Names of Officers from the Island of Mull who served in the Army or Navy between 1800 and 1815.
This List was made at the dictation of the late Alex. McLean, Esq., of Pennycross, who was personally acquainted with the Officers before they left the Island and watched their careers during the war with intense interest, five of his own brothers being amongst them.
Gen. John Campbell Marines Fidden
Lt. Col. James Campbell Knockvaolagam
Dr. Alex. Campbell H.E.I. Co. Assapol
Col. Donald Campbell 57th Regiment Bailemeanach
Lieut. Angus McKinnon 42nd Regiment Ulvalt
Major Gen. A. McLean Cavalry Pennycross
Capt. Charles McLean 31st Regiment Pennycross
Lieut. John McLean 2nd W.I. Regiment Pennycross
Lieut. Lachlan McLean Rifles Pennycross
Commissary Archd. McLean Pennycross
All uncles of Mr. A. McLean, Carsaig
Captain Dugald McLean Argyllshire Regiment of Fencibles Ardfinaig.
Captain Allan McLean 90th Regiment do
Lieut. John McLean 6th Regiment do
Lieut. Donald McLean 74th Regiment do
Lieut. Neil McLean Royal Navy do.
Captain Dugald was the grandfather of Mr. Colin A. McVean, J.P., Kilfinichen; Mr. Archibald and Miss Ann Mary wife of the Rev. Mr. McLeod, F. C., Strontian, and Isabella, wife of Dr. McArthur, Lofthouse, Gate, Wakefield, Yorkshire; the other Ardfinaigs were their granduncles.
Capt. Allan McLean Moinechuich
In Gen. Dr. Charles' McLean Bunessan
Capt. Hector McLean 93rd Regiment do
Lieut. Allan McLean 91st Regiment do.
Maternal uncles of Mr. John McCallum, Solicitor, Tobermory; Mr. Allan McCallum and Mrs. Archd. Campbell, Victoria, Australia, and Miss Sibella. McCallum, Glasgow.
Col. Alex. McLean 86th Regiment Uisken
Capt. John McLean 56th Regiment do.
Lieut. Archd. McLean 56th Regiment do.
Lieut. Dun. McLean 56th Regiment do.
Lieutenant Archibald was the father of Mr. John Ralph McLean and Miss Margaret McLean, Glasgow; the other Uiskens were their uncles; and also uncles of Miss Margaret McLean Morrison, and Mrs. Jamima Morrison or McNaughtan, Rudhamor, Bunessan
Col. Archd. McLean 79th Regiment Scoor.
Lieut. Hugh McLean do.
This Officer, when a youth, piloted Prince Charles Edward through the Sound of lone. He was a relative of Mr. C. A. McVean.
Col: Charles McLean In-Gen. of Cavalry, Torranbeag
Col. Alex. McLean 2nd W.I. Regiment do.
Lieut. Col. Archd. McLean Cavalry do.
Capt. Allan McLean 84th Regiment do.
Lieut. John McLean, 24th Regiment Gorraneachdrach
Lieut. Dun. McLean 79th Regiment Rossal
Dr. Allan McLean Royals do.
Dr. Allan was the subject of the Gaelic song beginning with "Soraidh shlan do'n Ailleagan, a ghluais arm tus a raith bh'uiain," composed by Donald McLean, Leeb, Ardtun, better known as Domh'l Ban na Libe.
Capt. Alex. McLean 95th Regiment Kilfinichen.
Col. Wm. McLeod 69th Regiment Ardchuneshnish
Col. Archd. Norman McLeod Canadians, do.
Lieut. Donald McLeod 76th Regiment do.
Maternal granduncles of Mr. Colin A. McVean, Kilfinichen
Capt. Lachlan Macquarie 86th Regiment Ardchnunish
Father of Messrs. Lachlan Macquarie, Benmore, Kilmun; and Murdoch Macquarie, Stawell, Victoria, Australia - and grandfather of Mr. Charles Macquarie, Bunessan.
Major Gen. Lachlan MacQuarie 55th Regiment Gribun
Capt. MacQuarie 2nd Dragoons do.
Capt. Lachlan MacQuarie 93rd Regiment do.
Capt. Allan McDonald 80th Regiment Ardvergnish
Col. Charles Macquarie 42nd Regiment Ulva
Capt. Hector MacQuarie H. E. I. Co. do.
Capt. Lachlan MacQuarie 84th Regiment (Chief) do.
Capt. George MacQuarie 63rd Regiment do.
Capt. Hector MacQuarie 55th Regiment do.
Lieut. Lachlan MacQuarie 21st Regiment do.
Colonel Macquarie was the father of Captain George Macquarie, late of the Black Watch, residing at Tobermory. The others were uncle, cousins, &c.; and the grandfather of Mr. Charles, Misses Isabella, Eleanor, Margaret, and Penney MacQuarie, and of Maryann, wife of Mr. James Gray, Elizabeth wife of James Balfour, and Georgina wife of John McIntyre, Writer, all of Glasgow.
Major Dugald Campbell 91st Regiment Treshnish
Lieut. Angus Campbell do.
Capt. Dugald Campbell 91st Regiment Keallon
Lieut.Col. Archd. Campbell Ardnacross
Major Duncan Campbell 42nd Regiment do.
Capt. John Campbell 91st Regiment do.
Lieut. Alex. Campbell Coilechronain
Capt. Arch. Campbell 92nd Regiment Coilechronain
Capt. Arch. Campbell 80th Regiment Coilechronain
Capt. Simon Fraser Ceannagharasir
Capt. Peter McLean 64th Regiment do.
Dr. John McLean H. E. I. Co. do.
General Sir Hector McLean Quinish
Major Norman McLean do.
Capt. Hugh McLean Foot Guards do.
Capt. Allan McLean do.
Lieut. John McLean Light Cavalry do.
Capt. Hugh McLean do.
Col. Hugh McLean 77th Regiment Oscamull
Capt. Hector McLean 42nd Regiment do.
Major Murdoch McLean 42nd Regiment, do.
Colonel Hugh McLean, was the granduncle of Dr. MacPherson, Bonar Bridge, and the Rev. John MacPherson, F. C., Findhorn.
Capt. Arch. McLean 86th Regiment Laggan, Ulva
Capt. Lachlan MacLean 71st Regiment do.
Gen. Lachlan MacLean 60th Regiment Torloisk
Gen. Cliffen McLean Foot Guards do.
Lieut. Allan McLean Ensay
Lieut. Hector McLean do.
Major Donald McLean Royals Langamull
Lieut. Hugh McLean 90th Regiment do.
Dr. Alexander McLean H. E. I. Co. do.
Ensign James Maxwell Aros
Captain Dun. Stewart 72nd Regiment Achadasenag
Dr. Alex. Stewart do.
Gen. Lachlan Macquarie 73rd Regiment Gruline
Governor General of NSWales
Col. Alex. Campbell 20th Regiment, Achnacroish
Capt. Alex. Campbell 2nd Dragoons do.
Capt. John Campbell 7th Dragoons do.
Col Donald Campbell 49th Regiment Knock
Col. Archd. Campbell Royals do.
Col. Archd. Campbell 46th Regiment do.
Col. James Campbell 46th Regiment do.
Capt. Colin Campbell 46th Regiment do.
Capt. John Campbell 46th Regiment do.
Col. Alex. Fraser 78th Regiment Gualachaolish
En. Wm. Fraser do.
Major Alex. MacLachlan 75th Regiment Achanacraig
Lt. Robt. MacLachlan 72nd do. do.
Lt. Dugald MacLachlan 18th do do.
Capt. Murdoch MacLaine 84th do Lochbuie
Lieut. John MacLaine 73rd do. do.
Lieut. Murdoch MacLaine 42nd do. do.
The latter was the grandfather of the present MacLaine of Lochbuie.
Lieut. Gen. Sir Archd. McLean 94th Regiment Scalesdale
Col. Hector McLean 57th do. do.
Major McLean 73rd do. do.
Capt. Murdoch McLean 20th do. do.
En. Lachlan McLean 3rd W. I. Regiment do.
Lieut. Alex. McLean Canadians Pennygown
Dr. Colin McTavish H. E. I. Co. Laggan, Lochbuie
Dr. McTavish was the father of Mr. Dugald McTavish, Union Bank, Johnstone; Miss Margaret McTavish, Spring Bank, Islay; and of Colina, wife of the Rev. E. C. Gordon, Catrine, Ayrshire.
Admiral James McDonald Inchkenneth
Col. Robert McDonald Artillery do.
Captain James McDonald Royal Navy do.
Major Charles McDonald Guards do.
Captain Robert McDonald 42nd Regiment do.
The names of the undernoted Officers were on the original list, but it was not satisfactorily ascertained. that they joined the Army from Mull, although they resided there after their discharge, viz.:-
Major-General Donald Campbell, Captain Duncan Campbell,
Lieutenants James And John Campbell, all of the Marines, Tobermory;
Captain Alex. Campbell, 42nd.Regiment, Tobermory;
Captain Donald Campbell, Marines, Quinish, maternal grandfather of Mr. Duncan Robertson of Pennyghael, Advocate, Edinburgh.
We have above the names of 110 Officers, but all trace of the rank and file, which must have been many hundreds strong is lost.