Balure Burial Ground
Location : 657.270
Situated on the north shore of Loch Spelve on the Lochbuie Road.
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In/loving memory of/Kennethina MacKinnon/who died 19th July 1971/beloved wife of/Alexander Gibson/Feolin Ardura/who died 8th Feby 1973.

In/loving memory/of our beloved/daughter/Elizabeth Robb/Duncan/who died 1st August 1944/aged 25 years/Elizabeth Leed/who died 12th March 1951/aged 72 years/wife of George W. Duncan/M.B.E./who died 25th Feby 1965/aged 91 years

In/loving memory/of/my dear wife/and beloved mother/Annie McPhail/who died at Portfield/Croggan 17th March 1930/aged 51 years/also our dear father/Archibald MacPhail/who died at Portfield/Croggan 9th March 1943/aged 86 years/and our dear sister/Johann/who died at Oakbank/Auchnacraig 3rd Nov.  1982 At foot – Safe in the arms of Jesus

In/loving memory of/my beloved wife/and our dear mother/Catherine McDonald/died 24th Sept 1949/aged 48 years/Her dear son John/died 9th Oct 1971 aged 39/also her dear husband/Allan MacPhail/died 4th Nov. 1973. Aged 78.  At foot – MACPHAIL

In/loving/memory of/Archibald MacDougall/Croggan/died/10th September 1972. At foot – Erected by his family

In/ever dear memory of/Richard Harold Beazley/who died/at Croggan 24th Oct 1958/Much loved husband of/Margaret MacFayden/who died 13th March 1982

Erected by Peter Webster/in memory of/his beloved wife/Maby J. McFadyen/Died 3rd Feb. 1936/aged 35 years

In loving memory of/Colquhoun MacFadyen/who died at Lochbuie/12th Febrauary 1942/aged 86 years/also of his wife/Catherine MacFadyen/who died at Lochbuie/27th March 1948/aged 88 years/their sons Alexander/killed in action 21st Jan. 1917/Neil/who died 9th November 1971/and their daughter/Christina/who died 30th July 1977

In/loving memory/of/Neil MacFadyen/died 29th Nov. 1950/Archibald MacFayden/died 4th Nov. 1939/also his wife/Flora MacLean/died 25th Match 1942. At foot – Erected by their nephew & nieces

Erected in memory/of/Angus MacKay`/who died 27th Feby 1959/aged 65 years

MACKAY/In loving/memory of/Lachlan MacKay/beloved husband of/Anne MacFayden/who dies 27th March 1958/the above/Anne MacFayden/who died at Oban/2nd Nov. 1959. At foot – “Well done thou good/and faithful servant”

In/loving memory/of/my husband/John C Corrie/died 1st March 1922/aged 75/and our three sons/who fell in action/France/Charles/David & Donald/His dear wife/Sarah Corrie/21st February 1942/Their daughter/Mary Ann/beloved wife of/Robert MacIsaac /died 19th September 1970 aged 74/also ....... (unreadable)

In/memory of William Wright/died 21st July 1977 aged 61/of Lochbuie and Seaham/beloved husband of/Violet. At foot – Erected by daughters/Janette and Kathleen

Treasured/memories of/Gertrude Vivers/Gibson/who died 25th Jan. 2005/Aged 96 years

In/loving memory of/Ernest Leigh/who died 12th April 1994/aged 83 years/Dear husband/Florence

In loving memory of/Florence Mary Leigh/aged 83 years/Died 23rd January 1999. Bottom right hand corner – D & A Munn

ROBB/In loving memory of/Mary C. MacLean/Died 29th November 1999/Dearly loved wife of/David Robb/late of Carsaig/Died 25th January 1984

In/loving memory of/Ian Robert Chalmers/who died 27th June 1977/aged 32 years. At foot – Remembered with love/to live forever

n/loving memory of Jessie S. Smith/who died 20th June 1989/aged 73 years/dear wife of/Robert B. Chalmers/who died 9th March 1993/aged 81 years. At foot – Loved  and Remembered Always

In/loving memory of/Duncan MacColl/who departed this life at Dunaros, Salen Mull/on 6th November 1975 aged 83/beloved husband of/Morag MacKinnon [A65/who died 6th Dec. 1996,/aged 96 years

In/loving/memory of/Jean Travers/died 21st May 1976/Dear mother of Julie/and beloved wife/of/James Robb

Helena Richardson/1899 – 1976/We shall not see her like again

In/loving memory/of/Ronald MacColl/died 19th June 1978/beloved husband of Mary MacPhail/and dear father of/Graham & Anne/and/our dear mother/Mary MacPhail/died 8th March 1984

In/loving memory of/Douglas Yates Fell/died 22nd January 1982/aged 71 years/Dearly beloved husband of/Anne

In/loving memory of/Anne Fell/died 1st January 1993/aged 76 years/beloved wife of /Douglas Fell At foot – Rest in peace

In/loving memory of/Edward Hunter/1925 – 1983

In/loving memory of/Leslie Walter/Goodfellow/19-1-1940 – 30-7-1985

In loving memory/of/Donald MacLean/who died at Knock Farm/3rd December 1952/aged 67 years/also his wife/Mary Ann MacKinnon/who died 14th April 1982/aged 92 years At foot – MACLEAN

In/loving memory/of/Allan Livingston/Leach Ruadh/who died at Oban/on 2nd August 1939/son of/John & Isabella Livingstone/Dalnaha

In/loving memory of/Anne Shaw/MacKinnon/died 14th August 1974/also her sisters/Flora/died 7th July 1936/Jessie/died 19th March 1945/Daughters of/the late/John and Mary MacKinnon/ - Croggan –

In/loving memory of/dear parents/Thomas S. Greig/Died 25th August 1955/Catherine MacKinnon/died 27th June 1961/Dr. Kenneth Grieg/Died 30th July 1999./Mary MacPhail Greig/Kenneth and Mary

In/ever loving/memory of/Margaret/Ross/dearly beloved/lifes partner of/Alistair Gibson/died 8th June 1977/In/loving memory of Alistair/Gibson/died 11th Jan. 1992

In/loving memory of/Alexander Smart/Police Constable/died at Pumpherston/Midlothian/9th November 1959/aged 36 years/Beloved husband of/Isabel Currie

Erected/to the memory of/Hector Black/who died suddenly at/Royal Infirmary/Edinburgh/3rd June 1930 aged 34 years/also/Flora Black beloved wife/of Hector Currie died at Lochbuie/21st March 1929 aged 47 years/also/Catherine Black/who died 21st July 1948/and her husband/Lachlan Black [A100]/who died 26th March 1912/interred at Pennygown/also our dear father Hector Currie/beloved husband of the above/Flora Black, died at Lochbuie/23rd Jany 1959, aged 82 years/Margaret Black/died at Lochbuie, 21st Jany 1970./Mary Ann Black [A103]/died at Oban Hospital 24th Oct. 1970.

In/loving memory of/Neil MacFadyen/Balmeanach farm/who died on 4th Nov. 1978/aged 47 years/dearly loved husband of/Mhari MacDowall/Dear farther of Janet & Lorn

In loving memory of/Christina MacLean/late of Shenavallie, Ardura/who died at Oban/21st November 1972/Dear sister of/Mary/who died 15th Nov. 1994

In/loving memory of/Unna Reid/7th August 1976/died 76 years/Dearly loved wife of George MacLean

In/loving memory of/Mary Scott Halliday/died 20th October 1976/aged 73 years/Dearly loved wife of Alexander Reid/died 16th May 1978/aged 79 years

In/loving memory of our dear brother/James Halliday/who died 17th May 1973./Aged 65 years. At foot -  Erected by his brothers and sisters

In/loving memory/of/my dear husband/William Reid/died 1st Nov 1946/aged 50 years/also his wife/Janet Thomson [A130]/died 9th May 1982/aged 89 years

In loving memory of/Alexander Reid/who died 5th June 1936/aged 70 years/also his beloved wife/Una MacColl/died 23rd Nov 1958/aged 89 years. At foot – Erected by their family

In/memory of/Christian MacLean/died 19th Nov 1984/aged 91

In/loving memory of/our dear father/Lachlan MacLaine/died 6th Apl. 1936, aged 80/our dear mother/Margaret MacPhail/died 16th Feb. 1944, aged 82/our dear brother/Alick], killed in France/23rd Apl. 1917, aged 20/also our dear brothers/Neil/late of Argyllshire Police/died suddenly, 5th July 1953/aged 47/Murdoch/died 8th Feb. 1988, aged 79/and our dear uncle/Angus MacPhail/died 17th Jan. 1940, aged 71/Erected by their family

In/loving memory of/Agnes Matthews/ 1876 – 1953

In/loving memory of/my husband /Robert B. Keith/ 1870 – 1952/his wife/Martha Matthews/1871 – 1956

In/loving memory of/Mary Livingstone/wife of Murdoch Mitchell/died at Oban 25th Dec 1942/aged 73 years/also the above/Murdoch Mitchell /died at Oban 13th October 1943/aged 75 years

Erected by/her friends and patients/to the memory of /Nurse Aleina MacLean/who died on 15th January 1950/In grateful recognition of her faithful service to the people/of Torosay and Lochbuie/ during 36 years as district nurse

In/loving memory of/John Armson/who died 9th Feb. 1988/aged 81 years/and his dear wife/Nancy/who died 5th Dec. 1974/aged 64 years/At rest beside their/much loved Loch Spelvie

In/loving memory of/Flora MacPhail/who died/at Croggan, Mull/9th Deb. 1980

To the dear memory/of/Duncan MacPhail/who died 29th February 1972/aged 63 years/Beloved husband of Emma Black/late of Portfield Croggan/who died 3rd December 1995/aged 86 years./Till we meet

Erected/by/John McDowall/in loving memory of/his wife/Janet McPhail/who died/5th January 1971/The said/John McDowall/who died/6th September 1974/Rests here with his wife

Peter W. Murray/1922 – 2004/Beloved husband of/Annie MacPhail/McDowall

In loving memory of/Dugald MacLean/Lussa Craignure/who died 23rd Oct 1964/beloved husband of/May M Cameron/who died 27th June 1983

In/Loving memory of/our beloved mother/Flora Mabel Ballantyne/Died 1st April 1956, Aged 74/and our dear sister/Marybelle/died 2nd Aug. 1952, aged 50/also our uncle/Alexander Currie/died 19th Jan. 1949, aged 75/our grand aunt/Hannah Cameron/died 22th Dec 1937, aged 62/and our dear sister/Dorothy/died 7th March 1972, aged 57/beloved wife of/Roderick Maclaine/died 25th April 1975, aged 72. At foot – Erected by/her son and daughters

In/loving memory of/our dear parents/Ronald C MacColl/died 18th May 1944/aged 94 years/Christina MacColl/died 18th July 1956/Their son Kenneth [A185]/died 22nd July 1970/aged 68 years. At foot – Erected by their family

In loving memory/of/John MacIntyre/Parish Minister/Kinlochspelvie/1926 – 1948/who died at Salen, Mull/on 12th February 1955/and of/his beloved wife/Catherine Robertson/who died/on 11th October 1963. At foot – “The path of the just is as the/shining light that shineth more/and more unto the perfect day” Proverbs 4, 18

To the memory of/Dr Reginald N. MacDonald J.P./This stone is erected by public subscription/in affection and respect/physician and friend untiring in devotion/to his calling and understanding of heart/and mind he spent his life in the service of his fellow men/1877 – 1953

In/loving memory of/Hester Sasson/of Lochbuie,/died at Oban, 3rd April 1973./Aged 67 years./Erected by her loving son George/R.I.P.

In/Memory/of/Archibald McCall/Beloved husband of/Florence Welham/June 2nd 1901/May 29th 1966/”Thy will be done”/The above Florence Welham/August 8th 1981

In loving memory of/James Dempster McLennan/died 27th January 1969/aged 54 years/also his parents/Annie MacDonald Dempster/died 24th August 1938/aged 61 years/Duncan Maclennan/died 19th August 1949/aged 79 years

In/loving memory of/Frederick Bertram De Klee/of Auchnacraig/”Let not your heart be troubled/neither let it be afraid” 27th March 1963. (Note : Married to Violet Virginia De Klee nee Guthrie. See below.)

In/loving memory of/Violet Virginia De Klee/of Auchnacraig/”I will lift up mine eyes/unto the hills”/12th June 1988 (Note : Maiden name was Guthrie. She was married to Frederick Bertram De Klee above.)

In loving memory of/John/son of T E O Horne W S/died 31st May 1955/aged 80

Angela Moira Jean/De Klee/27.3.1928 – 30.1.2003/In proud/and loving memory. (Note : Maiden name was Stormonth-Darling. She married Murray Peter De Klee. See below.)

Murray Peter De Klee/of Auchnacraig/3.1.1928 – 21.12.1996/In proud and/everloving memory/Love Cannot Die. (Note : Married Angela Moira Jean Stormonth-Darling. See above.)

In/loving memory of/Albert Godffrey Miller/of Torosay/17th November 1987/and his wife/Bridget/20th November 1988

In/loving memory of/Donald Black/died at Lochbuie Mull/24th Sept 1974/Aged 86/His wife/Isabella MacPhail [B9]/Died 30th Decr. 1988/Aged 89.

In/loving/memory of/Roddie MacRae/Torlosik/passed away 22nd Dec. 1988/Aged 78 years/Beloved husband of Katie M. MacColl

To the dear/memory of/a beloved husband/and father/Ewan Lauchlan Gibson/(Bobo)/who died 22nd August 1994/Aged 45 years

In/loving memory of/Aden Beresford/Feolin/1916 - 1989

In/Loving Memory of/Iain Campbell/who died 18th March 1990/Aged 47/Beloved husband of Sheila Thomson. At foot “Gus Am Bris An Llatha”.

In/loving memory of/Helen Louisa Harrison/of Croggan/who died at Lochawe/30th Aug. 1990, Aged 44 years/Dear mother of Nicola and Jamie/beloved wife of/James  Jack Chalmers/”Till A’ The Seas Gang Dry”

In/Loving memory of/Alice Tapsfield McEwen/who died 30th Aug. 1990/Aged 80 years/Dear mother of Helen/and Grandmother of/Nicola and Jamie/Sister of/Thomas McEwen

Archibald Allan/MacPhail/13-3-1928 – 3-12-1990/Much loved by all of his family/and always remembered

In/memory of/Charles and Deirdre/Ridgway/1924 – 2003/Forever Together

In/loving memory of/Barbara Cummings/who died 29th May 1992/Aged 86 years.

Here lies/George Sasson/1936 – 2006/A much loved man,/polymath & true eccentric. At foot GM3JZK (Note - This is an amateur radio call sign)

Cherished memories of/Neil MacKechnie/Died 20th November 2002/Aged 92 years/Beloved husband of/Alice M. MacLean

In/loving/memory of/Allan MacPhail/who died 11th March 2004/Aged 47 years/Devoted father of/Emma and Lauren/Dear son of Joanne. At foot Loved and Missed Dearly

In/loving/memory/of/Richard Hackett/who died 2nd April 2004/Aged 80 years/Very dear father of Susan/Father-in-law & Grandad/Beloved husband of/Amelia

James Richardson/Died 10-05-06/Aged 81 years (Note – year must be 2006)

A sailor/of the/1939 – 1945/War/Merchant Navy/Buried 6th September 1940