie died 18 Feb. 1883, Argyll Terrace, Tobermory, aged 35. F. John McInnes sawyer, dec. M. Ann McPhail, dec. Phthisis. Info. Archibald McQuarie husband.
McQuarie, John(c. 1776-1855) born Ardellum, Ulva, died Cragaig 14 Feb. 1855 aged 79. F. Donald McQ. M. Marion McGilvray. Married (1) Margaret Campbell Issue : 1 Lachlan dec. 2. Neil dec. 3. Lachlan dec. 4. Marion dec. 5. Anne dec.6. Isabella dec. 7. Flora [now aged] 47. Married (2) [about 1825 ?] AnneMcKinnon . Issue: 8. Catherine 29, 9. Mary Jane 27, 10. Jean Flora 24, 11. Donald 22, 12. Marion 19, 13. Roderick 14, 14. John 11. John McQ.was buried at Kilmore. Info. Archd. McQ., brother. [This John McQ was a schoolmaster. In 1841 census of Glackugary he is 72, superannuated teacher, b. Kilninian, with Anne, wife 46 b. Ardnamurchan, Donald son 14, scholar, b. Kilninian, John 6 scholar b. Kilninian. His son Donald drowned off Tobermory in 1860 aged 25. His first marriage to Margaret Campbell was on 18 Aug. 1800. The order of baptisms in Kilninian OPR differs from list in 1855 death, being Isobel, Neil, Marion & Anne (twins), Catherine, Flora, Lauchlan]. Careful !! Another John McQuarrie 'Junior' was also a schoolmaster married Catherine Fletcher, and was the Society Schoolmaster in Ulva, living at Park House in 1841 when he was 25. Catherine Fletcher came from Acharn. She was the daughter of John Fletcher.
McQuarrie, John[married to Catherine Lamont] See McQuarrie, Lachlan (c. 1791-1883) his son.
MacQuarrie, Johninfant, son of John MacQuarrie & Flora McFadyen, died 1862. [Salen CR deaths]
MacQuarie, Kennethfisherman, died 1877 aged 28. F. Lachlan MacQuarie fisherman. M. Hanna Black
McQuarrie, Lachlan(c. 1791-1883) farmer, widower of Flora McPherson, died at Breast Street,Tobermory 1883 aged 92 . F. John McQuarrie farmer, dec. M. CatherineLamont, dec. Hemiplegia. Info. Hugh McQuarrie, son present.
MacQuarie, LachlanShoemaker. Married [to ?] died 28 Aug. 1860 at Corkamull, aged 55. F. Malcolm MacQuarie, crofter. M. Mgt [should beMary ?] Black.
McQuarrie, Margaretwidow of Neil McQuarrie, carpenter, died 26 Nov. 1874 at Sound of Ulva, Aged 77. F. John McNeill farmer. M. [no mother's name] Supposed palsy.Confined to bed for 4 days, not cert. John McQuarrie, son, present. [Children in OPR: Lachlan 1824; Janet 1826; John 1828; Neil 1831; Donald 1834; but others born before 1824. Neil McQuarrie was 70 in 1861 and died before 1871].
MacQuarrie, Marion[married to Archibald MacQuarrie] see McFadyen, Marion (c.1788-1866) their daughter.
MacQuarrie, MarionM/S (c.1788-1866) died as Marion McFadyen, pauper, widow, Ledag, 1866 Aged 78. F. Archibald MacQuarrie, farmer, dec. M. Marion M/S MacQuarrie dec.
MacQuarrie, Mary(c.1784-1866) widow, pauper, died 16 Sept. 1866 at Tobermory aged 82. F. Donald McQuarrie, farmer, dec. M. Janet McLean, dec. Cancer in armpit. Isabella McKay X dau. occupant, present. [She is in 1861 census of Tobermory in Argyll Terrace as Mary MacQuarrie widow 80 b. Kilninian with Isabella McLean dau. marr. 40 b. Kilfinichen and Jane McKay grand-daughter, 10, b. Luing].
MacQuarie, Marion(c. 1787-1861) married to Archibald MacQuarie, schoolmaster, Dervaig, Aged 74 on 6 July 1861. F. Niel McColl farmer, dec. M. Catherine Campbell. Infirmities of Old Age. [Archd. MacQuarie was the schoolmaster in Penmore. In 1861 in Low Street, Dervaig aged 78, superannuated schoolmaster, born Ulva. Marion 74 born Knock. Their son Lachlan, 51, b. Salen, daughter in law Mary & grandson Lachlan 17, also in census.]
MacQuarrie, Marion(c.1788-1866) pauper, widow, died at Ledag as Marion McFadyen, 1866 aged 78. F. Archibald MacQuarrie farmer, dec. M. Marion M/S MacQuarrie, dec.
McQuarrie, MurdochTailor, the father of Angus McQ who died in Tobermory 1883 aged 56. [No name given for his wife]
MacQuarie, Murdoch(1828-1855) born Ulva; had been 17 years in this district [Salen] Died 1 November 1855 at Ardnacross aged 27. F. Lieutenant Colonel Charles MacQuarie, Proprietor of Ulva and Glenforsa. M. Mary Anne Wilson. Buried Ulva. Info John Black, butler to deceased. [This is the son of Marianne Willison and Charles MacQuarie. His mother died a few months after his birth. He was boarded with the minister of Salen for some time. There is a tradition among CM's descendants that he was a hunchback, and that he killed a man! He was certainly in some way abnormal.]
MacQuarie, Murdochsingle, died 23 November 1860 at Baliscate aged 7. F. Charles MacQuarie, Farmer, Baliscate. M. Margaret Campbell. Inflammation of windpipe, lungs. Buried Tobermory. Certified by Charles McQuarie, undertaker ; CW MacQuarie, father, present. [This is the grandson of CM of Ulva & Glenforsa]
MacQuarrie, Peggy(c.1803-1866) died as Peggy Black, married [no husband's name] Shore Street, Tobermory, 1866 aged 63. F. Allan MacQuarrie, boat builder. M. Marion McArthur, dec. Bronchitis. Alexander Black, son present. [Her husband was Hector Black, born c. 1800, a lobsterfisher. They were married in Gribun 29 Jan. 1828] See entry for Black, Peggy (c.1803-1866)]
McRae, Duncanteacher, single, at Sorne died 1865, aged 38.
McRae, Normandied 3 June 1861 aged 40 Treshnish Isles. F. Murdoch McRae dec. M. Mary McInnes. Drowning. Cert. by Hector McColl, surgeon. [The only McRae in Mull in 1861 census was Alexander McR. at Letterrnore]
McVoren, Chirstysee Campbell Chirsty, died Tobermory 1869. McVoren = McKinnon.
Maxwell, Margaret[married to Hugh Paterson, shepherd. See Paterson, Margaret (c.1785-1883) her daughter, below.
Menzies, Annedied at Kilbrenan 28 Nov. 1860 aged 74. F. Hector McLean, cottar. M. Mary Lamont. [Wife of John Menzies, Pensioner 79th Regt. 65 in 1851. Census says he was born Fortingall & she at Fort George. She was 62. They had a son John 35 who had a wife called Ann, b. Uist. Hector McLean, Anne's father, was also an army pensioner when his son Allan was baptised at Aird of Penmore in 1789].
Menzies, John(c. 1779-1857) Married; died 8 July 1857 at Kilbrenan aged 78. F. Duncan Menzies, tenant. M. Catherine McDougall, dec. Buried Kilninian. [JM was in 1851 census at Balligown, aged 65 Pensioner of 79th Regiment, born Fortingall, Perthshire; married to Ann and with his son John Menzies Marr. 35, farm labourer, b. Lisbon
Merry, ChristinaSee Black, Malcolm (c. 1855-1884) her husband. [She was a grand-daughter of John Merry, (c.1791-1870), sheep farmer in Ardnadrochit Torosay & of his wife Sarah, who were both born in Ayrshire. She was therefore a niece of Janet Merry, wife of Dugald McPhail, the Mull bard.She was 3 in the census of 1861 at Ardnadrochit, where her parents
Merry, John(c.1791-1870) Died aged 79. 550, no.9 Torosay [Computer index] Farmer married to Sarah Haddow, died 17 Dec. 1870 at Hazelbank, Torosay, aged 79. F. William Merry. M. Margaret Wilson. Pneumonia.James Merry, son, present. [Father of Janet Merry, who married Dugald MacPhail, the poet]
Merry, John(c. 1856-1876) accountant's clerk, died 6 May 1876 at Ardachaoil, Torosay, aged 20 of pneumonia. F. James Merry, farmer. M. Christina Currie. Info. James Merry, father. Duncan McColl, surgeon. [Brother of Christina Merry above.]
Miller, Andrew Pitcairnwidower of Cecilia Henderson, died Killiechronan 1877 aged 73. F. James Miller, farmer, dec. M. Ann Pitcairn.
Miller, Catherinedied 1860 aged 7, Kilninian & Kilmore
Morison, Counndullie Rankine[as below] died 19 Sept. 1943 aged 87 at Strongarbhe House, Tobermory.F. Neil Rankin, farmer, dec. M. Margaret Morison, M/S Maclaine, dec. Senility. N. Morison, nephew, Cleevecroft, Forest Gate [Busby ? Crosby ?Corby ?] present.
Morison, Flora Margaretmarried to Counndullie Rankine Morison, divisional inspector of Public Assistance retired; died at Strongarbhe House, Tobermory, 26 June 1943 Aged 79. F. Angus Macrae, farmer dec. M. Catherine Macdonald, dec..Senility. Info. Angus Morison, son, Restennet, Wyllie Street, Forfar.
Morrison, Duncanmarried, weaver, pauper died 28 September 1872 at Argyle Terrace Tobermory, aged 66. [
Munro, Christina[Gravestone] Kilninian died 6 Feb. 1855 aged 82. Erected by her son William Fraser AM, Minister of Ulva.
Nobleinfant lived 1 hour died 1861. [Details not taken down].
Noble, Marydied at Salen, 1862 2 hours old along with twin, William Noble 3 hours old. F. William Noble mason, M. Mary McLean. [Salen CR deaths]
Park, Mary[wife of Thomas Johnston] see Thorburn, Susan (c.1787-1866) her dau.
Paterson, Campbell(c. 1802-1856) died 26 February 1856 at Knock, married [no wife's name] [no age given] disease of the heart, cert. Duncan McColl. F. William Paterson M. Isabella Colquhoun. Buried Pennygown. Info. ? Crawford,Brother-in-law, 66 Union Street Greenock, not present. [Campbell Paterson was in 1851 census of Knock aged 53 as farmer employing 20 shepherds and 10 labourers. CP was born in Inveraray. His wife Magdalene 40 born Borrowstouness Bo'ness
Paterson, HectorSee McCallum, Mary (1778-1874), his wife.
Paterson, Hugh[married to Margaret Maxwell] See Paterson, Margaret (c. 1785-1883) his daughter, below.
Paterson, Margaret(c. 1785-1883) widow of Malcolm McKinnon letter carrier, died 2 Jan. 1883 at Ledaig, Tobermory aged 98. F. Hugh Paterson, shepherd. M. Margaret Maxwell. Info. Margaret Smith, granddaughter present.
Paterson, Mary(1778-1874) widow of Hector Paterson, farmer, died 7 August 1874 at Cragaig, Kilninian & Kilmore, aged 96. F. Malcolm McCallum, Herdman, dec. M. Ann Lamont, dec. Infirmities of Old Age, confined to Bed 1 month. Not cert. Neil Paterson son, present. [Mary & Hector were married 3 Feb. 1800 when she was in Cragaig, and baptisms of their 10 children in OPR were in Treshnish.]
Petrie, Annhotel keeper, widow of James Petrie, hotel keeper; died 8 April 1872 at Shore Street, Tobermory aged 78. F. Philip Rich, draymaker, dec. M. Sarah Rich, M/S Rich, dec. Paralysis, 1 year. Cert. by Hector McColl, surgeon.John Campbell, principal Court Officer, Tobermory.
Pitcairn, Andrewmiller, widower of Cecilia Henderson, died Killiechronan 1877 aged 73.F. James Miller, Farmer, dec. M Ann Pitcairn
Rankin, Flory(c. 1778-1861) died as Flory McLean crofter's wife, widow of Lachlan McLean, 1 June 1861 at Penmore aged 83. F. Hugh Rankin, miller dec. M. Mary Rankin, M/S Rankin, dec. Infirmities of Old Age. Mary McLean, daughter present.
Rankin, Hector[married to Elizabeth McLachlan] see McLeod Margaret (1767-1855), his daughter.
Rankin, Margaret(c. 1767-1855) died at Dervaig 8 Dec. 1855 aged 88; married to Donald McLeod. She was born at Kingaruar, dau.of Hector Rankin & Elizabeth or Betsy McLachlan. Only one child- Flora, now 60. Info. Hector McLaine, grandson.
Robertson, Janetsingle, died 27 March 1861 Oskamull aged 41. F. William Robertson, weaver. M. Marion McKinnon (dec) Supposed fever.
Robertson, MarionMarried, wife of a woollen weaver [William Robertson or Robieson. He was Born in S. Uist. Their children were Janet, 1817, Margaret nd, Mary 1825 Malcolm 1828, Donald 1830, Archibald 1832, Jean 1836, John 1838] she died at Oskamull 8 March 1857, aged 64. F. Donald McKinnon, cottar; M. Jane Sutherland. Supposed cancer, not certified. Buried Killenalen. Info. Mary Robertson X, daughter, present.
Ross, Phoebesingle, family nurse aged 80, died at Badenoch Cottage Tobermory aged 80 in 1869. F. Donald Ross. M. Kate Ross, M/S Ross.
Roy, Margaret Westsee Watson, Margaret Roy, died at Springbank, Tobermory 12 Dec. 1869.
Russell, Donald(c. 1795-1872) widower of Mary McPherson died at Lochdonhead in Torosay, aged 77, 1872. F. William Russell. M. Catherine McLean. Old age. Archibald Russell son, present. [In 1861 census DR was in Tobermory, a widower, 67, tailor, b. Kilmore, in household of Donald Cameron, 52, labourer, b. Ardnamurchan, where he was a lodger. If Baptisms of Donald's children are hard to find it is because he was also in Greenock, where Archibald was born. Mary McPherson was from Kilvicheoun. DR's son Archibald was a joiner & miller at Loch Don.]
Russell, Williami> of Donald Russell, above, he was a tailor, and lived at Crossapol. Married Catherine McLean before 1790. Baptisms in Crossapol: Allan1790; John 1791; Winifred [Una] 1794. They were then in Frachadil baptisms Donald 1796; Archibald 1798; Hugh 1800. They moved toDervaig - Margaret 1808 and John 1811. Hugh Russell married Catherine McNiven & lived in Dervaig. Donald married Mary McPherson in 1819 and was a tailor. They lived first in Tobermory then moved to Lochdonhead in Torosay]
Ryan, Peterdied 1875 at Tobermory aged 13 days.
Salmond, Jamesmerchant, married to Christina Thomson. See Campbell, Mary (1802-1876) his daughter.
Scott, AndrewSelkirk death . died 1870, Selkirk, aged 84 778 no. 18 [computer index] [This is possibly the husband of Jane Jarvis Maclaine of Lochbuy]
Shaw, Marysee McInnes, Donald died Kilbrenan, 1861 aged 40 (her son)
Shaw, Mary Ann(c.1841-1875), wife of Archibald McIntyre, grocer & flesher Tobermory,Died 19 March 1875, Shore Street, Tobermory, aged 34. F. John Shaw spirit dealer , dec. M. Catherine Beaton. Bronchitis. Info. Archibald McIntyre, husband, present.
Sinclair, Catherinemarried, died at Garmony 12 March 1859 aged 76. F. Duncan Ferguson, crofter, dec. M. Mary Ferguson M/S Ferguson. Burial place Pennygown. Info. Donald Sinclair, husband present. Buried Pennygown. [Neither Donald nor Catherine were Mull people.DS born Kilmelfort, Argyll, CF born Kilmichael, Argyll. They are first seen, after an 1822 baptism of Malcolm,In 1841 census of Garmony, having been in Glasgow & Lochfyneside.Donald in 1841 was 55, a ploughman with Catherine 55, Duncan 25, Mary 20, John 6. In 1861 at Balaraoich, DS Widower 82, pauper, retired ploughman, Mary dau. Unm. 47 and Eliza McCallum, grand-daughter 5 scholar, b. Torosay. Donald was the "Tyrannical Elf" of LMD. (ie Lauchlan Maclaine the Diarist, see MULL- THE ISLAND & ITS PEOPLE, by Jo Currie, chap. 21) Catherine sold eggs. Their daughter Catherine born c. 1819 married Donald McCallum, and I think went to Australia].
Sinclair, Donald" The Tyrannical Elf" . Married to Catherine Ferguson or Sinclair see above. Mentioned in the diaries of Lauchlan Maclaine as a bad character, being Lauchlan's close neighbour : " Applied to DS to plough down the sea ware got by me (LMD had tenant's right to services) last spring tide and which had been spoiling for near a fortnight on the shore - but he told me promptly he would not. Had I not his Master's (Donald Gregorson, who had the tack of Garmony) orders for such small jobs to be done for me it would give me no surprise, but it astonishes me they durst disobey his commands ..." - Sat 10 April 1824." ...Went to cut tangle where the rest of the people were, and received a deal of abuse from the workmen & shepherd - one of them, Donald Sinclair, threatening ... to throw them into the sea... Tues. 13 Apr. 1824." Mr Alexander Allison has Donald Sinclair's house & Don'd Sinclair moved to the stable ! Changed days with him, the p- tyrannical elf !"Frid. 3 June 1836.
Sinclair, Johnof Lochaline, died 1863. Personal estate £3,139. Son John Sinclair, daus. Margaret, Catherine Flora Ann (deceased), Mary.
Sinclair, Peggydomestic servant died in Tobermory Poor House, aged 26, 1869.
Smith, George(1811-1875), feuar, married [no wife's name], died 5 July 1875 at Shore Street Tobermory aged 64. F. Duncan Smith, Officer of Excise & feuar, dec.M. Catherine McLean, dec. Info. Isabella Smith X her mark, wife. [ George Smith was baptised 15 Dec.1811 in Tobermory to Duncan S. & Catherine McLean. Duncan, who was born Cowal, had a much younger wife in 1851 census of Tobermory, when he, a superannuated officer of excise, was 74 and Flora his wife 45. In 1871 census, Tobermory Breast George is 58, Ship Broker, married to Isabella 50, b. Uist, & with her dau. & gr-dau.].
Sproat, Mary McLeanaged 17 days died at Tobermory 19 April 1855 of convulsions. F. William Sproat, Writer. M. Jane Black [dau. of George Black];
Stevenson, Annpauper, widow, died 15 Aug. 1872 at Union Poor House, Tobermory, aged 69. [no parents' names].
Stewart, Alexandercarpenter, married; died 15 May 1860 at Lochdonhead aged 65. F. Peter Stewart. Dec. M. Ann McDonald. Cancer of the liver. [Torosay CR]
Stewart, Catherine[married to John McKinnon] see McKinnon Charles (c.1806-1866) Her son.
Stewart, Donaldsee Lamont Euphemia, (c. 1790-1860) his grandmother.
Stewart, DugaldSchoolmaster, married to Effy Fletcher. See entry for his daughter Christina McDougall who died at Staffa Cottage, Tobermory 16 March 1883 aged 73. [Dugald Stewart must have been an SSPCK teacher & therefore 'ambulatory'. He was married to Effy Fletcher in January 1805 as schoolmaster of Mishnish. In 1807 he was in Corkamull, in 1812 in Killiemore Kilninian, in 1818 in Baliochdrach. In 1851 census he was in census at Kentallen as a farmer with two later daughters who are not in OPR because of Kilninian Gap. Dugald S. was the son of William S. who was in Duke's census atAchronich ].
Stewart, Flora(c. 1802-1855) born Corkamull; had lived in Salen district 26 years. Died aged 53 at Aros 23 March 1855. F. Lachlan Stewart farmer, dec. [No mother's name given but she was Ann McPhail] Unmarried. No children. Info. John Stewart, brother, present.
Stewart, Janetsee Campbell Alexander (c.1768-1857) died 1857 at Achronich, her son.
Stewart, Janetsee Alexander McDougall (c.1792-1875) died 1875 at Tobermory, her son.
Stewart, John[Informant at death of Flora Stewart at Aros 23 March 1855, his sister]. [John Stewart was unmarried, aged 46 in the 1851 census at Aros with his sister Flora unmarried 36 (but she must have been 50 !!) and his sister Mary (age illegible)].
Stewart, John(c. 1828-1883) watchmaker, widower, [of Mary Swan Stewart, see below, died at Cherry Bank, Tobermory, 25 Feb. 1883, aged 55. F. John Stewart watchmaker, M. Ann Howatt, dec. Cardiac. John Stewart son, present.
Stewart, Lachlan[married to Ann McPhail] see Stewart, Flora (c.1802-1855) his daughter. [Lachlan Stewart was born about 1752 and died 1834 (?) according to a stone at Cill an Ailein, Aros, aged 82. His children in Kilninian OPR were John 1794, Donald 1797, Flora 1800 and Janet 1806. He lived in Corkamull].
Stewart, Mary(c. 1765-1855) born Glencannel; 2 years in district [of Salen, where she died] Married to Allan Stewart [no children listed] Died at Kellan 13 May 1855 Aged 90. Buried Knock. Info. John McFadyen. F. Charles Fletcher farmer.M. Catherine Fletcher M/S Fletcher. [John McFadyen was the Miller's son at Kellan. He was 32 and 1851 census. But Mary Stewart or Fletcher was not in that household then] .
Stewart, Mary Swan(c. 1832-1883) married to John Stewart [watchmaker] she died 28 Jan. 1883,Cherry Bank Cottage, [Tobermory] aged 51, F. Daniel Mitchell, pawnbroker,Dec. M. Agnes Stewart. Kidney disease. Info. John Stewart, son, not present, Strabane, Ireland. See also her husband John Stewart (c. 1828-1883) who died 4 weeks later.
Stewart, Maryaged 9. Died 1857 Dervaig. F. John Stewart, merchant. M. Mary McInnes.
Stewart, Matthewapprentice, baker, aged 18; died at Tobermory 1869. Usual res. 50 North Albion Street, Glasgow.
Sutherland, Allandied aged 10 in Kilninian parish 1864 [no more copied]
Sutherland, Johnshepherd, married to Janet Cameron, Stronbuidh, aged 36, 29 Jan. 1861.F. John Sutherland, cottar M. Marion McKinnon. Supposed consumption.
Tant, Christian B.see McKenzie, Christian Baillie (c.1840-1866)
Tant, Emilia[Mrs Yellowlees] see McKenzie, Christian Baillie (c.1840-1866) her dau.
Tant, Williamsee McKenzie Christian Baillie (c.1840-1866) his daughter.
Tant, William Fraser[Student of Divinity, with an address in Jura] see McKenzie ChristianBaillie (c. 1840-1866) his sister.
Taylor, Allansingle, died 12 Jan. 1860 at Lochdonhead aged 25. F. Laurence Taylor, builder. M. Catherine Imrie. [Torosay CR]
Thomson, James Bailliedied at Tobermory aged 3 hours, 1869.
Thorburn, David[farmer, Calgary in 1860s] see Thorburn Susan (c.1787-1866) his mother.
Thorburn, Susan(c.1787-1866) widow of James Thorburn, died Portmore, Tobermory 15 June 1866 aged 79.F. Thomas Johnston, farmer, dec. M. Mary Park dec. Fever. Signed David Thorburn, Farmer, Calgary, son present.
Turnbull, David[Informant] nephew of Peggy Livingston (c. 1796-1883).
Watson, David(c.1796-1876) captain & shipowner, landed proprietor, married to Mary Campbell, died at East Ardow, Kilninian, aged 80, 1876. F. David Watson Captain & Shipowner. M. Jane Mitchell. Old Age. Catherine Watson, Daughter, present.
Watson, Mgt West Roy(c. 1800- 1869) widow of Major Robert Watson, Ceylon Rifles. Died 12 Dec. 1869 at Springbank, Tobermory aged 69. F. James Roy, Adjutant, Military Depot, Aberdeen, dec. M. Flora McLeod dec. Mortification of Left arm 9 days. Cert. by Hector McColl. Info. Betsy Cameron, servant To Mrs Watson, present. [Her Inventory is in the SRO or NAS. SC 51/32/17"Mrs Margaret West Roy or WATSON residing at Springbank, Tobermory, relict of the late Major Robert Watson of the Ceylon Rifle Regt. Cash in house£60, silver plate £25; jewelry £10; Pictures & engravings £5; Napery £10; clothes £10; furniture sold by public roup 6 May 1870, £155. 12. 9. Amount due by Captain Rupert Campbell Watson of Ceylon Rifles, £90 less £60 paid = £30. Rent of portion of Springbank... Total personal estate £321. 19. 3."]
Whitelaw, JamesJoiner See McKinnon, Christina, who died as his widow at Tobermory 1883.
Willies, John[watchmaker, married to Jane McLean] see Willies, Sally (c.1778-1866)
Willies, Sally(c. 1778-1866) single, died Ledag, Tobermory 19 Feb. 1866 aged 88. F. John Willies, watchmaker, dec. M. Jane McLean, dec. Bronchitis. Info. William Waddell, baker, householder, Tobermory, not present.
Wright, Jameslighthouse keeper, Sound of Mull, married, aged 29. Died 1869 in Tobermory of phthisis.
Yeoman, Jamesdied Dervaig 1860 aged 9 months. F. Francis Yeoman. M. Mary Lawson.
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Salen1855, 1856, 1857, 1862
Tobermory1855, 1860, 1866 (selected, cross-referenced for all names mentioned in entries), 1869, 1872, 1875, 1883 (cross-referenced for all names mentioned in entries)
Torosay1860, 1882, 1859 (selected)
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