Searching Advice

This search tool provided by Google will search all web pages on the MullGenealogy web site for occurrences of the string of characters entered in the search box.

If you are searching for a name, the name should be entered between double quotes i.e. "Mary Smith" otherwise the search engine will return all occurrences of 'Mary' and 'Smith' in addition to 'Mary Smith'.

If you are searching for a Mary Smith in Tobermory, enter 'Mary Smith' +Tobermory.

If you are searching from a Mary Smith, but not any in Tobermory, then enter 'Mary Smith' -Tobermory.

These conventions are standard to most search engines.

Please note -

This search will not return alternative forenames and / surnames i.e. if you researching MacLean, would will have to enter McLean, MacLaine and McLaine in seperate searches.

This search will not return all names and details recorded in the Surnames and Census databases.
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