Index to CR Deaths in Kilninian - contribution by Jo Currie, Edinburgh, 1st May 2001
Abbreviations  AC = Archibald Campbell of Stonefield; 
ACP = Col. Alexander Campbell of Possil; 
AM = Gen. Allan Maclean; 
AMB = Allan Maclean, Bart.(Sir Allan); 
AMD = Allan Maclean, the red- haired doctor; 
AMLB = Archibald Maclaine of Lochbuy;
CM = Charles Macquarie of Ulva; 
DM = Donald Maclaine, merchant; 
DMWS = Donald Maclean WS; 
FWC = Francis William Clark; 
GM = Gillean Maclaine; 
JB = James Boswell; 
JC = Jane Campbell; 
JG = John Gregorson of Ardtornish; 
JMG = John Maclaine Tacksman of Gruline; 
JMLB = John Maclaine of Lochbuy; 
LB = Lochbuy estate; 
LM = Lachlan Macquarie of NSW; 
LMD = Lauchlan Maclaine the diarist; 
LMQ = Lachlan Macquarrie of Ulva; 
LMT = Lachlan Maclean of Torloisk; 
MM = Murdoch Maclaine 19th of Lochbuy; 
MM2 = Murdoch Maclaine 20th of Lochbuy; 
MM3 = Murdoch Maclaine of Lochbuy, 1814-1850; 
MMT = Marianne Maclean of Torloisk (Mrs Clephane); 
RM = Ranald Macdonald of Staffa;
SJ = Samuel Johnson. 

Note All women, in deference to custom, are indexed by their maiden names.

Abercromby, Ralph 1734-1801; general; 
Allan, Alexander 1780-1854; founder of the Allan Line; 
Allan, Alexander 1844- ; of Aros; 
Allan, Bryce 18 - 1874; of Aros; 
Argyll, Dukes of  
    Campbell, Archibald 16 - 1703. 1st duke.(10th earl); created duke 1701, his expedition to Mull
                   Archibald 1682-1761; 3rd duke; succeeded 1743; letter to Duncan Forbes, sympathy for victims of '45; introduces oath of allegiance; asks tenants to build in stone;
                   George Douglas  1823-1900. 8th duke; m. Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Leveson-Gower
                   George William 1768-1839; 6th duke; succeeded 1806; m. Lady Caroline Paget; visits Mull; sells estates in Mull;
                   John 1678-1743; 2nd duke; succeeded 1703; 
                   John  - 1770. 4th duke; succeeded 1761; as John Campbell of Mamore, supports reprisals 
                   John  1723-1806. 5th duke; succeeded 1770. Deep concern for Mull estates, involved in founding of Tobermory, encourages fishing industry, 
                   John Douglas  - 1847; 7th duke; succeeded 1839 his brother George William
                   John Douglas S. 1845 -1914; 9th duke; succeeded 1900; m. Princess Louise
Argyll, Earls of  
                   Campbell, Archibald  1607-1661; 'Gruamach'; 8th earl & marquis; 
                   Campbell, Archibald 1629-1685; 9th earl; 
                   Campbell, Archibald  16 -1703; 10th earl; 
Auldjo, John c.1800-18 ; proprietor of Pennygael & Torrans; 
Auldjo, Thomas Richardson fl. 1800; proprietor of Pennygael; 
Banks, Sir Joseph 1743-1820; visitor to Staffa in 1772; 
Beaton, Edmond 17 -1758; of Pennycross; goes to Jamaica in 1725; 
Beaton, John c.1645-1708; minister of Kilninian; 
Beaton, Malcolm  16 - ; infeft in Pennycross 1663, 
Beaton, Neil  17 -17 ; claimant to lands of Pennycross; 
Beaton, Rory  1760-185 ; tenant in Ardalanish; 
Beveridge, Dr James Hall c.1815-1864; surgeon in Bunessan; inspector of the poor; 
Black, Dr Donald  1839-1885; medical practitioner in Ross of Mull; 
Blackadder, William  17 -18 . surveyor; 
Blair, "Moggie" fl. 1720-1745; landlady in Edinburgh, wife of the betrayer of Sir Hector Maclean; 
Borrie, David c.1795-18 ; gardener & overseer at Torloisk; 
Boswell, James 1740-1795; author of Tour; visitor to Mull in 1773. 
Boyter, Dr David 1788-1850; distributor of national funds for destitute Highlanders; 
Browne, Mary d. 1717. 1st duchess of 2nd duke of Argyll; 
Buchanan, Anne c.17 - 18 ; in Garmony, half sister of LMD; 
Buchanan, George  c.1782-18 ; packetmaster in Tobermory
Buchanan, John 1729-17 . husband of Janet McPhail
Burt, Edmund d.1765; officer of engineers; 
Cameron, Sir Ewen 1629-1719; of Lochiel
Campbell, Alexander d. 1756; tacksman of Scallastle; 
Campbell, Alexander d. 1828; 'the Old Fox'; tacksman of Auchnacraig; 
Campbell, Alexander fl. 17 ; schoolmaster in Laggan; threatens to go to law over non-payment of his salary
Campbell, Dr Alexander 1764-1824. compiler of Albyn; visitor to Mull in 1815; 
Campbell, Alexander 1778-1847; 'ACP'; Colonel, of Possil & Achnacroish; buys Duart; generous to church; 
Campbell, Archibald  1696-1777. 'AC'; of Stonefield, Sheriff of Argyll; accompanies Duncan Forbes of Culloden on expedition to Mull,
Campbell, Archibald 1734- ; tacksman of Treshnish; 
Campbell, Archibald c.1766-1790; Lieut., tacksman of Sunipol; 
Campbell, Archibald J.  proprietor of Kilpatrick ?
Campbell, Archibald  1836-1910. minister of Kilfinichen; 
Campbell, Colin d. 1806 ? tacksman of Achnacroish; 
Campbell, Colin  17 -18 . of Kintraw; marries Jane Maclaine of LB, becomes factor to Campbell of Possil, dismissed, in Oban before emigrating to Australia,
Campbell, Donald d.1775. of Airds; factor to duke of Argyll, reports on estate in Mull in 1747
Campbell, Donald fl. 1760. tacksman of Mingary
Campbell, Donald fl.1760. of Mishnish
Campbell, Donald  1786-1855. minister of Kilfinichen; 
Campbell, Donald d. 1841. in Achnacraig; son of Alexander Campbell, Tacksman; MM2's hostility to, supposed insanity of, possible suicide of ...
Campbell, Donald d. 1861 Capt., of Pennyghael. 
Campbell, Dugald 1746-1824. minister of Kilfinichen; contribution to Statistical Account
Campbell, Duncan 1707-1791; tacksman of Aros; 
Campbell, Duncan  fl. of Treshnish
Campbell, Elizabeth  c.1755-1819. of Achnaba, wife of Angus Gregorson of Ardtornish;
Campbell, Elizabeth H. c.1778-1835. wife of LM; marries LM, refuses to leave her husband's body, retains Mr Meiklejohn, sudden fit of gaiety & drives to London, death, charitable bequests
Campbell, Farquhar 1820-1881. of Aros, captain 42 Regt. (Black Watch); 
Campbell, Harriet 1815-18 . dau. of Alexander Campbell of Possil; her son inherits Torosay
Campbell, Isabella 18 -18 . wife of Lachlan Campbell, Jun., of Jarvisfield; 
Campbell, James  16 -1731. of Stonefield, sheriff depute of Argyll; 
Campbell, Jane d. 1800. of Stonefield,; wife of Sir John Campbell of Airds, looks after her grand-daughter, Jane, dislikes GM, plays the lottery
Campbell, Jane c.1761-1824. wife of MM; 30 years younger than MM, respected by AM, miscarries, brings Airds
standards to LB, as a widow has 9 daughters to marry, returns to LB, dies at LB,
Campbell, Jane  b.1818. dau. of Colin Campbell; marries Charles Maclean 1837,
Campbell, Janet (Jessie) 17 -18 . wife of Lieut. Archd. Campbell; employs Thomas Campbell as tutor,
Campbell, John c.1734-1801. Lord Stonefield, judge; 
Campbell, Sir John 1767-1834. of Airds; 
Campbell, John fl. 1790. general in the Marines.
Campbell, Sir John d. 1788. of Airds
Campbell, John c.1800-1872.'Factor Mor'; duke of Argyll's factor in Ardfenaig; 
Campbell, John 1816-1885. of Duart, or Torosay; 
Campbell, John  1816-1885. of Possil; called 'the dragoon'; builds Torosay Castle, marries two cousins who both die,
Campbell, John fl.1840-1884. in Dervaig
Campbell, Kenneth c.1795-1875. proprietor of Ardow
Campbell, Margaret  
Campbell, Mary  
Campbell, Mungo  1815-1872. minister of Salen QS church
Campbell, Neil fl. 1750-1765. son of Alexander C. of Scallastle; 
Campbell, Robert fl. 1700-1745; biographer of duke of Argyll; 
Campbell, Susan b. 1813. 'Black Beauty'; dau. of Alexander Campbell of Possil
Campbell, Susanna fl. 1730- . wife of tacksman of Scallastle
Campbell, Thomas 1777-1844. poet, tutor at Sunipol in 1795; grandson of Campbell of Kirnan 
Carmichael, Alexander 1810-1859. tacksman of Bunessan; 
Carmichael, Duncan 1768-183 .farmer in Glennan; postmaster at Achnacraig; 
Carr, Sir John 1772-1832. visitor to Mull in 1807;
Chantreau, Pierre Nicolas fl.17 . 'Citoyen Chantreau'; visitor to Mull in 1788-9.
Charles I 1600-1649.
Charles II d. 16
Cheape, George Clark 1842-1900. of Carsaig & Tiroran; 
Clark, Duncan 1790-1878. minister of Torosay; his 'needle pointing north'; first wife dies, borrows history of Macleans for New Statistical Account
Clark, Francis Wm 1800-1887. of Ulva; his background; buys Ulva; 'will not pay a fancy price'; snubbed by MM2; writes Statistical Account; effect of New Poor Law upon; irrascible behaviour of; learns Gaelic, treatment of tenants, bends roads towards Ulva,
Clark, Francis Wm. Jr. 1827-1886. sheriff of Lanark, only son of FWC; romantic view of Mull, marries Catherine MacLachlan;
Clark, Francis William 18 -19 . grandson of FWC; 
Clephane, Douglas 176 -1803.of Carslogie; 
Clephane, Margaret Maclean 1790-1830. Lady Compton & Marchioness of Northampton. c1790 -1830; writes to Walter Scott, a bluestocking, becomes immensely fat after marriage; visited by LMD;
Compton, Spencer J.A. 1790-1851. marquis of Northampton; marries Margaret Douglas Maclean Clephane; 
Crawford, Alexander 1809-1856. of Aros; 
Crawford, Donald 1837-1919. advocate, MP, son of Alexander Crawford; his connections with Mull landedfamilies; reports death of Donald Maclaine of Lochbuy;
Cromwell, Oliver 1599-1658.
Cromwell, Richard 1626-1712.
Cumberland, William  1721-1765. duke of; orders burning of Morvern
Cunison, Alexander d.1717. minister of Kilfinichen. 
Currie, Alexander b. 1800. schoolmaster in Fishnish; 
Currie, Donald c. 1770-184 .carpenter in Garmony; marries Anne Buchanan; 
Currie, Duncan c.1790- tenant in Cameron; 
Currie, Gillean c. 18 - ; in Ledirkle & Garmony. 
Currie, Hector c.1823. ferryman, Garmony; 
Currie, John 1758-1828. schoolmaster in Ulva; 
Cuthbertson, Robert 18 -18 . customs official in Tobermory
Dewar, James  1801-1866. minister of Salen QS church; 'the very milk of human kindness, but in his duty, resolute & immoveable', marries the Torloisk factor's dau.; 
Drummond, James  18 -1851.Viscount Strathallan. 
Drummond, William Henry  Viscount Strathallan, proprietor of Glenforsa. 1
Dunbar, Ronald c.1705-1753; WS; lawyer in Edinburgh; accompanies Forbes to Mull; 
Faujas de Saint Fond, B. 1741-1819. geologist & author, visitor to Mull in 1784; experiences Torloisk hospitality,
Ferguson, Alexander 1790-1833. minister of Tobermory QS church; 
Ferguson, Duncan 1800-1882. leader of Baptist congregation at Bunessan;
Ferrier, James 1744-1829. commissioner for duke of Argyll; 
Fletcher, Angus  c.1742-1775. minister of Ardnamurchan; 
Fletcher, John  fl.1740. in Aros; fosters Mally Maclaine, 
Forbes, Duncan 1644-1704. of Culloden
Forbes, Duncan 1685-1747. of Culloden; Lord President of the Court of Session; visits Mull 1737, introduces new system of leases, petitioned by the former laird of Treshnish, 
Forsyth, James 1801-1862. of Sorne; builder of Glengorm Castle; his attitude to islanders, 
Forsyth, James Noel Muller 1844-1923. of Quinish; son of James Forsyth; 
Fraser, Alexander c.1758-1828. minister of Torosay; found by presbytery to be living in sin; poverty of; his stipend late, irritant to heritors; CM reproves him; good humour when dying;
Fraser, Farquhar 1606-1680. minister of Tiree; 
Fraser, John  1647-1702. minister of Tiree; son of Farquhar; 
Fraser, Simon capt. 80th Regt. 
Fraser, Simon c. 1790-18 . lieut.4th East India Regt.
Fraser, William  1809-1874. minister of Ulva; 
Garnett, Thomas 1766-1802. visitor to Mull in 1798; 
George I 16 -17 . king
Graham, James  1612-1650. 5th earl & 1st marquis of Montrose; 
Grant, Colquhoun 1721-1792. WS; Jacobite; 
Grant, Lillias 1773-1833. wife of DMWS; 
Greenhill-Gardyne, Charles  1831-1923. prop. of Glenforsa, m. Amelia Anne Drummond, dau. of Lord Strathallan
Gregorson, Angus 1735-1811. tacksman of Ardtornish 
Gregorson, Angus 1816-1873. son of Donald Gregorson; writer in Oban; factor to L-B; 
Gregorson, Angus 1832-1872. son of JG; 
Gregorson, Donald  1776-1829. son of Angus Gregorson, tacksman of Ardtornish; 
Gregorson, Eliza 1824-1918. 'the Winter Daisy' dau. of JG; 
Gregorson, James fl. 17 -18 .
Gregorson, John  1775-1846. ' the Sheriff', of Ardtornish; 
Gregorson, Marjory 1778-1836. wife of Allan Maclaine of Scallastle; accused of adultery; her family colludes to show her husband's insanity; lives at Scallastle; her burial on Lismore & epitaph
Gunning, Elizabeth 1734-1790. duchess of Argyll, formerly duchess of Hamilton; 
Hall, Rev. James visitor to Mull in 1806 ?
Halliday, Andrew 1781-1839. tutor at Lochbuy; , medical student; later Sir Andrew; his diary, professional successgoes too far with MM, Miss Catherine meets him in London,
Hardie, John captain of Duart Castle
Hill, John colonel
Hume, David 1711-1776. philosopher; sends Essays to Archibald, 3rd duke of Argyll 
Hunter, Alexander 1790-1858. WS; 
James V 1512-1542. king of Scotland; 
James VI & I 1566-1625. king of Scotland, accession; 
James VII 1633-1701. second son of Charles I; 
Jarvis, Jane 1772-1796; 1st wife of LM; 
Johnson, Samuel 1709-1784. author of Journey; visitor to Mull in 1773; 
Knox, Andrew 1559-1633; bishop of the isles; 
Lambert, John  general
Lamont, Allan 1793-1865. schoolmaster & postmaster in Torosay; emigrates to Canada; 
Lamont, Archibald  
Lamont, Donald 1818-18 . son of Allan Lamont; assistant to Angus Gregorson, factor of L-B
Langlands, James  17 -18 . surveyor, 
Learmonth, Anne c.1733-1780. wife of MM; 
Leslie, David  16 - . general
Leyden, John  1775-1811; visitor to Mull in 1800; 
Lilburne, Robert  1613-1665. 
Lowther, Barbara c.1767- wife of AMLB; arranges assignation, her supposed fortune, her father's activities, behaviour after AMLB's murder, in London, visits Scotland, 
Macarthur, Alexander proprietor of Ardmeanach ? or was he black Macarthur ?
Macarthur, Archibald c.1734-1810. minister of Kilninian; 
Macarthur, Donald 1772-1864; min. of Kilninian; suffers from nervous illness; 
Macarthur, Duncan c. 1824-18 ; "black Macarthur", overseer in Tiroran in 1851; 
Macarthur, John  c.1827- ; of Ardmeanach; 
Macarthur, Patrick c.1740-1790; min. of Torosay; drowned in Sound of Mull; 
Macaskill, Allan 1765-1828; captain, of Mornish; Mull background; life at sea; nat. children; builds Calgary Castle; friendship with DMWS; leaves estate to nephew; MM2 will not visit him;
Macaskill, Donald 1824-18 ; natural son of Capt. Allan of Mornish; 
Macaskill, Hugh 1799-1863; "Eoghainn Mor", of Talisker, Skye; proprietor of Mornish; reputation as an evictor, 
Macaskill, Mary 1775-1866; sister & housekeeper to Capt.Allan at Calgary; 
MacCallum, Alexander 1774-1833; ground officer to D.of A.; becomes sheriff's clerk at Tobermory
MacCallum, John  c.1793-1858; joiner in Tobermory; 
MacCallum, John  c.1821-1892; writer in Tobermory, procurator; 
MacColl, Dr Duncan 1810-1882; surgeon in Salen; 
MacColl, Dr Hector 1799-1891; surgeon in Tobermory; charity towards poor; 
MacColla, Alasdair  
MacCormick, John 1785-1879; schoolmaster in Creich; 
MacCormick, Neil  1836-1925; quarrymaster in Creich; 
Macdonald, Alexander  c.1653-1724; min. of Ardnamurchan; 
Macdonald, Alexander  c.17 -1770; "Alasdair MacMhaighstir Alasdair", poet; 
Macdonald, Colin  17 -c.1798; of Boisdale; buys Ulva; 
Macdonald, Flora 1722-1790; heroine of the '45; 
Macdonald, Ian Lom poet
Macdonald, John schoolmaster
Macdonald, Ranald 1777-1838. 'RM'; "Staffa", proprietor of Ulva. His family background as a Macdonald of Boisdale, related to Flora Macdonald, his mother's role in Ulva, his hospitality, extravagance, marriage, bankruptcy, father-in-law rescues him, host to Walter Scott & Sir John Carr; eldership in Kilninian; attends General Assembly; sells Ulva,
Macdonald, Robert 1778-1855; of Inchkenneth, capt. in Artillery; 
Macdougall, Isabel c.1685-1759; 'the Grandmother'; 
Macdougall, Katharine fl. 1720-1770; wife of Lachlan Maclaine, & 2nd, of Allan Maclean of Kilmory;
Macdougall, Mary 1789-1872; [marr. name Macdonald]; hymn writer; moved from Shiaba to Ardalanish Point; 
MacGilvra, Alexander 1684-1778; of Pennyghael; 
MacGilvra, Alexander c. 1780-18 ; of Pennyghael; 
MacGilvra, Hugh 17 -1804; of Pennyghael; m. Cath. Maclaine of LB; 
MacGilvra, Martin fl.1610-1650; min. of Killean, Kilfinichen & Iona in 17thC.; of Pennyghael family; 
MacGilvray, William  of Pennyghael & Montreal
MacGregor, Alexander  minister of Iona, established church. 1796-1875 
MacGregor, James 1698-1759; of Correctled; ancestor of Ardtornish Gregorsons; 
MacInnes, Lachlan fl. 17 ; tenant in Corrinahenachy; 
Macintyre, Angus  1815-1887; min. of Kinlochspelvie QS parish; reports on famine; 
Macintyre, Duncan Ban 1724-1814; poet, visitor to Mull in 17 ; 
Macintyre, Duncan  of Burg
Macintyre, Duncan  Baptist and hymn writer. 1778-1863 
McKenzie, Duncan 1743-1800; husband of 'Miss Maclean'; 
McKenzie,  tutor at Lochbuy. 
McKillop, Charles 1765-185 ; tenant in Ledirkle; 
McKillop, Colin  1800-18 ; servant to ACP; injured in 1841; later innkeeper at Craignure,
McKillop, John c. 1745-18 ; in Ardchoirk; dances reel at age of 82; made elder of Torosay; 
Mackinnon, Angus  in Rossall
Mackinnon, Charles c. 1755- ; of Mackinnon; small, frail, short-sighted intellectual; 
Mackinnon, John  c. 1725- ; of Mackinnon; 
Mackinnon, Wm. Alexr. of Mackinnon
Maclachlan, Catherine c.1834-1916; wife of Francis Wm. Clark Jr.; 
Maclachlan, Dugald c.1795-1851; of Killiemore; interested in fishing; m. Isabella Stewart;
Maclachlan, Dugald 1814-1865; prison keeper in Tobermory; 
Maclachlan, Eun d. 1820; of Laudle; 
Maclachlan, Harriet 1790-1880; wife of ACP; acts of charity in Torosay; hostility to LMD; husband dies at height of potato famine
Maclachlan, Janet c.17 -18 ; wife of Dr Andrew Maclaine; 
Maclaine, Allan  fl.1700; of Garmony; father of JMLB; 
Maclaine, Allan  c.1728-17 ; brother of MM; 
Maclaine, Allan 1772-1843; of Scallastle; son of GM; irresponsibility; loudness; quarrels; marriage to Marjorie Gregorson, accuses wife of adultery with Dr Donald Maclaine; cognosced insane; in exile; not spoken of ;
Maclaine, Dr Andrew c.1760-1795; surgeon in Callachilly, drover; cattle breeding profitable but found to be penniless at his sudden death; widow's difficulties; effect on Mull economy; 
Maclaine, Angus 1800-1877; min. of Ardnamurchan; kindness to LMD; abandons parish to go to Australia; charitable funds for poor;
Maclaine, Archibald  1750-1784; 'AMLB' ; 18th of LB; schooling at Dalkeith; father will not confide in him; temper tantrums; tries to strangle GM; relationship with JMG; goes to America; buys negro woman, prisoner of war; court martial of; dismissed from army service; m. Barbara Lowther; quarrel with Munro; murdered; debts; has nat. son in America; 
Maclaine, Archibald 1777-18 ; son of GM; one of twins; 
Maclaine, Catherine c. 17 -1803; 'Miss Ketty'; sister of JMG; 
Maclaine, Catherine 1793-1894; dau. of MM; stays with Eliz. Macquarie in Putney; buys large number of gloves; returns to LB; longest living of MM's children; dies aged 100 at LB;
Maclaine, Dr Donald c. -1829; surgeon in Callachilly & Gualachaoilish; surviving children live at Aros Bridge,
Maclaine, Donald 1816-1863; 'DMLB'; 21st of LB; character; goes to Batavia; decision to buy sequestratedestate of LB, returns to Scotland, title confirmed, his children Episcopalians, builds Java Lodge, dies in Edinburgh, 
Maclaine, Donald c.1750-1819. 'DM'; 'Cousin Donald', merchant & seedsman in Edinburgh, protege of MM, conducts MM's business, 'cheats' LB family in will, disapproves of MM's friends, 
Maclaine, Elizabeth 1790-1837; dau. of MM; m. Donald Campbell; 
Maclaine, Farquhar 1743-1822; 'Honest Farquhar'; tenant in Oskamull, wright; brother-in-law of LM; . 
Maclaine, Flora  1796-1869; dau. of MM; later Mrs Whiteside; most intelligent of LB girls, marries AMD; lives at Rossall, financial problems as widow, goes to Ayr, remarries, visits LB with Dr Whiteside
Maclaine, Gillean c.1724-1788.'GM'; of Scallastle, natural son of JMLB, educates himself in law, changes LB documents to own advantage, 'reduced' by his father, AMLB attempts to strangle him, marries Maria MacQuarrie, disapproves of AMLB's behaviour, a "vagabond", raids Lochbuy muniments in MM's absence,"ruins" JMLB, "abominable bastard", Mrs Campbell of Airds hopes he will not visit, illness & death, his books, financial affairs, his son LMD's attitude to him, appearance of, 
Maclaine, Gillean of Scallastle, son of Allan Maclaine. 1796-1840. His career in Java, lost at sea, 
Maclaine, Harriet  
Maclaine, Hector 12th of LB
Maclaine, Hector c.1741-1744; of LB; 'the infant' 
Maclaine, Hector son of Farquhar Maclaine, 1783-
Maclaine, Hugh Col., son of Farquhar Maclaine. 17 -1828 
Maclaine, Hugh vintner in Tobermory, c.1758- 18
Maclaine, Jane  1788-18 ;dau. of MM, brought up by Campbells of Airds, in love with J. Gregorson, marries Colin Campbell of Kintraw, emigrates to Australia,
Maclaine, Jane Jarvis  1802-18 dau. of MM, 
Maclaine, John c.1670-1747. 'the grandfather', 14th of LB, 
Maclaine, John c.1700-1778. 'JMLB' 17th of LB, awaits confirmation of title, not in direct line of succession, his natural children, faced with LB debts, litigious nature of, falls out with GM, drinking habits, other things on his mind when he hosts JB & SJ., sees AMLB off to America, his violence with tenants, death, 
Maclaine, John  c.1728-1792.Tacksman of Gruline; bachelor, sister keeps house at Gruline, has son by a local woman, attached to AMLB, resents MM, financial problems of, Maclaine, John nephew of John T of G., 17 - 18
Maclaine, John  c.1765 - 18 .Tacksman of Tiroran. "slightly ridiculous", 16 children brought up as ladies & gentlemen, at war with every neighbour, emigrates to America, 
Maclaine, John 1778-1815, son of GM, killed at Waterloo. 
Maclaine, John son of MM. 1792-1818. ADC to LM in NSW, in Paris, viewing the Louvre, profligate nature of, talented observer, 
Maclaine, Lachlan  c.17 -1743, 'the prodigal', 15th of LB. Leaves enormous debts on LB estate, 
Maclaine, Lachlan  c.1677-1735. of Knockroy, father of MM, obscurity of, 
Maclaine, Lauchlan 1771-1847. 'LMD'. nat. son of GM, birth in Edinburgh, upbringing, education, fondness for women and young girls, valentines, opinion of commoner relations, popularity, attachment to Mrs Gregorson, poems and songs, collection of Gaelic poetry, goes to Oban, olium, illness and death, spoke no evil, 
Maclaine, Lily  'Black Beauty', dau. of MM2, 1818-1894. Carer to John Maclean in 21 Albany Street, tries to sell Java Lodge, 
Maclaine, Margaret (Peggy) c.1729-1811. mother of LM, sister of MM, Simplicity of, blindness, receives letter from Jane Jarvis, superstition about Little Colonsay, 
Maclaine, Mary (Mally)  c.1739-1831. dau. of Lachlan Maclaine of L-B., abducted by JMLB, elopes with Allan Maclean of Drimnin, 
Maclaine, Mary 1800-1880. Believes JG is in love with her, marries JG, hospitality at Ardtornish, kindness to LMD, 5 children die in infancy, falls into a decline on death of Jeanie, bears stillborn twins, LMD covets her, leaves Ardtornish,
Maclaine, Murdoch 16 -17 . 13th of L-B, 
Maclaine, Murdoch  
Maclaine, Murdoch 1730-1804; 'MM'; 19th of LB; birthplace and details of childhood unknown; apprenticeship; merchant in Edin.; m. Anne Learmonth; entrepreneurial activities; kindness and reliability; relations with GM; relations with LMQ; with JMLB; with AMLB; enters army; in American war; "prudence, discretion & discernment", "application & intelligence", death of Anne; considers settling in NS; hears of AMLB's murder; attends trial; succeeds to LB; 2nd marriage; builds new house at LB; burden of debt; AM pursues him for money; Fabian tactics of; described as "high & mighty"; his Janus face; sells portions of estate; discovers GM's fabrication of entail; his quarrel with Scallastles; illness and death; funeral; assessment of character of; 
Maclaine, Murdoch  1791-1844. 20th of LB. schooling, army service, early marriage, managed by father-in- law, character of, pride in title, responsibility for mother and sisters, debts multiply, social life of, relationships with tenants, drinking habits, gout, disappointment in his heir, sudden death, funeral
Maclaine, Murdoch 1814-1850. "little Murdie", chief of LB, 1814-1850. Character of, schooling, obsession with shooting, ambition to be MP for Argyll, "wild plans" for the estate, " vicious & disgraceful habits", lies low in potato failure, visits Torquay for his health, changes the entail, mysterious death of aged 36.
Maclaine, Murdoch Gillean of LB,. 1845-1909 Born in Java
Maclaine, Phoebe 1795-1867, dau. of MM, marries Donald Gregorson, as widow lives in Soroba, Oban, 
Maclaine, Washington c. 1777, nat. son of AMLB, and Charlotte Lemaitre. 
MacLauchlan, Daniel  c.1710-1744; min. of Ardnamurchan. 
Maclean, Alexander 1721-1765; minister of Kilninian, 
Maclean, Dr Alexander c. 17 -1800.1st of Pennycross.
Maclean, Alexander 1754-1835. 15th of Coll. 
Maclean, Alexander 1777-1859. Lieut.-Col., of Uisken, leaves £20,000 for education of Maclean boys, 
Maclean, Alexander  1791-876. "Sandy Pennycross", 3rd of Pennycross. Strangely ineffectual life, relationship with LB family, late marriage 
Maclean, Alice c.1730-c.1755. 1st wife of LMQ, cultured background of, love for an Islay man, tricked into marriage, poetry, death of, lovesong still sung,
Maclean, Allan  c.1698-1759. of Kilmory; feud with JMLB, m. Katharine Maclaine, imprisoned at Moy, dies as a result 
Maclean, Allan  c.1675-17 ; tacksman of Suie & Tirgoil.
Maclean, Sir Allan c. 16 - 1674; 18th of Morvern & Duart 
Maclean, Allan 
Maclean, Sir Allan 1710- 1783, "the Knight", Bt.of Morvern & Duart,marries Una Maclean, has 3 daus., asks D. of A. for wadset of his own lands, entertains SJ & JB, clan's opinion of him, breaks up fight at Duart, lawsuit with D.of A., foolish behaviour, 'King Lear', 
Maclean, Allan  1724-1792; of Drimnin, in Jacobite army at Culloden, not attainted, becomes a lawyer, in pleas against JMLB, takes on case of AMB, elopes with Mary Maclaine of LB, 
Maclean, Allan  1725-1797. 'AM' ; deviousness, scorn for his brother Lachlan, envies MM his wife, regrets his wife's behaviour in Mull, convinced of his own rectitude, court-martials AMLB, 
Maclean, Dr Allan  c.1759-1827. 'AMD' "the red-haired doctor", in Broloss. medical career, good looks, personality of, "thighs like a salmon", medical practitioner in Mull, marries Flora Maclaine of LB, death, humorous will 
Maclean, Allan c.1750 - ; son of Allan Maclean of Drimnin; criminal existence of, 
Maclean, Allan Thomas 1793-1868; son of Archd. Maclean of Pennycross. 
Maclean, Archibald 1683-1755; min. of Kilfinichen. 
Maclean, Archibald  of Torloisk, c. 17 -1800 ?
Maclean, Archibald 1761-1830. 2nd of Pennycross.
Maclean, Archibald c. 17 - 1817; of Scoor, colonel 79th Regt.
Maclean, Archibald c.1790-18 ; of Uisken, 'Archy Uisken'
Maclean, Catherine  c.1730-1803; "Miss Ketty", sister of JMG; keeps house at LB during AMLB's absence, witnesses GM's raid on muniments, 
Maclean, Charles fl. 1745; tenant in Achnacraig; shakes hand of Prince Charlie, 
Maclean, Charles  c.1753-18 . of Drimnin & Kinlochaline, marries Maria, dau. of AMB, inherits & buys Brolas, opulence of house at Kilfinichen, bankruptcy, 
Maclean, Charles  c. 17 -17 ; tenant in Tiroran, bro. of John 
Maclean, Sir Charles Fitzroy 1798-1883. 24th of Duart 
Maclean, Charles 1806-1872. son of DMWS. rare form of ophthalmalia makes him blind, "tyrant", "insolent beyond belief" 1638/486, reasons for emigrating to Canada, carries Drimnin title, marries Jane Campbell their dau. Lillias born, founder of dynasty in Canada
Maclean, Christina c.1754-1826. "Miss Maclean", problem of Christian name, marries Duncan Mackenzie, helps Alex. Campbell with songs, performs waulking songs for John Wood
Maclean, Christina 1718-1808. poet, wife of Dr John Maclean in Broloss. writes poem about AMD, 
Maclean, Christina c. 1725-1781; dau. Of Donald Maclean of Torloisk, wife of Rev. Alex.Maclean, 
Maclean, Christina 1796-1873."Chirsty", dau. of DMWS, wife of MM2. m. aged 18, her dowry her common sense, LM thinks it a foolish marriage, father's attachment to her, health, takes to bed on MM's death, temporising with MM3, provided for by DMLB, 
Maclean, Colquhoun 1795-1822. son of DMWS
Maclean, Daniel c. 16 -1748; merchant in Glasgow, ancestor of present Duart Macleans, his debts, shady dealings, in Jamaica,
Maclean, Donald c.16 -1748; of Tarbert, then of Torloisk, .
Maclean, Donald  1770-1853. WS, of Kinloch, lawyer in Edinburgh, mentor to son-in-law, MM2, buys Kinloch, wishes children dead, falls out with MM2, opposes his son Charles's emigration, size of entourage when he visits Mull, 
Maclean, Donald fl. 1680-1725; of Brolos, father of AMB, 
Maclean, Donald 1750-1774. "Young Col", guide to SJ & JB." Intrepid talker", breeds rabbits, death of,
Maclean, Donald  c.17 - of Kingerloch, 
Maclean, Dugald c.1762-1818.of Ardfenaig, capt.Argyll Fencibles, poverty of family,
Maclean, Duncan c.1795-18 ; min. of Salen, author of Gaelic hymns, joins Free Church 1843, friend of LMD,
Maclean, Sir Fitzroy 17 - of Duart, 
Maclean, Hector c. 16 -1765; of Torloisk, a dandy, wears purple suits, a rake, sets up spinning school
Maclean, Sir Hector 1703-1750. of Duart, born Calais, fostered by Maclean of Coll, educ. Edinburgh, examined about presence in Scotland in 1745, called 'Mr Neilson', betrayed by husband of Moggie Blair, dies in exile at Rome
Maclean, Dr Hector 1703-1784, of Gruline. collection of MSS, strictness with dau. 
Maclean, Hector c.1718-1765. of Torloisk, "a rake", friendship with Daniel Maclean very shady, sets up spinning school at Torloisk, GM distrusts him, 
Maclean, Hector  c.1714-1799. 'John Killean', wicked and dishonest conduct, provocation of JMLB, 
Maclean, Hector c.17 - lieut. 84th regt., farms in N.Scotia, corresponds with MM about land grants, reported to be in a Can. regt., 
Maclean, Hector 1765- in Kilvickeoun, survivor of shipwreck in 1785
Maclean, Hector 1780- . 'Hector Bunessan', son of Lachlan Ban M. 
Maclean, Sir Hector general
Maclean, Hugh 1735-1785 in Kilvickeoun, lost in shipwreck off American coast 1785
Maclean, Hugh 17 -1784. of Kingerloch. merchant in Greenock 
Maclean, Hugh 1782-1861, 16th of Coll, 
Maclean, Isabel c.16 -17 ; "old Lady Brolos"; mother of AMB, witness in JMLB's criminal case
Maclean, Isabella c.1760-1814. Wife of min. of Torosay, living with Rev. Alex.Fraser 'without benefit of marriage',
Maclean, Isabel (Bell)  1756- . dau. of Rev.Alex. Maclean, stays with Torloisks, sister concerned about her unmarried state, 
Maclean, Janet c.1750-18 . wife of AM. AMLB calls her a Madam, behaviour at LB
Maclean, Janet mother of "the Hero", Hector Macquarie. c.1776- 
Maclean, Janet 1788-1869. dau. of Duncan Maclean, Uisken, marries James Morison, challenges brother's will 
Maclean, John  1680-1756. 'Maighstir Sithean'; 
Maclean, John 1665-c.1740. Iain MacAilean, bard, 
Maclean, John c. 1695-c.1760. tacksman of Treshnish, 
Maclean, John 17 -17 ."John Killean", starving, not living in Killean in 1748[saltoun]
Maclean, Dr John 1724-1808. Surgeon & tacksman in Brolos, 
Maclean, John c. 1727-1792. Tacksman of Gruline. see Maclaine, John
Maclean, John c.17 -18 ; tacksman of Tiroran, 
Maclean, John  c.1750- ; tacksman of Gruline, nephew of JMG, in Jamaica, 
Maclean, John 1752-1780; capt. R.H.E., son of Rev. Alex.Maclean, drowned at Halifax, NS
Maclean, John  1775-c.1848; "John Bunessan", innkeeper, son of Lach. Ban Maclean.
Maclean, John c.1680-1756; " Maighstir Seathan", min. of Kilninian, poet,accused by Duncan Forbes of Culloden of conspiring, poem on Gaelic language, 
Maclean, John  c.17 -17 ; laird of Treshnish, leaves Treshnish, goes to Iona, pressed on to a Spanish ship, presents petition to D.of A., heritors unite in his support, 
Maclean, John 1805-1891; son of DMWS, with brother becomes blind, at 21 Albany St., Edinburgh, cared for by Lily Maclaine, 
Maclean, Sir Lachlan d.1648; of Duart, 1st baronet, cr. 1631
Maclean, Lachlan fl. of Brolos, 
Maclean, Lachlan fl. 1720-1745; servant to Sir Hector Maclean, 
Maclean, Lachlan  merchant in Glasgow, 
Maclean, Lachlan 1720-1799; 'LMT'; 7th of Torloisk, host to Faujas, love for place of birth, sells millstones to MM, a "miserable man, begrudging meat and drink", "old woman", his journal of a voyage, relations with AM, 
Maclean, Lachlan 17 -17 ; of Kingerloch; complains to Duncan Forbes of cattle theft 
Maclean, Lachlan Ban 1751-1819; innkeeper in Bunessan. 
Maclean, Lachlan 1754 - ; son of Rev. Alex. Maclean, later Gov. of NS
Maclean, Lachlan 1784-1844; of Kilbrenan; drunkard; mother controls legacy
Maclean, Lachlan c.1802-1829; son of Arch. Maclean, Pennycross
Maclean, Lillias 1838 - ; dau. of blind Charles Maclean 
Maclean, Maria c.1754- ; dau. of AMB, m. Charles Maclean of Drimnin,
Maclean, Marianne 1765-1840; dau. of LMT; later Mrs Clephane; musical background & talents, cleverness, relations with Sir Walter Scott, plants trees at Torloisk, feud with RM, appts Alex.Shiells as factor, fury at LMD's valentine, 
Maclean, Marion c. 17 - 18 ; "Miss Marion"; sister of AMD; "calls" on Flora Lochbuy in Ayr,
Maclean, Mary c.1746-1826; "Miss Maclean", problem of her Christian name, impresses SJ; compeared by Kilnin. kirk session, m. Duncan Mackenzie, demonstrates waulking songs, helps Sandy Campbell with song collection, supported by Alexander Maclean of Coll, 
Maclean, Mary 1757- ; dau. of Rev. Alex. Maclean, 1757- ; m.John Campbell WS, planning to emigrate to Virginia, 
Maclean, Neil c. 17 - ; 'Neil Piper',writes to father from Halifax, NS 
Maclean, Neil  1797-18 64; min. of Ulva, tutor to CM's children, m. Clementina Clark 
Maclean, Peggy 17 - ; nat. dau. of JMLB
Maclean, Sibella c. 1756; dau. of AMB,
Maclean, Sibella 1807-1878; dau. of DMWS; m. Alex. Crawford,
Maclean, Una c.1728-1760; "young Lady Broloss"; witness in JMLB's criminal case
Macleod, John 1801-1882; "high priest of Morvern"
Macleod, Julia c. wife of 
Macleod, Neil  1729-1780; min. of Kilfinichen; has waterproof hat, meets JB & SB, tackles problem of church lands, 
Macleod, Norman 1745-1824; min. of Morvern; large family, manse at Fuinary, friendship with Aros Maxwells;piety & compassion for poor, 
Macleod, Norman 1783-1862; min. C'town, Campsie & St Columba's; "caraid nan Gaidheal" (friend of the Gael)
Macleod, Susanna 1768-18 ; dau. of Rev. Neil Macleod. 
MacMillan, Ronald Dunbar d.1752; lawyer in Edinburgh; accompanies Duncan Forbes to Mull
McOsenag, Effie  
Macphail, Angus 1816-186*; buys a black cow in calf from MM3, 
Macphail, Angus 1865-1931; tenant in Iona 
Macphail, Donald  1746-1836; drover in Glenforsa,
Macphail, Dugald 1818-1887; poet, joiner, architect; education, schoolmaster's knowledge of the poetry of Ossian, writes An t-eilean Muileach in Newcastle, Callum a Ghlinne an autobiography, 
Macphail, Duncan 1779-1863; cattle dealer in Corrinahenachy & Iona 
Macphail, Janet c.1750-1830; mother of LMD. m.John Buchanan, lives with LMD at Garmony, disputes over her possessions, smokes a pipe, represents type of Mull woman, 
Macphail, John  1794-1872; farmer in Scallastle & Tiroran; financial troubles 
Macpherson, James 1738-1796; author/translator of Ossian; SJ's prejudice against, role in popularising highlands 
Macquarie, Betty  c. 1760-1833; sister of LM.
Macquarie, Charles 1771-1835; of Ulva; boyhood at Oskamull, education, army career, wounded at Aboukir, relationship with LM, m. Marianne Willison, falls out with MM2, buys property, high ability, charity towards LMQ, goes to Ulva, death of wife and dau.; financial affairs, lack of respectable relations, death, entrusts affairs to MM2, 
Macquarie, Charles 1814-1869; son of CM; effects of father's death, m. goes to Australia, contests cousin's will, returns to Mull
Macquarie, Elizabeth 1813-1828; dau. of CM; her promise, early death
Macquarie, Hector 1794-183 ; "the Hero", nat. son of CM; helped by LM, 
Macquarie, Lachlan 1761-1824;gov. of NSW; early life, ambition, pride, wariness of GM, relations with MM, MM's confidence in, career in American war, desire for property in Mull, courtship of Eliz. Campbell, honesty, views on DM, thinks MM2 has made a foolish marriage, disapproves of Flora Lochbuy's marriage, disappointment with Mull on return, kindness to relatives, views on LMQ, 
Macquarie, Lachlan c. 17 -1821; capt. 86th regt. m. Mary Shaw
Macquarie, Lachlan, Jr 1814-1845; son of LM; childhood, schooldays, marriage, scandal of relations with sister-in-law, death, will contested by cousins 
Macquarie, Lachlan 1819-1893; son of Lach. M. & Mary Shaw, chamberlain's clerk
Macquarie, Murdoch 1828-1855; son of CM & Marianne Willison; mother dies when an infant, brought up by min. of Salen, dies at Ardnacross
Macquarrie, Allan c. 1700- ? ; of Culinish; uncle to LMQ; reports to D of A on LMQ's failure to pay dues, publishes statement, 
Macquarrie, Ann c.1740-1778; 2nd wife of LMQ; forced into marriage by presb.; not presented to JB & SJ; house & barns burned by arsonist; death 
Macquarrie, Ann 1774-18 ; dau. of LMQ; remains with father until his death, quarrel with MM2, visits LMD in Oban, 
Macquarrie, Flora  c.1680-1735; mother of MM; nothing known of life or character.
Macquarrie, Flora 1749-1834; dau. of LMQ & Alice Maclean; m. John Maclean of Laggan; controls son's trust
Macquarrie, Hector 1 - 17 ; of Ormaig; 
Macquarrie, Hector  younger of Ormaig
Macquarrie, Hector 1776-1802; 7th son of LMQ; 'vain & ostentatious', 
Macquarrie, Jean c. 1753-1836; youngest dau. of LMQ & Alice Maclean; 'not a sixpence'
Macquarrie, John c,1745-1789; eldest son & heir of LMQ & Alice Maclean; AM calls him a 'poor worthless beast',
Macquarrie, Dr John  1752-177? ; son of Hector Macq. of Ormaig; emigrates to Jamaica, gives parrot to MM, 
Macquarrie, Lachlan 1715-1818; 'LMQ'; 16th of Ulva; early life, charm , cavalier attitudes, cruelty to his wife,neglect of children; wantonly careless about estate, amount of debts, manipulated by kinsmen, begging letters, entertains JB & SJ, charity of CM towards, blindness, death,
Macquarrie, Maria(Mally) 1747-1846; dau. of LMQ; mother's sufferings, personality as young woman, neglected by father, courted by GM, m. GM; in Edinburgh; lack of education, widowed, campaign against MM; fierce protection of 'cubs'; long life & baleful influence of 
MacTavish, Archibald 1711-1778; min. of Torosay; descendants in Laggan
MacTavish, Dr Colin 1794-1856; son of Dugald M.; HEIC; 
MacTavish, Dugald 1750-1828; tacksman of Laggan; 
MacTavish, Duncan 178 - 18 ; "big Duncan", son of Dugald M; MM2's 'henchman'
McVean , Donald  1806-1880; min. of Iona QS church 
McVurich, Murich  17 - ; innkeeper at Moy
Martin, Martin d. 1719; visitor to Mull in 1695; 
Maxwell, James c.1761-1829; chamberlain of Mull; appointment of; efficiency, neutrality of as an outsider, disappointment at third duke's policy, hospitality, is given silver cups by MM2, 
Maxwell, Robert 17 - ; son of Jas. M.; chamberlain of Tiree 
Meiklejohn, Robert 1800-1859; tutor to Lachlan Macquarie jr.; accom. LM on European tour, 
Merry, John c.1791-18 ; farmer in Achnacroish & Ardnadrochit; dau. Janet m. Dugald MacPhail,
Merry, Janet c.1830-19 ; m. Dugald Macphail; 
Middleton, James c. 1792- ; farmer & overseer at Achnacroish; gives evidence to Poor Law enquiry;
Morison, Hugh  c. 17 - ; tenant in Kilbeg; pride; disinclination to perform services
Morison, James d.1828; mercht. in Bunessan; 
Mountstuart,  17 - ; visitor to Mull in 1788; sees Tobermory marked out for building;
Munro, Daniel 17 - ; killer of AMLB; provoked by AMLB, at large, trial for the murder, acquitted
Murray, Alexander c.1687-1743; of Stanhope; speculates in minerals, asks for feasibility study on Tobermory, 
Murray, John fl. 1760-1780; lawyer in Edinburgh; later in India; advises JMLB on AMLB's education, etc.
Nairne, David  18 - ; proprietor of Aros & part of Tobermory
Napier, Francis 1819-1898; Lord Napier & Ettrick; 
Necker de Saussure, L.A.  1786-18 ; visitor to Mull in 1807; 
Newte, Thomas visitor to Mull in 1785; tour was published under the pseudonym William Thomson.
Paget, Lady Caroline 17 -18 ; 6th duchess of Argyll; divorces & m. D of A. 
Park, Archibald c. 1770-18 ; bro. of Mungo Park; customs official, Tobermory with help of Walter Scott; description of New Year customs in Mull; MMT headhunts him; 
Patience, John  c.1771-1827; min. of Ardamurchan; 
Pennant, Thomas 1726-1798; naturalist; visitor to Mull in 1772; 
Rankin, Allan 17 - ; drover in Mull; 
Rankin, Coun 17 - 1856; capt., son of Neil Rankin, piper; 
Rankin, Hugh   
Robertson, Donald d.1880; of Pennyghael; 
Robertson, Duncan 1851-1907; of Pennyghael; 
Rose, Eugene c. 1785-1855; in Suie & Ardtun, poet; 
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques 1712-1778; French writer & philosopher.
Sacheverell, William 1638-1691; visitor to Mull & Iona in 1688; 
Scott, Walter 1771-1832; poet & novelist; visitor to Mull in 1810 & 18 ; guardian of Torloisk girls, friend of RM; opinion of 'Staffa'; arranges marriage of Margaret Maclean Clephane of Torloisk, obtains Tobermory job for Archibald Park; voyage in the Pharos;
Shiells, Alexander 17 -18 ; overseer for Torloisk estate; character, description of Mull funeral, relations with MMT;
Sinclair, Donald c. 1780-186 ; ploughman in Garmony; refuses to plough seaware, abuses LMD, "tyrannical elf"; not a Muileach; lives to old age 
Small, John 17 - ; major, later gen. commanding 
Somers, Robert fl. 1820-1850; visitor to Mull in 1847 
Steuart, Sir Henry of Allanton, father-in-law of 'Staffa' 
Stevenson, Hugh 17 - ; merchant in Oban; bro. John S.; 
Stevenson, John  17 -1812; merchant in Oban; builds LB house for MM; only architect for Mull; 
Stevenson, Robert Louis 1850-1894; author; visitor to Mull in 1870; 
Stewart, Catherine c. 1794- ; dau. of S; wife of Robert Maxwell; 
Stewart, Isabella 1800-1856; wife of Dugald MacLachlan;
Stewart, John c. 1720-1770; drover in Achadashenaig; writes report of incest for Mull presbytery; a 'valuable man'; 
Stewart, John c.1790-18 ; of Achadashenaig; deputy factor to D.of A., gives evidence in Poor Law enquiry; 
Stewart, Robert 1747-18 ; tacksman of Achadeshenaig; sheriff 
Stewart, Robert  1802-1885; min. of Kilfinichen; 
Stuart, Prince Charles Edward 1720-1788; "the Young Pretender"; said to be hiding in Mull; 
Thorburn, James  
Turner, Duncan  1822-1889; min. of Kilninian; 
Walker, John 1731-1803; min., population theorist; visitor to Mull in 1764; 
Warburton, Jane  c.1685-17 ; duchess of Argyll; m. 2nd duke; 
Whiteside, Dr William c. 17 - 18 ; doctor in Ayr; in Breadalbane Fencibles with AMD; m. Flora Maclaine; MM2 prejudiced against him; stays at LB & charms MM2; good singer; friend of well-known Edin. medical men; 
Willison, George  1741-1797; portrait painter; lends money to landowners; will benefits his grandchildren; 
Willison, Marianne c.1790-1828; m. CM; dislikes Mull; heartbroken at death of dau.; dies at Ulva; 
Wolfe, James  
Wood, John  fl. 1780-1801; visitor to Mull in 1801; Mrs McKenzie entertains him; view of Mull farms,