Suie Burial Ground
Location : 372.219
Situated on the Bunessan to Fionnphort road (A849) on the hill just out of the town.
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In/loving memory/of/Alasdair I Campbell/Died 12th Feb 1983/Dear husband of/Anne/Born 12th Oct 1908/Died 30th Mar 1995

Treasured memories/of/Hugh A Cameron/1920 – 2002/A dear father & grampa/Devoted husband of/Annabella E  MacLennan

In/loving memory of/Alexander Murray/McGregor/who died 29th May 1993/Aged 66 years/Beloved husband of/Beth Smith

In memory of/John McCallum/B.A., D.P.A/Taigh Na Feile/Newcoft Kintra/who died 2nd Dec  1987/Aged 62 years/Dearly loved husband/and friend of Hazel/Soldier Civil Servant/Elder & Reader in the/Church of Scotland/His beloved wife/Hazel Stacey B.A. R.G.N./who died 14th Oct 1990/Aged 66 years. At foot – “Is mise alpha agus omega”/Rev 1:8

In loving memory of/Donald M C Black/who died 29th Oct 1979/Aged 82 years/Dear husband of Grace/who died 9th Jan 2000/Aged 89 years. At foot  - Gus Am Bris An Latha

In/loving memory of/Mary Margaret McNicol/MacKechnie/Born/Duart Farm, Torosay/4.7.1898/Died Bunessan/11.12.1998. At foot  - “Gus Am Bris An Latha”

In/memory of/a dear brother/Angus Kane/28.5.1931 – 19.10.1996 At foot – Essa

In/loving memory of/our dear parents/Peter Kane/who died 30th Dec 1998/Aged 90 years/Effie MacKechnie/who died 13th May 1998/Aged 90 years

Precious memories/of/Margaret MacDonald/Clark/who died at Taoslin/9th March 1997, aged 35/beloved daughter of/Bob and Rena/Dear mum of/Natalie and Carrie-Anne.  At foot  - “Till we meet again”

In/loving memory of/Malcolm MacDougall/who died 19th Sept. 1997/Aged 65 years/Dearly loved/Father and grampy/beloved husband of/Freena MacDonald/and/their grandson/Daniel Gregory/Poulton/who died 15th Feb. 1992/aged 3 days

In/loving memory/of/Archie MacCallum/of Ardfenaig/who died 24th Oct 1997/aged 94 years/beloved husband of/Lexie MacInnes

Fiona/In/loving memory of/Fiona/who died 8th Nov. 1993/aged 33 years/much loved daughter/of/Neil and Isa/MacKinnon. At foot – Loved and missed by family and friends

In loving memory/of/Neil MacKinnon/who died 29th January 2007/aged 82 years/A dear dad and grampa/devoted husband of/Isa MacDonald

Chi Mi Mhuile/In/loving memory of/Archie MacFayden/who died 5th Jun 1994/aged 62 years/Dear father of/Duncan and Colin/beloved husband of/Sheila M MacQuistan

In/loving memory of/Antonia Maxwell/McLean/of Carsaig/1919 – 1995/Valiant for truth/Ruari McLean/typographer author/1917 – 2006

In/loving memory of/our parents/Neil Foggie/17 – 3 – 1912 – 13 – 12 – 1995/and/his dear wife/Margaret McLeod Hendry/29 – 3 – 1912 – 22 – 5 – 1996

In loving memory/of/Alan Yearnshaw/Greenhalgh/who died 18th April 1998/aged 82 years/beloved husband of/Alice Nora

In loving memory/of/Matthew Johnston/died 21st Aug 1991 aged 66/Dear father of Lachie/beloved husband of/Sadie/died 12th Oct 2000, aged 69/A dear mother. At foot – and Rami

In/loving memory of/Gordon A W Marshall/O.B.E./1925 – 1992/dearly loved by his family/and a devoted husband

In loving memory/of/Donald Ritchie/died 10th May 1993/aged 77 years/beloved husband of/Colina Campbell/died 12th July 1998/aged 80 years

Precious/memories of/Donald Ritchie/(Don)/who died 23rd January 1999/aged 54 years. At foot – Memory is the gift of god/which death does not destroy

In/loving memory of/Nan Campbell/who died 14th Aug 1987/Erected by/Hugh MacCallum

Williamina Gibson/(Gibby)/1913 – 1989. At foot – Happy Memories

In/loving/memory of/William Wood/who died 1st Jan 1990/aged 66 years/A dear father/and grandfather/beloved husband of/Euphemia MacKechnie

In loving memory/of/my dear brother/Tard Charles Graham/McIntyre/who died suddenly/on 24th June 1990/aged 34 years. At foot - Sadly missed by all

In/loving/memory of/Joan MacFadyen/MacKinnon/who died 8th Oct 1993/aged 63 years/beloved wife of/James Black

In/loving/memory of/Jessie M MacKillop/who died 15th Feb 1991/aged 71 years/devoted mother of/Allan, Jean and Iain./A dear grandmother/and beloved wife of/Neil Taylor/who died 22nd March 1996/aged 76 years.

Chi Mi Mhuile/Precious Memories of/Nicol M Campbell/”Achadaphail”/who departed this life/on 30th July 1990/aged 66 years/Dearest dad of/Christine, Mina, and Mavis/Much loved granddad,/& great-grandad/and caring and loving/husband of/Christina M MacLennan/born 1920 – died 12th Feb. 2001/our loving mum, granny/and great-granny/”Sadly missed”

Loving memory/Malcolm MacDiarmid/who died 30th Nov 1989/aged 73 years/Dear dad of/Anne and Donald/and beloved husband of/Margaret MacLean. On Plinth – MacDonald

Donaldson/In/loving memory of/Lexy Ann Campbell/who died 27th July 1989/aged 50 years/Dear mother of/Morven and Iain, Nan of Paul,/and beloved wife of/John M Donaldson. At foot – Gus an coinnich sinn a rìs

In/loving/memory of/Thomas D L Brunton/who died 30th Sept. 1995/aged 67 years/A dear father/and grandfather/beloved husband of/Mary E MacInnes

In/loving/memory of/Callum/Malcolm Iain/Brunton/who died/on 3rd December 1988/aged 8½ weeks

In/loving memory of/”Zena”/Rosina Bertha Rosier/wife of William/mother of Bill/6th March 1918/4th April 1988

In loving memory of/Mary Morrison/died 16th Jan 1985/aged 72/beloved wife of/John MacCallum/died 16th July 1990/aged 73

In/loving memory of/our dear sister/Mary Rose MacCallum/who died 17th July 1985/twin sister of/Mary Bell MacCallum/who died 19th April 2002

In/loving memory of/our dear brother/Robin MacKinnon/who died 30th Dec 1985/aged 49 years. On grey vertical strip – Thy will be done

In/loving/memory of/Flora Mary Cameron/who died 9th Nov. 2002/aged 76/beloved wife of/Alistair MacCallum

In/loving memory of/Harry Baker/who died 5th Nov 1985/Dear father of Liz/& beloved husband of Margaret MacKinnon

In loving memory/of/a dear dad  and granddad/Angie MacFadyen/who died 20th Dec 1985/aged 62 years

In/loving memory of/Ian MacFadyen/a dear/brother and uncle/died 12th January 1987/aged 66 years

In/loving memory of/Alistair Cameron/died 16th February 1986/aged 49

Vanderburg/In loving memory of/our precious son/brother step-son/and step-brother/Gregory/ tragically/taken from us/on 14th June 1986/aged 17 years. At foot – Safe in the arms of Jesus/till we meet again

In memory of/Robin/Drummond-Hay/8th May 1912 – 28th July 1987/Beloved as a son,/a friend and a/musician

In/loving/memory of/John McCallum/Dear husband & father/died 17th Aug 1986/aged 78/Aliena Robertson/devoted wife & mother/died 20th March 1990/aged 77

Alexander McGregor/who died 7th June 1986/aged 71 years/and his wife/Sarah Stalker King/who died 24th August 2003/aged 84 years

In/loving memory of/Pauline/who died 16th Feb 1986/beloved wife of/Hugh Lamont

In/loving memory of/our dear mother/Katie Beaton/died 21st Aug 1986/aged 92. At foot – Gus am bris an latha

In memory of/Malcolm Beaton/(Calum)/born Ardchiavaig 1921/Died Bunessan 2004/Loved by all. At foot – Ann Am Muile Gu Brath

In/loving memory of/Roddie Beaton/who died 21st March 1990/aged 72 years/beloved husband of/Mary Campbell/who died 8th Dec 1990/aged 70 years

In/loving memory of/Charles W Jennings/died 28th May 1982/Aged 79 years/A dear father/& deloved husband of/Esther Wilson/Died 16th Oct. 1989/Aged 89 years/Much loved by all their children

In memory of/ a dearly beloved/husband, father, & granpa/Angus Donald/Campbell/who died 27th April 1981/aged 66 years/also/a devoted & much loved/wife, mother & Nana/Marion Livingstone/Morrison/who died 19th June 2007/aged 88 years. At foot – “Gus am bris An Latha”

Dr Hugh M McLaren/1911 – 1978/Man of courage & humility/Agus Le Durachd Cridhe/Lovingly remembered by his wife/Betty

In/loving memory of/Patricia J S Drysdale/who died 24th January 1973/beloved wife of/Hugh McLean McLaren/who died 24th November 1978

In/loving memory of/Jessie MacDonald/who died 28th Sept 1983/Dear mother of June/and beloved wife of/James Dumbreck/who died 6th Oct 2003/”Gus An Coinnich Sinn”/Sadly missed by/those who loved them. At foot – “Còmhla a-rìs”

In memory of/Mary Lamont/MacPherson/beloved wife of/David Golden/died 16th December 1967/aged 82 years/also the above/David Golden/died 23rd August 1983/aged 88 years. At foot  - Gus Am Bris An Latha

In memory of/a dear husband/father and papa/Donald Morrison/died 29th May 1978/aged 70 years. At foot – Dearly loved and sadly missed

In loving memory/of/a dear/husband and father/Iain/MacDonald/who died/16th October 1981/aged 59 years/and his beloved wife/Marion Kennedy/who died/31st March 2005/aged 84 years/loving mother of/Moira and John/and grandmother to/Lynne

In/loving/memory of/Janet (Jenny) Campbell/Watson/of/Smithy House Pennyghael/beloved wife of George/Sister Aunt Friend/30th April 1917 – 13th October 2000

In loving memory of/Annie L Campbell/died 15th July 1983/aged 67 years

In/loving memory of/our dear parents/Malcolm MacDonald/died 13th April 1970,/aged 79 years/Catherine Rentoul/died 29th January 1973/aged 78 years/their younger son/Malcolm/died 31st March  1996/aged 64 years

In/loving memory of/ dear son & brother/Archibald Fleming/MacInnes/who died 5th June 1981/aged 51 years/also a dear wife & mother/Maimie Fleming/who died 20th Jan 1984, aged 79/and a dear father/John MacInnes/who died 6th Sep 1988, aged 90.

In/loving memory of/Dugald Livingstone/died 6th Jan 1982/his sister Jessie/died 5th July 1981/and brother Murdoch/died 21st Jan 1994. At foot – Livingstone

In/loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/Donald MacLean/who died 22nd April 1981/aged 78 years/also a dear wife/and mother/Mary MacCallum/who died 12th July 1995. On base – Papa

In/loving  memory of/Duncan Graham/who died 21st July 1982/aged 71 years/beloved husband of/Rhoda MacKinnon/who died 22nd May 1999/aged 79 years

In loving memory/of/John Adam McCall McHarc/Troon and Tirachoil/who died 29th June 1975/aged 60 years/beloved husband of/Barbara Maxwell Maclean/who died 28th Jan 2000/aged 86 years/beloved sister of Chris/Gus Am Bris An Latha

In/loving memory/of/Betty C P Lyall/who died 19th March 1979/aged 50 years/beloved wife of/Neil C Campbell/and a dear mother and granny

In loving memory/of/our dear father/John Mitchell/died 24th May 1966/aged 75 years/also our dear mother/Christina MacKechnie/Campbell/died 28th Jul 1968/aged 56 years

In loving memory/of/Ian Campbell/who died 11th Dec. 1978/aged 4 days/and his brother/George Alexander/lost at sea/28th Oct. 1999 aged 25/beloved sons of Ronnie and Sheila

In/loving/memory of/Alfred Ogilvie/who died/as the result of a tragic road accident/on 6th September 1981/aged 40 years/A dear father and beloved husband of/Kay McLean

In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/Robert A MacCallum/died 4th September 1975/aged 66 years/also a dear wife & mother/Elizabeth A MacLachlan/died 18th January 2001/aged 92 years

In/loving memory of/a dear husband/and father/Dan MacInnes/died 2nd August 1969/aged 71 years/also/Agnes Redden Cowe/1898 – 1997/Very dearly lved/by all

In memory of/our dear sister/Isobel McDougal/Lamont/dies at Eorabus Cottage/Ardtun/2nd November 1964/aged 57 years/On plinth – Lamont

In/Loving/Memory of/Rebecca Livingstone/who died 6th Jan 1988/aged 73 years/beloved wife of/James Black

In loving memory/of/Eugene Seymour Andrews/who died 5th May 2006/aged 84 years

In/loving memory of/my dear mother-in-law/Bessie Beaton/died 23rd May 1978/aged 78 years. At foot – Till the day dawns

In/loving memory of/Archibald Beaton/died 8th March 1971/aged 55 years/beloved husband of/Grace Cameron. At foot – Till we meet again

In/loving memory/of/Barry Roderick/Reynolds/who died in a tragic/accident at Tiroran/on 14th June 1977/age 26

In front of headstone – open book tablet

In memory of/Barry/beloved son of/Roderick and Celia/and brother of David

In/loving memory of/our dear daughter/Catherine/Margaret MacKichan B.A./Dail-An-Oir, Bunessan/died 4th May 1973, aged 22 yrs./Anne Mary/died 13th Feb. 1955, aged 3 days

In loving memory/of/Helen M Davidson/who died 19th Nov. 1977/aged 71 years/and her husband/Alexander Campbell/who died 11th Dec 1978/aged 73 years

In/loving memory of/a dear husband and father/Hugh Lamont/who died 15th August 1975/also/a dear wife and mother/Mary MacKinnon/who died 23rd November 1999. At foot – “Bheir Mo Shoraidh Do Mhuile/Far An Do Chleachd Mi Bhith Og.”

In/loving memory/of/Donald Iain MacDonald/died 7th March 1977/aged 35 years

In loving memory/of/Donald MacDonald/died 3rd April 1966/aged 69 years/and his wife/Catherine Ada Cameron/died 24th January 1976/aged 69 years

In/loving memory of/Hubert Arnold Pallant/ D.S.O.,  M.C., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P./died 5th Sept 1977, aged 94

In loving memory of/Irene Mary Phillips/nee Pallant/widow of/Lt. Col. N C Phillips DSO, MC/died at Tiroran/25th July 1982 Aged 96

Lillias Gray/Fionnphort/died 24th December 1977

Here lies/Norman Totten/of/Newcastle upon Tyne/who died at Iona/on Aug 6th 1980/aged 67 years/also his dear wife/Jean Doreen Barwick/died on March 16th 1997/aged 79 years

Erected by/Christina Morrison/in loving memory of/my beloved husband/Angus MacDonald/who died 24th Dec  1973/aged 59 years/also the above/Christina Morrison/who died 14th Jan 1997/aged 81 years.  On base “Gus Am Bris An La”

In/loving memory of/John Alexander Houston/MacLelland/Pier House, Fionnphort/who died 24th December 1973/aged 72 years/beloved husband of Jean Simpson/who died 16h December 1998/aged 87 years. At foot – “Until the day breaks”

In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/Robert W McLelland/”Tormore” Fionnphort/died 25th November 1975, aged 75/his wife/Annie Young/died 17th Oct 1986, aged 78

In/loving memory of/William Rose MacDougall/Uisgean/died 13th September 1970/beloved husband of/Peteressa Currie

In loving memory of/Peteressa MacDougall/aged 91 years/died 7th September 2003. Bottom right hand corner – D & A Munn

On left hand side – In loving/Clara/Maud/Horrod/died 23rd May 1975/aged 83/years

On right hand side – memory of/Geoffrey/Gordon/Horrod/died 15th May/1979/aged 60/years

In memory of/a dearly loved husband/and father/Donald Crawford/died 25th May 1979/Catherine MacKechnie/died 16th May 1999/a dear wife, mother/and grandmother

In memory of/Cathy Hurst/died June 1981

In loving memory of/our dear daughter/Margaret Anne/Sutherland/who died 17th June 1979/age 22 years. At foot – Till we meet again

In/loving memory of/my dear husband/Malcolm Morrison/who died 29th June 1971/aged 54 years/his dear wife/Christina MacDonald/(Dot)/who died 6th Feb 1995/age 82 years

In/loving memory of/Annabella Agnes MacRae/beloved wife of/Evander MacLennan/and dear mother of/Christina and Bella/died 24th Oct. 1973/aged 81 years/also the above/Evander MacLennan/died 24th Aug 1986/aged 92 years/Gus An Bris An Latha/Scalpay Harris/Falkland Islands/Knockvologan

To/the dear memory/of/Arthur Withington/late of Doncaster/9th May 1905 – 24th Sep. 1978

In/loving memory of/a dear husband & father/Charles G W McIntyre/Gowan Brae, Bunessan/who died 28th July 1967/and of his beloved wife/Christina McIntyre/who died 10th May 1976/A dear mother to/Graham & John/Fondly Remembered

To the honoured memory of/my beloved husband/Robert W MacLelland/who died 3rd July 1965/aged 36 years/his wife/Morag/who died 14th Jan 1975/aged 45 years/The quiet waters by

In loving memory/of/Angus MacKechnie/who died 11th March 1968/aged 54 years/beloved husband of Margaret MacFadyen

In/loving memory of/my dear husband/Angus MacKechnie/who died 11th March 1968

Mackinnon/In/loving memory of/a dear mother & brother/Morag Graham/died 17th Feby 1970, aged 76/William/died 3rd March 1969, aged 43. At foot – Erected by the family

In loving memory of/Duncan MacKellar/June 1897 – Aug 1972/beloved husband of/Peggy MacLean/May 1910 – Feb 1999/beloved partner of/Iona

In/loving memory of/Margaret Cameron/Knockvologan/who died 12th November 1972/beloved wife of/John MacRae

In loving memory/of/a dear mother and gran/Jemina Hannah/who died 9th March 1999/aged 73 years. At foot of heart – Peace be with you.  On plinth – Hannah

Treasured memories/of/Donald Martin/who died 5th April 1968/aged 44 years/A devoted father/loving husband of/Mary Gibson

n/loving memory of/William MacLean/who died/9th Jul 1999/aged 67 years/loving Papa/Dear Father of/Malcolm and Fiona/beloved husband of/Sheena

To/the dear memory/of/Malcolm Lamont/who died/28th July 1964/aged 6 years/beloved son of/Sheena and William MacLean. On base – Jesus, friend of little children

In/loving memory of/Sheena MacLean/who died 3rd May 1991/much loved mother of/Fiona/and wife of William MacLean. On base – Rest Easy

In loving memory of/John MacDougall/who died 24th March 1966/aged 71 years/beloved husband of/Mary MacDonald/

In/loving/memory of/Elizabeth Logan/1934 – 2001/Beloved sister of/Allan Logan

In loving memory/of/Robert Shaw/who died 2nd February 1981/aged 55 years/beloved husband of/Jessie Campbell

In/loving memory/of/Andrew Cameron/who died 28th April 1973/aged 65 years/Beloved husband of/Margaret Meikle/and of their son/Andrew Leslie/Cameron/who died 26th Feb. 2006/Sadly missed

William Campbell/1905 – 1994/a loving husband/and father/Winifred Martin/1907 – 2003/A devoted wife/and mother. At foot – Saved By God’s Grace

In loving memory/of/Colin Campbell/who died 29th December 1981/aged 85 years/beloved husband of/Annie Fletcher/who died 2nd August 1987/aged 90 years

In/loving memory of/Archibald Campbell/died 27th May 1974/aged 75 years./Dear husband of/Margaret Buie/who died 30th Novr 1979/aged 84 years

In/loving/memory of/Donald MacDougall/who died 14th May 1994/aged 5 months/darling son of/Stewart and Sandra

In/loving memory of/Malcolm MacDougall/who died 12th April 1972/aged 72 years

In/loving memory of/A B MacRae (Bertie)/who died 16th Jan. 1999/aged 72 years/greatly missed/by all in Falklands/ and Fionnphort/Beloved husband of/Anne MacInnes

In/loving/memory of/Hugh Beaton/(Veek)/died 6th March 1999/aged 80 years/A dear/dad and grand dad/beloved husband of/Bella MacCormick.  At foot – Bi Sinn Cad Chuimhneachadh/Scad Ionndrainn

In/memory of/David Reid/1916 – 2000

In/loving rememberance/of/E John Mason/who died 11th May 2001/aged 60 years/also in/everlasting memory/of/H John Mason/who died 7th May 1978/aged 62 years/Always in our thoughts

n/loving memory of/Martin Beaton/who died 27th August 2003/aged 71/Dear dad and papa/beloved husband of/Sadie. At foot – I am with you always

In loving memory/of/our dear brother/Alexander MacKechnie/(Attie)/23rd Dec. 1924 – 1st Feb. 2005/also beloved wife/Mary Tolland/25th April 1917 – 2nd Feb 1995/Aig Fois

In loving memory of/Jack Bell/aged 71 years/died 21st July 2002. Bottom right hand corner – D & A Nunn

Peter John MacAllister/Died 14 March 2003/Aged 75 years

Dee/Marchioness of Tweeddale/born 14th December 1920/died 26th May 2004/wife of the 12th/Marquis of Tweeddale A.M./devoted mother of/Andrew and Hamish/W.A.A.F. 1939 – 1945/Remember the Happy Times

In/loving/memory of/John Campbell Burns/FRM/who died 13th July 2003/aged 84/beloved husband of/Isa burns/who died 26th Feb. 2008/aged 87/In peace together

In/loving/memory of/Alexander MacDonald/who died 19th Feb. 2004/aged 75/a dear father/and beloved husband of/June Storey. At foot – Always in our hearts

John Blomfield/1929 – 2004

Lyndsay Pauley/1982 – 2004/Safe in the arms of Jesus/with her sister Emma/buried, Esholt, Yorkshire,/1986, aged 32 hours

In fond remembrance/of/Duncan Cameron/who died 12th February 2008/aged 90 years/beloved husband of/Morag MacCallum. On base – Cameron

In/loving memory of/Calum Campbell/(Fidden)/who died 31st January 2006/aged 87 years/A much loved father/and grandfather/beloved husband of Ena Thom. On base – Campbell

Happy memories/of/Margaret MacIntyre/3rd July 1922 – 16th January 2007. At foot of oval – Remember the fun and laughter