Argyll & Bute Council Archives - Family history documents held at Manse Brae, Lochgilphead.
[by permission of Argyll & Bute Council Archives Department. Issue date 23 July 2008]

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16. Census of Iona, 1855, 1858, and 1859.
54. List of cows taken out of the Ross of Mull 1679.
58. List of men liable to be balloted, 1799.
65. Rolls of the Poor, 1845, 1846, 1847.
66. Index to the Tobermory Procurator Fiscal's papers.
67. Names of Army and Navy officers 1800-1815.
80. Index to Tobermory Procurator Fiscal's papers
134. List of Arrears of Road Assessment, 1843, etc.
140. Roll of Honour 1914-1915
143. Complaint by Bunessan householders as to the want of a parapet 1887
181. Caption, Earl of Argyll v. John MacLean 1675
182. Rental of the Duke of Argyll’s Estates in Mull, 1744 [KILNINIAN & KILMORE, KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON and TOROSAY [Absolutely no photocopying]
202. List of Men levied in the island of Mull for the Regiment of Fencible Men 1759 [Absolutely no photocopying]
216. Rentals of the lands of Ross, Duart, Mornish, Torosay, and Tiree 1674, from the printed Exibits in the cause Allan McLean of Drimmin against John, Duke of Argyll
219. Rental of the Duke of Argyll’s Estates in Mull 1749 [Note detailed, and of limited use] [Absolutely no photocopying]
223. List of “doubtful claims” 1794 [Absolutely no photocopying]
224. List of cottars in the quoad sacra Parish of Iona KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON receiving aid from Relief Fund. No date (late 19th C.) [Absolutely no photocopying]
225. List of Emigrants from Ross of Mull KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON 30 June 1863 [Absolutely no photocopying]
236. Rental of Ross KILFINCHEN & KILVICKEON 1662 [Absolutely no photocopying]
241. Index and selected pages from Argyll Estate Instructions 1771 – 1805 edited by Eric R. Cregeen KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON, TIREE, TOROSAY
274. List of tenants and cottars warned [to remove] on His Grace’s estates of Tiree and Ross of Mull KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON, 1850
275. List of heads of families in Iona showing their adherence to the Established church, the Free church, or the Baptists, October, 1845 KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON
276. List of names of people wishing to emigrate to Upper Canada, North America, from Ross of Mull and Iona 1847 KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON
277. List of arrears due from the Duke of Argyll’s Estates in Mull 1840 KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON
301. Index to the 1851 Census of KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON by Tommy and Margaret Semple - Note : All these records are included in the MullGenealogy Census database. See 'Census' tab.
338. Account of the distribution of 2cwt of Dressed Flax among the Inhabitants of Icolmkill (Iona) to be spun into Yarn 1793 KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON
344. Reports on Farm Improvements 1802 – 1804
348. Passengers per Barlow 1849
351. Iona Census 1841 - Note : All these records are included in the MullGenealogy Census database. See 'Census' tab.
357. Petition of crofters in Ross of Mull 1847
374. List of Teachers of Gaelic 1922 Mull, Ardnamurchan, Lorn, Cowal, Kintyre, Islay
383. Ross of Mull Census 1881 Creich District by house, KILFINICHEN & KILVICKEON - Note : All these records are included in the MullGenealogy Census database. See 'Census' tab.
9001. 1751 Landownership in Coll & Mull (from Valuation Roll of 1751
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