Pigots 1837 Scottish Directory

The Tobermory section covers the Islands of Mull, Staffa, Iona, Ulva, Tyree and Coll, and the Districts of Ardnamurchan and Morven.

Post Office, Tobermory.

Barbara Harriet Cuthbertson, Post Mistress -
Letters to Edinburgh, Oban, Aross are despatched (by foot post and ferry) every Monday, Thursday and Saturday and arrive every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Letters to Ardnamurchan are despatched every Tuesday, and arrive the same day.
Letters to Mornish are despatched evry Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and arrive every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Nobility, Gentry, And Clergy
Buchanan Mrs Glenmorven cottage, Morven
Cameron Lieut. Alex. Carnoch, Ardnamurchan
Cameron Capt. Allan, Calgary castle
Campbell Captain Donald, Breachacha, Coll
Campbell Capt. John Ardnacross
Campbell Col. Alex (of Possal), Auchnacrosh
Campbell Col. Donald (of Misnish) Knock
Campbell Rev. Donald, Ross
Campbell John, Esq. Cornaig, Coll
Campbell Lieut. James, Auchnaha, Morven
Clark Rev. Duncan, Torasay
Clark Francis, esq. Isle of Ulva
Clephane Mrs Mary Ann D. Maclean, of Torloisk
Dewar Rev. Mr. Salen
Gordon Charles, esq. (of Drunain), Morven
Gregorson John, esq. (sheriff substitute), of Ardtornish, Morven
Macarthur Rev. Donald, D.D. Frackadale
Macdonald Col. Robt. Inchkenneth
M'Gregor Rev Murray, Arthurdell, Ardnamurchan
M'Kenzie Rev. Kenneth, Carnsisinnis, Ardnamurchan
M'Lachlan Colin, esq. (of Laudle), Morven
Maclachlan Dugald, esq. Killiemore
M'Lachlan Ewen, es. (of Laudle), Morven
Maclean Alex. esq (of Carsaig), Pennycross
Maclean Miss Breadalbane, Retreat cottage
Maclean Lieut. Col. Hugh (of Coll) Dri m n
Maclean Rev. Neil, Isle of Ulva
Maclean Rev. Neil, Tyree manse
M'Laine Rev. Angus, Ardnamurchan manse
Maclaine Murdoch, esq. Lochbuy
M'Leod Rev. John, Morven manse
Macphee Capt. --, Laggan, Lochbuy
Macpherson Rev. Finaly, Tobermory manse
Macquarrie Lachlan, esq. Jervisfield
M'Vean Rev. Donald, Iona
Nicol Rev. Archibald, Crossipol, Coll
Riddell Sir James Miles, baronet (of Ardnamurchan) Strontian
Sinclair John, esq. (of Lochaline) Morven
Stewart John, esq. of Achadashenaig

Graham James (for steam boats), Tobermory
Macdonald Andrew Lothian (for Insurance Company of Scotland), Tobermory
Macdougall Hector & Co. (general), Tobermory
Nisbet Henry (for British Fishing Society and for North British Fire and
Life Office), Tobermory
Sheils, Alex. (for Mrs Clephane), Kengharair

Boot And Shoe Makers
Campbell Colin, Tobermory
M'Coll John, Tobermory
M'Donald Hugh, Tobermory
M'Kinnon John, Tobermory
Waddell John, Tobermory

Sinclair John, Tobermory distillery

Fire And Office Agents
Insurance Compy of Scotland, Tobermory - Andrew Macdonald, agent
North British (fire and life) Tobermory - Henry Nisbet, agent

Cameron Alexander, Gorteneorne, Ardnamurchan
Cameron Duncan, Polloch, Ardnamurchan
Cameron James, Resipole, Ardnamurchan
Campbell Alexander, Langamull
Campbell Colin, Island house, Tyree
Campbell Dugald, Derraguig
Campbell Neil & Son, Treshnish
Flint Wm. Singer, Sornagan, Morven
Kennedy Robt Claonlead, Morven
Kirkpatrick Alx. Mungastle, Morven
Kirkpatrick Robert, Barr, Morven
M'Callum Christiana, Letmore [she's mine!!!]
M'Coll John, Mingary, Ardnamurchan
M'Donald Donald (and wool merchant), Drimintorran, Ardnamurchan
M'Donald John, Glencrepisdale, Morven
M'Intyre Archibald, Beach, Morven
M'Intyre John, Raboy, Morven
M'Kinnon Hector, Quenish house [he is either brother or cousin of Christiana
M'Callum above and was previously at Derriguaig]
M'Lean Donald, Greenhill, Tyree
M'Lean George, Hynish, Tyree
M'Lean Hector, Drimigha
M'Lean Neil, Crossipol, Coll
M'Nab Peter, Achranich, Morven
M'Phail John, Pennygowan
M'Queen Charles Archibald, Scour
Ritchie William Gortinfern, Ardnamurchan
Sheils Andrew, Kengharair
Stewart John, Achadashenaig [this property is now known as Glen Forsa - it
is on the south side of Aros bridge]
Stewart John & Donald, Lettermore
Thornburn John, Achtenny, Ardnamurchan [sic - should this be Thorburn?]
Weir Arthur and William, Carnusein, Ardnamurchan
Wilson William, Glenahurich, Ardnamurchan

Black George, Tobermory
Cameron Ewen, Tobermory
Cumstie William, jun. (and spirit dealer), Tobermory
Graham James, Tobermory
Macdougall Hector & Co., Tobermory
M'Kenzie Ewen, Tobermory
M'Lachlan Alexander, Tobermory
M'Lachlan Donald (and spirit dealer), Tobermory
Maclean Alexander (and spirit dealer), Tobermory
M'Lean John, Tobermory
M'Phail Neil (and spirit dealer) Tobermory
M'Quarrie John (and spirit dealer), Tobermory
Sinclair John, Tobermory

Innkeepers And Vintners
Fraser Thos. Lochaline, Morven
Gray Archibald, Tobermory
M'Callum John, Lochaline, Morven
M'Callum John (and carpenter), Tobermory [father of John the writer who
features in the Napier Report]
M'Eachen John, Killcolm kill, Morven
M'Kinnon Hugh, Ardnagour, Coll
M'Lachlan Mary, Tobermory
M'Lean Hugh, Tobermory
M'Lean John, Tobermory
M'Phail Donald, Iona
M'Pherson Hugh, Blair, Ardnamurchan
Sinclair Neil, Tobermory
Smith Thomas (New Inn), Tobermory

Pender John (and cabinet maker), Tobermory
Pender William (and glazier), Tobermory

Linen And Woollen Drapers
Black George, Tobermory
Cameron Ewen, Tobermory
Cameron Hugh, Tobermory
Cumstie William jun. Tobermory
Fraser John, Tobermory
Graham James, Tobermory
M'Kenzie Ewen, Tobermory
Maclean Alexander, Tobermory
M'Lean John, Tobermory
Sinclair John, Tobermory

Merchants And General Dealers
Graham James, Tobermory
Macdougall Hector & Co. Tobermory
Maclean Alexander, Tobermory
Sinclair John, Tobermory

Nursery And Seedsman
Borrie John, Tobermory

Shopkeepers And Dealers In Sundries
Fraser Thomas, Lochaline, Morven
Kennedy Duncan, Lochaline, Morven
M'Coll Archibald, Tobermory
M'Lean Hugh, Iona
M'Pherson Hugh, Blair, Ardnamurchan
Smith Neil, Tobermory

Andrew John, M.D. Tobermory
M'Laine John, Kilundine, Morven
M'Lean Donald, Tobermory

Cameron Hugh, Achnabeg, Morven
M'Donald John, Tobermory
M'Kinnon Charles, Tobermory
M'Millan Hugh, Tobermory
Stewart Archibald, Tobermory

Macdonald Andrew Lothian, Tobermory
Nisbet Henry (& procurator fiscal), Tobermory

* The names without address are in Tobermory
Balmain John, fishery office
Cameron Alexander, dyer
Cameron Duncan, postmaster, Scarnish, Tyree
Campbell John, sheriff's officer
Campbell Donald, smith
Clark, Alexander, spirit dealer
Conbrough John, baker
M'Dougall John, stone mason
M'Dougall John, principal officer of customs
M'Eacharn Angus, messenger at arms
M'Intyre Archibald, smith
M'Kinnon Neil, plasterer
M'Lachlan Duncan, carpenter, Lochaline Morven
M'Lachlan Alexadnder, messenger at arms
M'Lean Donald, cattle dealer, Kilmalinag, Tyree
M'Lean Wm. spirit dealer, Manal, Tyree
M'Leod Angus, cartwright
M'Master Hugh, smith, Killcolm kill, Morven
M'Phee John, carpenter
Public News Room, at New Inn
Stewart John, corn miller, Mungastle, Morven
Waddell William, baker

Ardnamurchan (parochial), Donald Corbet
Coll (parochial), Donald M'Lean
Fanemore (assemblies'), John M'Kercher
Iona (societies') Allan M'LeanKilmore (parochial) H. M'Donald
Morven (p[arochial) Saml. Cameron
Tobermory (assemblies') John Cameron
Torosay (parochial) - -- Lamont

Conveyance By Water
To Glasgow, calling at Oban, Lochgilphead, Greenock, the TOBERMORY of Tobermory, and the INVERNESS, once a week.
To Skye, the INVERNESS, every Wednesday night, and the MAID OF ISLAY, every Friday morning.
To Staffa, Iona and Oban the ELLEN McGREGOR, four times a week - Passengers are forwarded to Glasgow, and from Oban.
To Stornaway, the INVERNESS, every alternate Wednesday night
To Tarbert and Islay, the MAID OF ISLAY, every Monday evening - Passengers are forwarded by the Glasgow steamers immediately on landing at Tarbet.
For trips of pleasure parties several fast sailing smacks can be hired
on the shortest notice.
* The TOBERMORY, of Tobermory, is the only steamer that plies in winter.