Isle of Mull - Location Index
Enter the name (or part name) of the place that you are seeking in the input box below and select the 'Submit' button. The program will return a list of places that contain the string entered in the input box. The string may be at any place with the place name in the database.

Most of the places listed will have a link which will return a map of the location.

Please remember that this is no means a comprehensive index of all placenames on Mull. A number of the places listed are not be found on current maps. Charles Macleans book 'The Isle of Mull - Placenames, Meanings and Stories' has a comprehensive listing of place names, their meanings and Ordnance Survey grid references.

Some care should be be taken when using grid references taken from books this and other books. Errors have been found and corrected on the links shown on the linked map on these pages.

If you do not have access to a current map of Mull, please try Ordnance Survey, Multimap, Google Maps, Bing Maps or Streetmap.

If you are unable to find the place, can add to this index in any way or have found an error in the location indicated, please email the name of the place (with any other details) to
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